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FloatingOnFairyWings | 155 comments Here we go :)

Did you have any ideas?

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Julia Horan  | 960 comments 1. Guy A is a nineteen year old father. He's had a baby with a girl in his past relationship. She left him soon after the baby was born. Guy A was left with a son/daughter to take care off all on his own. He threw away his teenage life for the child, and being a single father was tough. One day, he takes his child to the mall where he had hoped to hang out for a bit with a couple of his friends. But the child soon wanders off and sat on a strangers lap. This stranger is Girl A and the toddler had started playing with her until Guy A came towards them. He apologizes and they chat for a bit and Girl A is completely convinced that the child is Guy A’s little sibling. Guy A doesn't deny her assumption because he is afraid she will stop talking to him if she finds out the truth.

2. During the day, Girl A and Girl B are the picture perfect daughters, they’re Daddy’s little princesses by day. However, they aren’t as perfect as everyone makes them seem. Both girls are no strangers to local parties and bars. They sneak out late at night and often get in trouble without their father knowing. The night was going pretty well. Guy A and Guy B are new in town. They are the classic example of a dad’s worst nightmare for his daughters. The girls run into them at the town's annual block party. One thing leads to another and Girl A and Girl B find themselves way too interested by these two new guys. Possible pregnancies, drug addictions, run ins with the cops, ect. How will the girls’ father react to this? {this doesn’t need to be doubles}

3. Guy A and Girl A would never talk while actually at school. Neither comes from a great home life, there are a lot of drugs, alcohol, abuse, and fighting involved in both households, which is tough on both kids. They also happen to be neighbors. Outside of school, they’re pretty good friends. They tell each other everything because they know the other will understand. They’ve also had a few hook ups here and there, but nothing there’s nothing too romantic about their relationship. As their luck only seems to get worse, the two become closer. They talk about things like running away together, whether they actually do it or not is up to us.

4. Girl A is in rehab for self harm and bulimia. Guy A is in rehab for attempted suicide. Both of them are very messed up and during their endless help groups and group therapy sessions, the two have an interest in one another. They continue to bond throughout rehab and make plans to keep in touch outside of rehab, If they ever manage to heal enough to get out.

5. So this is kind of like The Fault in Our Stars. There's Guy A (in his early twenties) whose only real family member is his grandmother. She has stage four brain caner, and passes away. They guy, obviously distraught, is in the hospital cafeteria after her death, and that's when he meets Girl A. Girl A has cancer. Whether it be terminal or not, she's been given a wish by the Make a Wish foundation. Her wish is to travel the world. And while her doctors determine whether she is healthy enough to do this, Girl A and Guy A start talking, and eventually become friends. She invites him to travel the world together. They make a crazy bucket list and travel the world together, eventually falling in love and all of that cutesy stuff.

6. A young married couple. They got married right out of high school, despite the disapproval from both families. Everyone knows that most young marriages don't last. And yes, these two have their problems (fighting, not much money, ect) but they make it work most of the time. So there's a lot of flexibility in this plot. Maybe they could be trying to have kids, or maybe they already have a young toddler and another on the way, and we just roleplay out their normal lives, adding drama where it's necessary.

7. I also like the idea of having a group of friends (so we might have 2-4 characters each) and they are college aged and they just do a bunch of crazy, fun, drunken things. Maybe they get in trouble with the police, relationships form between some of the friends, sex, drugs, whatever we can possibly think of :P

8. Girl A's boyfriend committed suicide. It was sudden, traumatic, and sad. The girl is in a state of shock and depression, unable to believe he is gone. Guy A was the suicidal boys best friend. He feels guilty for his best friends death because he wasn't able to help him out more. Girl A and Guy A know each other already, but they start talking once again at the funeral for their lost loved one. Over time, feelings between the two develop as they bond through their sadness and as they try to keep the fallen boy's spirit as alive as they can.

9. And I'm also obsessed with military people coming home recently. So maybe a soldier coming home to his baby who he has never met. And maybe he has PTSD from the war and stuff.

10. Guy A is accused of murdering three women. Rather than plead for innocence, his lawyer plead insanity in court. Guy A is not insane and he is not a murderer. He's not a good guy, but he did not murder those three women. Girl A works at the mental institution Guy A is sent to. At first, she is nervous around him. Who wouldn't be? He's a murderer, right? But as she gets to know him (maybe she is assigned to be his therapist or something) she begins to become more and more doubtful that he committed that crime. So, Girl A decides to try and help him escape the mental institution, along the way they fall in love and all of that cutesy stuff. We could throw in some bumps along the way. Like maybe Girl A gets thrown into the mental, illegally, because the warden finds out what they are trying to do. Or things like the mental institution is practicing illegal things on the patients. We can go a few ways with this (:

11. Guy A and Girl A have a mutual friend, Girl B. Girl B ran away two days ago. Guy A and Girl A are worried about their friend, but they don't start actually doing anything until they start to find hints and clues that Girl B may have left for them. They go on a wild road trip around the country, looking for their lost friend. Along the way, they find something more than their friend. They find love. (Lmfao sorry that's cheesy)

12. (I see this being more of a mxm, but we could make it work mxf as well) Guy A is the star athlete of the school (or pro athlete/college athlete depending on the ages we want to use). Guy B tried out for the team, but simply wasn't good enough. So, wanting to still be a part of the team, Guy B asks the coach if there is any way he can help out. So the coach tells him that he can be the water boy. Being the water boy isn't an easy job considering the rest of the team bullies you and teases you. But, Guy B was willing to go through the torture to help the team out. But secretly, Guy B has a crush on guy A. Guy A doesn't get involved in the bullying of Guy B, but he doesn't do anything to stop it either. When Guy A gets injured in a game, Guy B is assigned to help him with his physical therapy, and the two start to get to know each other a little better and eventually start dating. (I don't care what sport we use, Football, Hockey, Soccer, Basketball, Lacrosse, ect)

13. Girl A and Guy A are on the FBI's Top Ten most wanted list. The couple travel around the country, committing crimes such as bank robbery, murder, and vandalism. But they aren't all bad. In fact, they do bad things for good causes, but that isn how the police see it. So this role play would involve the couple running around the country, avoiding police, and possibly doing some gory crimes.

