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Here is my opening book review. As it is my first, I chose an old favourite to get me started. I hope you enjoy it and I look forward to reading any comments.



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A lovely book about a penguin called Otto, this is a perfect story to engage a Key Stage 1 pupil in the life of penguins.

You can read my review here:

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For the more advanced KS2 reader, this is a lovely book written as a thought provoking fairy tale. I will buy this book and keep it forever.

You can read my review here:

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As this year is the Centenary of WW1, this book is a great read for any confident KS2 reader who wants to find out more about the war. I would use it in a WW1 lesson plan.


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A classic children's author from the 90's, Mick Inkpen has written many books based on the dog Kipper. This one in particular is a great one to introduce to a new reader who is interested in British wildlife.


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Another classic children's book aimed at a Key Stage 2 reader who is looking for longer more complex sentences to accompany the mischievous tales of an elephant named Elmer. An amusing read recommended for a mischievous child.


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