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Lance (sportsbookguy) | 13616 comments Mod
Share your thoughts on the June book Tom Yawkey: Patriarch of the Boston Red Sox Tom Yawkey Patriarch of the Boston Red Sox by Bill Nowlin

message 2: by Brina (new)

Brina | 8660 comments Mod
Still waiting for library system to have a copy so I may not get to it. In the meantime we had a good discussion going last month so feel free to continue it here.

Lance (sportsbookguy) | 13616 comments Mod
I guess it would help if I posted my review - here is the link.

Lance (sportsbookguy) | 13616 comments Mod
Plus, I will jump right into the topic that everyone is talking about when it comes to Mr. Yawkey. In a FB group, I used the word "alleged" as in Yawkey's alleged racism. I caught a lot of flack for that, but I felt that because I am talking about the BOOK, not the man himself, I never believed the author came out and accused Yawkey of the "r" word. Instead, he presented significant circumstantial evidence and let the reader judge themselves.

This is just my opinion - but while I believe Yawkey may not have held personal prejudices against people of color, he was in a position to do something about it, especially with some of his lackeys like Cronin and Higgins, and failed to do anything about it. He simply failed to do what was right when dealing with them due to his aversion to changing any of his main people.

I equate that similar to Joe Paterno. It is ridiculous to call Paterno a child molestor simply because someone on his staff did - but Paterno certainly failed his duty to do something about it that a person in his position and power could do. Same with Yawkey - maybe he was warm and open to guys like Pumpsie Green, but he had the power and position to get someone like Green in the organization much soone and he failed to do so.

message 5: by Harold (new)

Harold Kasselman | 18524 comments I just bought this book on Amazon for $1.99 on sale. I know Lance read it. I'm looking forward to it after Keith Hernandez.

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