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Book Buzz (book_buzz) | 220 comments Mod
There is a lot to discuss in this one.

We have:
A relationship between two couples, longtime friends
Marriage--how does tragedy affect the relationship between partners
Americans abroad--how does the sheltered life these people lead at home come into play when disaster occurs
Children--how do the children process what is happening and how does age play a part in their reactions?

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Book Buzz (book_buzz) | 220 comments Mod
My first thought is that I really like the book cover.
It's not profound but that's my initial reaction.

What are your first thoughts?

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Book Buzz (book_buzz) | 220 comments Mod
I enjoyed this book but I found myself having trouble sorting out the characters. I kept forgetting whether it was Nora or Liv who was married to Raymond (?)

Isabel and Hugo just seemed to be in the book as cannon fodder, in my opinion.

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