14.A band roleplay.

15. Two teenagers are both single parents, with different situations, the girl has no support, and has dropped out of school to take care of her little girl and to work her full time job, while the boy stayed in school, his parents helping support him. The boy and girl meet one day, while dropping their toddlers at daycare, the toddlers bond, while their parents flirt, and a relationship blossoms.

FloatingOnFairyWings | 155 comments I REALLY like idea 12 because mxm can be a lot of fun and be all cute and fluffy and the idea is fantastic!

If you don't wanna do that one I also like ideas 1, 6, and 7! But like all the ideas are great, so if none of those, I'd be good with whatever!

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Julia Horan  | 960 comments We can do 12 if that's the one you want to do! And do you want it to be mxm or mxf??

FloatingOnFairyWings | 155 comments I kinda wanna do it mxm, if that's okay!

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Julia Horan  | 960 comments Awesome that's how I wanted to do it as well (: would you rather be the water boy or the athlete? I'm fine being the more dominant one of you prefer submissive.

FloatingOnFairyWings | 155 comments Yay! Could I be the water boy? If you're all okay with that! I was thinking college sports maybe? Maybe soccer? Or maybe football?

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Julia Horan  | 960 comments Sure! Yeah I like the idea of them being college aged (: and I was thinking maybe soccer?

FloatingOnFairyWings | 155 comments I'm good with soccer, that's what I was thinking too! What would you like the character layout to be?

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Julia Horan  | 960 comments I don't need anything detailed (: my format usually looks something like


Place of Birth:

Eye Color:
Dinstinct marking(s):

Brief History:


FloatingOnFairyWings | 155 comments Okay. I'll get mine up soon hopefully!!

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Julia Horan  | 960 comments I'm working on mine now (:

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FloatingOnFairyWings | 155 comments Name: Ayden William Deyes
Nickname: "A" (but not most people call him this)

Age: 19
DOB: November 9
Place of Birth: Denver, Colorado

[image error]

Face Claim: Daniel Hamaj
Height: 6' 1"
Eye Color: Brown
Distinct marking(s): Ayden has a small birthmark, shaped similarly to a bean, behind his ear, that is a shade lighter than his own skin tone.

Brief History:
Ayden was a soccer player all through high school and he had counted on soccer in college, but he learned that he wasn't quite "good enough". It broke his heart really. He's going to college for graphic design and is minoring in film. He enjoys the arts as well as sports, and has always been a fantastic drawer. He loves filmmaking and photography, and has a fairly quiet personality. People didn't really pick on him in high school, but now that he's been assigned water boy, he's afraid he might be. He really just wants to be a part of the team though. Maybe one day he'll get onto it. It is only his freshman year at university anyways, right? He'd get better and blow them away at tryouts next time.

FloatingOnFairyWings | 155 comments His appearance isn't working! This is frustrating!!

FloatingOnFairyWings | 155 comments Okay, I've tried like every photo, so if it's not working, I've put who I want him to look like in there. Sorry. I'll keep trying, but I don't know why it's not working. Hmmm

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Julia Horan  | 960 comments It's alright, Ayden is great! I looked up the guy and I must say, he's very attractive :P

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Julia Horan  | 960 comments Name: Harry James Tommo
Nickname(s): Haz, Tommo, Toms

Age: 19
DOB: December 26
Place of Birth: Portsmouth, England

(view spoiler)
Height: 6’3
Eye Color: Green
Distinct Marking(s): (view spoiler)
Both tattoos were the results of drunken, lost bets.

Brief History: Harry’s first fourteen years of life were spent in England. He was an only child, born to two athletes Anne and James Tommo. Anne was a highly competitive horse show jumper while James was a professional football (soccer) player for Manchester United in England. When Harry was thirteen, his mum was killed in a freak horse accident. She had been in Germany at the time, trying out a horse she was interested in, when the horse reared up and fell on top of her. As the horse was standing up, he missed his footing, coming right down on Anne’s head. By that point, Harry’s father had already retired from playing professional football. Unable to cope with the loss of his wife, he relocated Harry and himself to America, for a new start. Harry has been playing football practically since he could walk, it also helps that he has one of the greats as a father. Harry is attending university based on a scholarship since he grades weren’t exactly up to standard in high school.


FloatingOnFairyWings | 155 comments He's great! I love him. Would you like to start us off?

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Julia Horan  | 960 comments Sure! I'll just start with them at practice, is that okay?

FloatingOnFairyWings | 155 comments Yup! That's fine!

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Julia Horan  | 960 comments Harry didn't mean to wake up late, be really didn't.

His alarm clock hadn't gone off that morning, the morning of the teams first practice. It was his roommate who had finally woken him. Harry got ready as quickly as he could of, even taking a shower despite the fact he was only going to practice. He was even brushing his teeth as he shoved things into a duffel back, ignoring how his roommate was laughing at him. "Shut up," he mumbled due to the tooth brush in his mouth. Of course his friend did just the opposite. Harry went back into the little bathroom, spitting, riding his mouth, and then rushing out of the bathroom.

