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"From The Journal of Vasilisa Dragomir" by Richelle Mead

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Gina Bowman | 22 comments Mod
This short story is written like a young teenager writes in their journal. It's short paragraphs from days of her life.

Her first entry is in January 11. It's been a few weeks since the car accident that killed her father, mother, brother, and best friend Rose. We find out in Vampire Academy that she used Spirit to bring Rose back from death. Now Rose is shadow kissed and is connected to Lissa through a bond. She can see and feel things that Lissa is doing but Lissa is not connected like this to Rose, the bond is one way only.

Lissa continues to journal for a year. She stops because they feel they're safe in Portland. Dimitri finds them though, and brings them home about 10 months later.

The entries in Lissa's journal give us a LOT of details that we didn't have before. How they lived, where they got money, did they go to school, timeline information such as when the accident happened, Rose's birthday, her own birthday, and so much more.

What did you think of this story?

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Gina Bowman | 22 comments Mod

The accident was in December, 15th I think.

Lissa starts writing in her journal in January. Mostly about Rose being in her head, knowing things without being told.

Then the party and Lissa going to the dark side with Wade happens. They leave quickly after that.

They leave school on March 20, Rose turns 16 the next day. Lissa will turn 16 the next July.

They are gone for approximately 18 months. Lissa kept her journal from January right after the accident through that December, when they settle in Portland. Then approximately 8-9 months later they are back at the academy.

(In the first chapter of VA Rose is thinking while they're trying to get to Jeremy's car and get away from the guardians. She's thinking her and Lissa's senior year had just started at the academy, Pg 10, paragraph 1.

Graduation is at the end of June, so the the academy must start school by September 1. Maybe even in August if they take off almost a month for winter break. If Rose is correct in the beginning of Shadow Kiss, it's 31 days til her birthday making it right at February 18-19, and Mason has only been dead 3 weeks...he must have died late in the month of January. They didn't go to the lodge until after Christmas so they must have a long winter holiday.

Anyway, the girls were not gone 2 years at all. Only about 18 months.)

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