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message 1: by Jonathan (last edited Jul 30, 2014 02:26PM) (new)

Jonathan Nace | 7 comments Hello everyone,

I'm still pretty new to Goodreads, but I'm looking to send out some free copies for honest reviews of Inevitable

My most recent reviewer thought this was something very desirable to YA readers.

Let me know if you are interested by PM or posting here and I will be happy to send a free copy to first responders.

Here's a little blurb on it:

Your world’s water supply is reaching its finite end. Aquifers are drying, and water is being divided between production of food, medicine, and agriculture. When America found itself on the brink of Malthusian catastrophe, population control was installed for the greatest good for the greatest possible number of people.

Benjamin Zachary expects to receive his Fairness In Nature And Life Act (FINAL) letter from The Office of Population Management, but he grows suspicious and nervous when he fails to receive it within the customary days after turning twenty one.

Ben soon learns that his hope is unwarranted and he is being accused of a crime he did not commit for a second time. He is wanted for immediate trial by Panel Hearing. Once he is caught, he struggles to face his own death, knowing that he has little chance of defeating The Office at its own game. He has no lawyer to represent him, no knowledge of the rules of the hearing process, and he finds that the Panel that is going to decide his fate is hand-picked by his adversary, Office Director Dante Ringer. His only hope is his friend, Patricia Mullins, whose cold acknowledgment of The Office's necessity juxtaposed with her feelings for her friend, twist her into conflicting directions. As Ben and Patricia fight to overcome The Office's powerful organization, they learn the only way out for Ben is at the expense of others.

Up against a nearly unlimited government agency created to deal with a dramatic environmental crisis, Ben and Patricia fight against the Inevitable.

message 2: by Katie (new)

Katie Ann | 12 comments Would love to read it!!

message 3: by Jonathan (new)

Jonathan Nace | 7 comments Hey everyone,

I added a free excerpt of the book available on my good reads site:

PDF and EPUB available.

message 4: by Sara Val (new)

Sara Val (saraval) I'd love to read in exchange for an honest review!

message 5: by Jonathan (new)

Jonathan Nace | 7 comments Just got another review of Inevitable back, and there is a pattern developing:

"I could not put this story down. The premise is realistic and plausible. The characters are well drawn with good dynamics between them. The plot line has a good flow that is easy to read and follow. Lots of action and suspense. We make decisions that we feel are right at the time. But then later, there comes a time when things need to be changed. I received this from the author for an honest review. No compensation involved. Outstanding!!! Will recommend to any and all."

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