"I'll catch ya later?" Harry called, pulling the door shut. From there he jogged all of the way out to his car. Harry had a nice car, that's for sure. It was a brand new black Audi A4 and aside from his dog back home, it was his pride and joy. It helps when daddy has deep pockets. Harry sped off to the practice fields as he was putting his seatbelt on. He was late, he was so late. "Goddammit," he muttered as he swerved into a parking spot. He did an awful parking job, but he couldn't care less at the moment. Harry grabbed the duffel back from the passenger seat, basically sprinting into the locker room.

It was empty, that was to be expected since practice started about half an hour ago. He stripped quickly, changing into his practice uniform. The uniforms were pretty impressive looking. For practice they had all white uniforms and for games they had all black uniforms. It was much better than the high school uniforms, which were always used and smelt like sweat no matter how many times you washed them. Harry pulled his jersey over his head. It had the number 26 on the back along with the last name 'Tommo'. On the front was the university name and a C, for captain. It was his sophomore year and he was already chosen for captain. Harry knew it was because of his dad, but he got over it. He's captain.

Harry jogged out onto the field. "Harry! How nice of you to join us," the coach said, giving him a look. "If it happens again you're getting fined," the coach told him, flatly. Harry cast him one of his charming smiles. "Talk to my dad about it." You would be surprised how many times that has come out of Harry's mouth. He doesn't even particularly get along with his dad that well, his dad doesn't even know he's gay. But to be fair, no one knows Harry is gay.

"Just give me three laps," the coach told him.

FloatingOnFairyWings | 155 comments Ayden has woken up early. He was just water bout, but he got to practice on the field by himself when the team didn't need water or anything. He listened in on the practices so that he could get better. He knew he would. Coming here had been a shock. He had been the best in high school. And here, he was simply, not good enough. It was disappointing. But the school's team was quite good, and he was lucky to even be involved with the team. When he had woken up, he'd thrown on simple gym shorts, black, and a green shirt with some sort of old organization charity event thing on it. He laced up his tennis shoes and threw his cleats in his bag. He'd have to fill up water coolers before he got there. They seemed to have a permanent place in his car trunk. And he needed to pick up more cups incase some of the players didn't bring water bottles.

Practice was when the players usually used paper cups anyway, and game days, they had a set of matching water bottles in the soccer department that they used and he'd have to constantly fill up, as well as wet towels players used to cool themselves off with. He didn't know many of the people on the team. They didn't exactly befriend him. After he stopped off to get water and cups and ice, he drove to the practice fields. Parking his car, he knew he was one of the first people there. He dragged the coolers out of his car and over to the benches, his duffel bag barely staying on his shoulder. Once the coolers were filled and he was organized, people had started showing up. He switched into his cleats and ran a couple laps. He did have 15 minutes to do it.

He practiced by himself for the first half hour of the two hour practice, juggling and dribbling. Ayden watched as someone ran in. It was Harry Tommo. He knew that face. Well he knew the name and face of everyone on the team. He watched him begin to run laps, probably as a penalty for being late. he watched the muscles in his legs propel him forward and focused back down to his own ball, trying not to make himself look bad. Harry was team captain. He was water boy. No one cared about him. He was the team punching bag. Literally.

He didn't tell his parents, or the coaches or anyone, that the team treated him the way they did. They would just laugh at him. The fact that he was gay would make it worse. Which was why no one knew about that either. He'd never told anyone that. Ever. He figured he was safer keeping his desires to himself. Maybe that was why Harry Tommo stood out to him. Maybe Ayden liked him. But how could he? He seemed like a jerk on the outside. Someone relying on his family's money to get him places in life. But maybe he was different on the inside. Ayden watched as he ran his last lap and joined the team. He was a fantastic player.

"Water break, boys! You have 15 minutes!" the coach called out, and Ayden walked over to the bleacher his things were at and the water coolers and paper cups. Males crowded around him, shouting for water. He sighed and filled cups quickly, passing them out, and bracing himself for the next 15 minutes that they would torture him.

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Julia Horan  | 960 comments The three laps were fairly easy and they have Harry a nice little warmup. Coach put him into the scrimmage that was currently going on, watching all of the players closely. Their first game would be that upcoming Saturday, and the coach needed to decide who would be starting and who would be bench warning for the first half of the game. The coach was a pretty intense guy, which is why he was the coach for one of the best college soccer teams in the country. He had the boys' respect. Hardly anyone ever questioned his authority. But he was also a fair guy, who genuinely cared about the boys. Maybe that's why he had their respect.

The moment the water break was called, all play halted as a mass of sweaty bodies came jogging over to the bench. The guys were grabbing whatever cups they could get their hands on. Harry simply held out his hand for a cup, not bothering to make any obnoxious or rude remark towards the Water Boy like some of the others were doing. A lot if these guys may be in their early twenties, but most of them acted like routy teenagers. Harry was usually more serious when it came to this sport. He didn't engage in pointless conversations, mostly he just kept to himself and his own thoughts. In the locker room at games and practices, however, Harry was one of the loudest ones in there. In the locker room he didn't pretend to act all high and mighty, he just acted like another one of the guys.

Harry remembered the Water Boy from tryouts. His name began with an A. Something like Andrew or... No, it was Ayden. He hadn't been bad at all, and Harry was surprised he didn't make the team. There were a lot of good players trying out this year, and it was tough to stand out. Last year, Harry's freshman year, had been similar to this year. There were also a lot of good seniors on the team last year. But they were now long gone and graduated now, some playing pro others while other led normal lives. Harry was curious to see how the team turned out this year. At tryouts, occasionally Harry would go and stand with the coach, giving his input on a few players.

