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message 1: by Dorothy (new)

Dorothy | 37 comments This is odd. For a book on my "to-read" list it shows a typo: Trust: A New Beginning (Trust Tirlogy, #1)

But when I click on the link for the book's page, the title in the page shows correctly at the top...

However, when you mouse over the book's title in my to-read list (and when you go to bookmark the page) then you can also see the typo.

A silly thing, but annoying :D


message 2: by Plethora (new)

Plethora (bookworm_r) | 359 comments Fixed the typo.

message 3: by Dirk (new)

Dirk (dirk_p_broer) | 49 comments rectified in the two editions it occured.

message 4: by Plethora (new)

Plethora (bookworm_r) | 359 comments Dirk wrote: "rectified in the two editions it occured."

Duh, didn't even think to check the other editions, just the one linked.

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