Harry crushed the paper cup in his hand once he chugged the water. He dropped the cup onto the grass, holding out his hand for another cup of water. Harry never teased Ayden, or really ever talked to him for more than a few seconds at a time. But that's doesn't mean he's the good guy. Harry never made any effort to stop the boys from bullying either. And they probably would listen to him, as well. Harry had direct contact to the coach. That kind of power earns respect from the other players. It also earns things such as jealousy, but the respect it all that Harry's after.

FloatingOnFairyWings | 155 comments Ayden filled cups as quickly as he could, yet the players seemed to be dissatisfied and annoyed with him. These people seemed no where near patient and their randoms shoves did not help get their water to them any faster than it was already coming. Most people took water right from his hands, but he did have to pass out a few cups to some people who laid back a little. He watched as Harry finished his first cup and crushed it, letting it fall to the grass. Nearly every player did that, and he couldn't stand it because he'd have to spend the second half of his own practice time cleaning them all up.

He continued filling cups and having them grabbed from him or handing them out until the grass was littered to an extent and the players thought they had enough water in their systems, but of course, there was a still time before they started again. The time must have felt like seconds for the players, but Ayden was sure they had already gone through their 15 minutes. Apparently not. And that's when the bullying started in.

Ayden was about the same size as half of the team. The other half, was taller or larger. Simply because they were older. He was a freshman, most of them were juniors and seniors. There were a couple sophomore in the mix, but not as many. He didn't think there were any freshman on the team. Ayden tried to ignore the teases as he picked up crushed cups, people saying stupid things. They got to him each time though. They really were hurting his feelings. As he crouched down to pick up one of the last cups, one of the players kicked him extremely hard and it push him over, cups flying out of his hand and sending him to face plant in the grass. He heard laughter and snickers. He honestly didn't want to get back up, but he did anyway, peeling himself from the grass, mud streaked across his face from the temple of his forehead to his jaw. He wasn't going to question who did it. He knew someone would do it again, and if he complained, they'd kick him off of the small part of the team that he was actually on.

He hated it all sometimes. He'd been punch, had his clothes taken from showers, been shoved in locker room lockers, had his head shoved in toilets, been battered with soccer balls, and some things that were even worse. He hadn't been there long and it seemed like a ritual to always do at least one thing to the water boy every time they saw him. He wondered if the coaches knew they did this, but he was sure they didn't.

The team was called back and Ayden didn't both to wipe the mud from his face. The color was similar to that of his eyes. Except his eyes were a warmer, chocolatey shade of brown, and less of a mud brown color. He felt grass in his hair too. Sighing, he picked up cups and threw them away. Ten minutes before practice ended. He filled enough cups for the team and then hauled the coolers back to his car, along with throwing his cleats and ball in. He wasn't very sweaty, but he needed to shower. he'd always brought extra clothes now, just incase they stole his clothes again. And he had bought a lock, that they seemed to know the combination to, but hadn't tried anything yet.

He ran back as the team was crowding the bleacher that had the filled cups on it. He watched as white littered the ground again. Just not as bad this time round. When the coach called them over, he listened to what he had to say. Something about the upcoming, first game of the season and as they ran to the showers, he ran to pick up cups quickly and then to the showers as well. He tried to ignore everyone in the showers, but most people seemed to notice him and make a big deal about bullying him.

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Julia Horan  | 960 comments Harry mostly kept to himself during the break, occasionally adding a comment here and there to the other boys’ conversations. But that was about the extent of. Coach kept the second half of practice pretty easy. Mostly it was running drills and ball control drills. Neither of which Harry found particularly difficult. He’s been doing drills like these since he was eight years old. He knew damn well how to control a soccer ball and everyone else on the team did as well. No one else seemed bothered about the lack of difficulty, but Harry found it to be quite a waste of his time. And by the time practice ended he didn’t feel like he had achieved what he wanted to achieve.

The coach kept his little speech afterwards pretty short. He mostly talked about their upcoming home game this weekend. It would be a tough game, so not exactly the ideal way to kick off the season. But of course he had to throw in “I’m confident you boys will be able to beat them if you work hard.” Harry rolled his eyes at that overused line. Every coach in history has said that. Almost as a way to get your team a little worried so they play their hardest. “Would you like to add anything, Captain?” The coach asked, looking at Harry. “I don’t think I can top your speech, Coach,” Harry told him, with his signature obnoxious smirk. His comment earned a few laughs from the other guys while the coach looked less than amused with the immaturity of the captain.

“On that lovely note,” the coach gave Harry another hard look, “Let’s go in.” The boys didn’t question it, they all just jogged off to the locker room, already starting to pull off their clothes. Harry stayed close to his locker, not bothering to shower at that moment. He took out his phone, texting back some people, checking up on his social media, all of those normal kinds of things. Harry could hear people teasing and poking fun at Ayden in the showers. Harry didn’t understand the amusement, but if that’s how they chose to blow off steam that’s up to them. Harry wasn’t going to interfere, there was no reason for him too. If it got bad enough the coaches would notice. That’s what Harry told himself, anyway, not bothering to question whether that was actually true or not.

After a while, the locker room started to empty out. The guys would shout goodbye to each other as they left the locker room. Harry stayed where he was, though, brushing off questions when the other guys asked who he was waiting on. He wasn’t really waiting on anyone, in particular. The guys didn’t question him any further about it, they just said that they would see him for the game or around campus. They also went out for team meals a lot. Harry liked most of the guys on the team. There were a few bitter seniors who were upset they didn’t get the captain title for their last year, but that’s not Harry’s problem. He didn’t give a crap if they didn’t like him having the position. Harry saw it as they didn’t work hard enough to earn it.

Basically everyone had left by the time Harry stood up. He grabbed a soccer ball from the basket, walking through the locker room to find who he was looking for. “Hey Water Boy,” he said. “Meet me on the field in five. You’re playing goalie,” Harry told Ayden, not caring that he probably already showered and changed. He wasn’t asking him to be goalie, he was telling him. Harry tossed the soccer ball at him. He turned around, not waiting to see whether Ayden caught the soccer ball or if it just hit him instead. “You better not keep me waiting.”

Coach didn’t approve of extra practicing, but once again, Harry didn’t care. He was used to playing for many more hours in a day, growing up. In England he played for three club teams, which resulted in going to about two practices a day, depending on how the schedule turned out. Once he moved here, he played for his high school team and an intense travel club team. Again, he had two practices a day. He wasn’t content with today’s practice, so he took matters into his own hands. He would work on his penalty shots. He just needed someone in net. They didn’t even have to be a good goalie, just someone decent enough to block the easy shots.

FloatingOnFairyWings | 155 comments Ayden showered last of everyone, coming out with clean clothes, clean hair and a sweat free body. His hair was damp, but everything else was dry. He had left both of his shirts in his bag and walked out with shorts on. He sighed as he looked through his bag for his shirts. He heard someone say water boy and glanced over his shoulder. He had thought everyone was gone. Today had been pretty light on the whole, "tease water boy" thing, and he was quite grateful. He sure hoped this wasn't it. He saw Harry Tommo. It couldn't have been anyone else. He was the only other one in there. And his demand made him turn a bit more, with his plain white shirt in his hands, eyebrow risen. He had just showered! He didn't want to go get sweaty. And the coach would get angry. If Harry got hurt, they'd both be in trouble. And he honestly didn't want that to happen.

Ayden was a little annoyed. He may be water boy, but he did have other things to do, rather than be battered by soccer balls all the rest of the evening. He had a project due soon that was a huge chunk of his final grade and he still only had half of the photographs taken. He caught the soccer ball in one of his hands and set it down as he pulled the shirt over his head. He left his tennis shoes on, not bothering for cleats. He picked up the ball and left the locker room, slightly annoyed. He didn't think he had much of a choice anyway though. Harry would find some way to regret not helping him out. He really dreaded being goalie. He played it only when he had to, and it certainly wasn't his favorite position.

He thew the ball out on the field and jogged over to the goal box. Maybe this was good practice. He could better at being goalie, so then that was another option for when he tried out again. The more position he could play, the greater chance he would get on a team. He stretched out his legs and arms a bit, not wanting to risk being hurt. "How long is this going to take?" he asked, as he watched Harry find his way to the ball. He certainly hoped not long. He hadn't eaten either. And he really was hungry.

Ayden cracked his knuckles, trying not to look nervous. What had it been? Three years? Probably. Hopefully his goalie instincts would set in. He refused to make a damn idiot of himself around Harry. Or any of the other boys for that. He knew he was decent and that he probably could've made team, but for some reason, he didn't. However, he didn't want to come off as arrogant either. He didn't let himself get to his own head and blow up his own ego. He was very humble.

He looked up and saw the sun setting. It would be dark soon. Harry better had a ride home, and he figured he did, because he saw some sort of sportscar in the lot. No one else could've afforded it. Harry had a family with pockets as deep as their son. Ayden couldn't figure Harry out from a distance and it certainly bothered him. He knew so many people that he could observe for a while and he knew loads about, but Harry was different.

When he looked back to Harry, he had to admit, Harry was the kind of guy he liked. He was handsome, and athletic. He only hoped he was smart. That was a huge turn off. Stupid boys. In all honesty, Harry was stunning. But he shook the thoughts from his brain. He was "water boy" to him. A no one. And Harry certainly wasn't like Ayden. Harry could not in any way possibly be gay.

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Julia Horan  | 960 comments When Harry made it to the field, he jogged over to the lights. He turned the lights dial, so the lights would stay on for another hour or so. Last season one of the seniors had taught Harry how to do it. This wasn't Harry's first time practicing after hours and it wouldn't be his last time. Last year, Harry had even gotten caught for his late night practices. But Harry knew he was basically untouchable. Coach wouldn't bench him from any important game. And if he did, well that would be a dumb ass move on his part. Last year the punishment he got was added laps after practice and the coach called his father. Like Harry was twelve or something. So really, Harry got off the hook pretty easily. He wasn't scared of the coach and he wasn't worried about what the coach would do to him.

As Harry made his way back onto the field, he saw Ayden walking towards him. Harry knew he would come out. Well, he had a good feeling he would come out. If Harry were a nicer guy, he may have said thank you. But Harry wasn't much of a nice guy, that didn't mean he didn't appreciate Ayden coming out to help. It just meant he wasn't going to say anything about it. Ayden probably had places to be. Harry probably shouldn't be doing this either. He has an essay that's due tonight by midnight to some online turn it in site.

Harry isn't dumb. If someone were to have an actual conversation with him, they would find that's he's pretty intelligent. He has a genuine, individual opinion on a lot of topics. But his GPA says differently. In England, Harry didn't go to proper school. Rather he was part of a homeschooling/ virtual school program so he could play soccer for the two clubs he belonged to. Once he moved to America, Harry did attend public school. But he took four of his classes online, so he was only at actual school for half the school day. His father only had him enrolled in public school so he could be on the high school team and help get himself more exposed to college and club scouts. While he was meant to be doing online work, Harry was at another club's practice. He managed to finish all of his online classes, but he was simply overwhelmed with everything he had on his plate. When it came down to it, his dad didn't care about grades. He only cared about Harry's soccer playing. Harry went along with it.

"An hour. Give or take," Harry answered his question about how long I would take. He didn't care about the essay. He would just throw something together last minute, like he always ended up doing. Soccer rules this boy's life. Harry got the ball in the spot he wanted it, giving it a swift kick towards the goal. He did this repeatedly, then wait for Ayden to kick the ball back to him. Harry wasn't too concerned about getting the ball in the net. He was just aiming for anything on goal. Occasionally the ball would go in, occasionally Ayden would stop it. Harry was simply getting out some pre- game nerves. And how did he do that? By kicking the living daylights out of an inanimate object.

"Why? You got somewhere to be?" Harry asked after a few minutes. He didn't particularly care if he had somewhere to be, he was just starting conversation. If Ayden had somewhere to be, that wasn't Harry's problem. It couldn't have been too important if he agreed to come out here. Not that Harry had given him much of a choice on the matter. He just told him to come out, and now here they were. Harry didn't understand why the coach was so against extra practicing. Practice makes perfect, that's what Harry has heard his whole life. He's far from perfect, but he's gotten to his level for a reason.

As their little session went on, Harry came to realize this Ayden guy wasn't bad. He was actually pretty good. And considering goalie wasn't his normal position, at least that's what Harry assumed, he was doing well. "What the hell made you want to become water boy?" Harry asked, just as he kicked a ball towards the net. Kicking it hard, as always. Anyway, being a water boy didn't seem like the perks would outweigh the cons. During high school Harry had noticed the same thing. If you're going to be part of the team, don't be the water boy.

FloatingOnFairyWings | 155 comments The lights were bright on the field. An hour. Just one. Maybe a bit more or less. Not bad. He sighed as he caught balls that were kicked towards him. He missed every once in a while, which wasn't bad. He wasn't quite sure why they were doing this, Harry's kicks were perfectly fine. If he wasn't there, they would've made it into the goal each time. They were strong, swift kicks as well. If they were weak he would've understood why they were out there, but they were far from weak and definitely had power behind them. The balls just kept coming, and Ayden figured it would be done soon. He'd blocked a good couple of shots, and quite decent ones too. He was pretty happy with how his goalie skills had brushed up for the hour.

"I just have a big project that I'm a bit behind schedule for," he said, as a ball whizzed past him. He blocked the next two. He wondered what Harry majored in. Probably soccer. He literally saw him in none of his classes, so none of the things he was doing. Maybe something else, although he had no clue at all. Ayden was better at graphic design, filmmaking and photography than he was at soccer, and he knew most people didn't know that. In highschool he had "artsy" friends and soccer friends. And the two never merged. They never hung out together. His soccer friends teased him about his art stuff, but they'd never actually seen anything he'd made. He figured that if they would've seen it, then they would've known he was actually quite good at it all.

The session continued and Ayden listened to Harry's question as he jumped up to grab a ball that he was lucky to have caught and kept from going in. "It's not like I had much of a choice. It was either water boy or nothing. And I get free practice time, I get to listen to what the coaches have to say and I figured they might know me better next time round," he threw the ball back, "It not the greatest thing ever, I've been bullied plenty, but honestly, if I can get on the team and the coach likes me, then it might make up for all the time that I've been team punching bag." Ayden ran a hand through his hair, damp with sweat and not water at this point. Damn. He'd have to take yet another shower. That frustrated him quite a bit.

Ayden's water boy position hadn't really been a choice. The coach had told him that's what he was going to do. That was his place on the team until he got better. And the way Ayden saw if, the coach seemed to like him as a person. Ayden was respectful and could listen and tale corrections when he needed to. He figured the coach would think about those things when he tried out again. He hoped he would. And he hoped he was getting better. Because not making the actual team for a second time would be more disappointing and unfulfilling than be water boy and team punching bag.

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Julia Horan  | 960 comments Harry figured Ayden would be smart. The fact that he want ed to get back to his dorm showed that he cared about school. Harry didn't bother to ask what he was majoring in. All Harry knew was they weren't majoring in the same thing. Or anything remotely close to the same thing because Harry didn't even see him around the same building. It was a big school and each department had their own building. Harry was majoring in sports psychology. He wasn't here to learn, though. He was here to play soccer. However, if soccer doesn't work out, his degree could help him get a coaching job of some sort.

It's safe to say Harry was counting on soccer working out. He had no interest in becoming a coach.

Harry listened as the guy listed the befits about being the water boy. When you focused on the positives, it didn't seem like such a bad job. He would get practice time, still get to be a part of the team, travel with the team, and make a good impression on the coach for next year's tryouts. Any job can sounds good, though, of you only list the positive of it. But then you remember the reality of being the water boy. You're the teams punching bag, as he put it. Which is an accurate description of what it just be like. Not to mention you have to help with team laundry cleaning up the cups on the field. It didn't seem worth it to Harry, but he had trouble relating to the situation. "You put up with a lot of shit." Another kick.

Harry was satisfied enough with how he was playing. You quickly learn about Harry that he is a perfectionist. If he didn't play perfectly, he didn't play well enough. And obviously no one can have a perfect game, Harry included. He's the kind of player that picks apart every game, just pointing out his own flaws. This is part of the reason he gets somewhat nervous before a game. Harry never admits it out loud to anyone, he'll he hardly admits it to himself. But constantly beating himself up about his performance hasn't exactly helped him as a player. It just makes him push himself harder and harder. Sometimes to the point where it's unnecessary. Kind of like this extra session. Did he need to be out here? No. Why was he? He felt like he hadn't worked hard enough in the official practice.

It had probably just been over an hour, an hour and seven minutes if you want to be exact, when the lights on the field went out. Leaving Harry and Ayden in complete and utter darkness. Harry was quiet for a moment. "That's good enough for tonight," he said, as if they actually had an option whether they should keep playing or not. Harry have one last kick of the ball, in the direction of the net. He kicked it softer this time, and lower, so it had less of the probability of hitting Ayden. Harry didn't feel like carrying the ball in himself which is why he kicked it back.

"See you game day," Harry said, before jogging off towards the lights of the locker room building. He didn't say a single thank you, but he didn't think that would matter. He wasn't mean to him and that showed his thanks enough. Harry took a quick shower before changing into a clean seat of clothes. He tossed his practice uniform into a laundry basket before grabbing his stuff and heading out to where his beautiful car was parked in the parking lot.

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"Yeah, I do," Ayden missed the ball that time and he nearly got caught in the net getting it out, "And it sucks a lot," Ayden threw the ball back, "But I like playing soccer, so if this is my only chance, then I'm taking it." He looked at Harry out in the field. He didn't even remotely understand what Ayden went through. Ayden was practically tortured by some members of the team, but he tried to focus on the fact that it could be worse and that he was lucky he got to keep enjoying some time to play soccer with a team. Sort of.

The lights went out and Ayden heard Harry call it quits. Ayden could really only see by the lights from the locker room building. He wasn't prepared for the ball coming towards him and it hit him in the arm before going in. Harry wouldn't have been able to see, but he was thankful that the kick had been softer, because he really didn't want to know how that would've felt if it had been full power. He saw Harry running back to the locker room and figured he got to take care of the ball. Of course.

Ayden slipped through the door to the locker room after he had put away the ball. He heard Harry taking a shower, and figured he should too. He grabbed his towel and cleaned himself off, coming back similar to how he did an hour ago. He pulled on his second set of clothes that he was glad he brought. Packing up his bag, he left, turning off the lights and watching Harry get into his own car. One that made his own look like trash. He kicked a stone in the parking lot before jogging to his own car, throwing his bag in the passenger seat. Time to work on that project.


Ayden threw on a sweatshirt that had the school's logo on it. He threw everything he needed in his bag, and pushed the cups he had bought in as well. They had water bottles on game day he filled and gave them, but he was told he needed to bring cups for the coaches and such. It was colder outside today and he brought a couple thermoses of hot water, incase anyone got too cold or pulled something. He grabbed his phone and then locked up his dorm. His roommate was out somewhere. He had no clue exactly. They hadn't connected much, but they were okay friends.

Throwing his things into the car, he took a sip of his coffee. It was cold. It was oddly cold actually. He started his car up, but decided to live without any heat. It wasn't winter. Pulling up to the soccer arena, he parked in the "staff" area. They told him that's where he could park, so he did. Space 102. That's what they assigned him anyway. He ran a hand through his thankfully dry hair. It was messy. Probably a result of pulling on a hoodie and not doing much afterwards. He sat there in his car for a moment before he got out, imagining what it would be like to get to play today. To get to be an actual member of the team. He was, just not how he wanted to be. He didn't really wanted to be water boy. No one did. And he certainly didn't want to be punching bag, but he was, and he tried to look on the better side of things.

He dragged himself out, his thoughts a bit depressing and gloomy. He pulled out what he had brought and made his way to the team entrance to the arena. It was pretty much empty in the stadium. This college really took soccer seriously. He stood there for a moment, looking at the stands, his feet sinking into the turf. He closed his eyes and imagined what he wanted, and wished that when he opened them, it would be true. But of course, it wasn't. He set up the water where he was supposed to, and started filling water bottles. When that was done, he sat there, drinking his coffee. Game day. Where he was nothing but water boy.

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Julia Horan  | 960 comments Game day had been an early start for Harry. The game wasn’t until 11 am, but he was up by 7. This almost always happens, despite that Harry sets an alarm for 9 am. But there’s not really any point for the alarm because Harry always woke up early and he could never fall back asleep. He accepted it. So he got out of his warm bed and got ready for the day. Harry left his dorm in a pair of shorts and some random school t-shirt. With all of this time to kill, why not spend it doing something useful? So Harry did what he always did, he went to go practice.

The practice fields were empty, just as Harry guess they would be. He just stuck to doing more penalty, but this time there was no one in net. Harry changed positions of the ball every few kicks, just to keep things interesting. Harry never killed himself in practices before games. What would that help? He just did it to warm himself up a bit, that’s all. It was about 10 by the time Harry left the fields. He wasn’t surprised when the locker room doors were unlocked. He took a quick shower before changing into his uniform for the actual game. Harry grabbed his things and made his way back out to the parking lot. The practice fields were only for practicing, they played their games at a different field on the other side of the large campus. Harry stayed in his car for a moment, running his left thumb over his bottom lip. He wasn’t really thinking, just kind of zoned out.

And by 10:15 Harry was parked in the player’s parking lot. He walked into the locker through the designated ‘players and staff’ entrance. A lot of the team was already present, pulling on their uniforms and cleats. Harry kicked off the shoes he was wearing, replacing them with his cleats. “Your dad coming?” one of the boys, Javi, asked. “No,” Harry said, not looking up from his shoe as he tied his laces. “He’s in England or something,” he muttered, not wanting to talk about his dad. Growing up, Harry got asked about his father more than you might believe. And even now, people ask him so many questions. Harry hates it.

“Did you ask him?” another player, Liam, asked. Liam was a lot like Harry in some ways. Liam’s dad played for the American soccer team. Harry liked Liam, they could relate on a lot of things. The big difference between them and their families, though? Liam had a big family who came to every game. Harry only had his father who never came to any of the games. “No,” Harry lied flatly. He had attempted to call his dad earlier that week, probably on Tuesday or Wednesday. At first his dad’s manager had picked up the phone, almost hanging up until Harry explained that he was trying to talk to his dad. When Harry finally got through to his father, it went like most of their phone calls did. An awkward greeting, an awkward ‘how are you’, and then it ended with Harry’s disappointment about his father’s absence.

Last season Harry’s dad did attend their end of the season banquet. Family members, players, and anyone part of the team was invited. It had taken a lot of convincing, but Harry got his dad to come. It went well and bad all at the same time. It went well because his dad engaged in small talk with most of the other plays, who were very impressed that they were talking to someone in the Soccer Hall of Fame. It went badly because Harry’s dad missed most of the actual banquet, due to a phone call. He even missed Harry getting appointed as captain for the next season. Harry wasn’t surprised. Business comes first, it always comes first. His dad’s excuse had been ‘they were offering me a great coaching job for Manchester United’ but Harry hadn’t been very interested. Why should he be?

The coach came out of his office, five minutes before the game. He gave a few encouraging words, and even Harry got in front of the team, giving them a last few supportive comments, like a captain should do. Then they all walked out onto the field. The stands were pretty full, which wasn’t too surprising. Soccer was taken seriously at this school. Harry looked around at the crowd, not looking for anyone in particular, he was just looking. Once he was focused on the game again, he participated in the easy team warmup, just ready for the game to start. And ten minutes later, the game did start, as soon as Harry shook the other captain’s hand and the referee blew his whistle.

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FloatingOnFairyWings | 155 comments Ayden sat there at the empty field, watching it fill. It was amazing how many people loved soccer here. He knew a lot of them wanted to support the school and didn't care as long as it was a sport that was competitive. He sipped his coffee, brown eyes wide as he watched people scurry and run, walking around the stadium stands. It was getting flu and he figured it must be getting close to play time. He glanced at his watch and read 10:30. Yeah, they should be getting out to warm up soon.

He watched from his seat as both teams ran in, getting rounds of applause and boos from either side. His parents always watched the games on TV. Even though he wasn't in them. They had wanted more than anyone for him to get on the team, but he always told them there was next year. Maybe they thought that if they watched the games they wished their son was in, he'd actually get into them by some miracle or the fact that they had earned more brownie points because they watched and supported everyone. He didn't know, but he knew he loved his parents and that they loved him and supported him. And he wouldn't have it any other way. They did everything for him so that he could follow his dreams. In a way, he was, because he was getting to go to college for something he loved- graph design and the arts, but they also made him love soccer, and maybe it had hit them a little hard when their son didn't make the only team he could've played on, because they knew he loved the sport. But whatever it was, Ayden loved them, and he assured them he was okay.

Ayden finished off his coffee as the teams warmed up. He wasn't allowed to play during games. It was off limits. He was to stick to his job only when it came to games. And although it was hard, he kept his rear end in that seat and didn't move until someone needed a water bottle.

As the team ran around, doing exercises, Ayden watched Harry. Harry was just so intriguing. Ayden didn't know if he'd ever date someone like Harry, but just looking from the outside, he figured it wouldn't be bad. Harry was attractive and athletic, taller than Ayden, but not by too much. He knew Harry's parent or parents probably weren't as available and there for him as his own parents were. Maybe that was why Harry seemed mysterious and a bit brooding and quiet. But he didn't know.

No no no. Harry was and is not gay.

That's what Ayden had to tell himself simply because he didn't know. It just didn't seem likely. Harry wasn't the first person he had a crush on. He had known he'd liked guys for a really long time. His parents, they knew, and they didn't quite care anymore. They treated it normally. His close friends knew. Some stopped talking to him because of it, but none of them cared enough to make a deal about it and so nearly no one knew. Of course, his friends still asked him if he liked anyone. They tried to hook him up with people. It really was the same. And he was glad it was able to stay that way. He just felt like a weight had been lifted off his chest.

He'd never had a boyfriend though. And he desperately wanted one. Someone to love and be loved by.

A whistle cut through his thoughts as the game started up. He shook his head, a bit dazed from his daydreaming. He focused on the game, trying to pick up little things throughout, in between giving players water. They didn't act up on him on game days. There were too many coaches, people and potential professional scouts. They wouldn't dare let the fun of teasing the water boy get in the way of their hopes for a professional soccer career.

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Julia Horan  | 960 comments The first half of the game was interesting, despite the scoreboard saying 0-0. Both teams were playing good soccer, and there were chances for both sides to score and take the lead. Everyone seemed to be on their game. Harry had played for a minor league team in England over the summer, which helped to keep his own skill up. He was playing well, making good passes and making good shots. Despite his and team's efforts the scoreboard remained tied at nil.

They had just taken their break for halftime when the game took an unexpected turn. One of Harry's teammates had managed to intercept a pass from the other team, and there was a change of momentum as our team made it down to the opposing team's end. The player passed to Harry, who was in perfect scoring position. With one swift kick to the upper left corner, the game was turned to 1-0. As soon as the ball came off of Harry's foot, a player from the opposing team slid into Harry, kicking him into the ground. Harry landed fine, right on his bum, so that wasn't the problem. The problem was the guy had slid hard into Harry's left foot, which is his dominate foot, causing his knee to take the impact of the hit. The pain was immediate. Harry slowly laid back on the grass, his hand covering his face, without looking at his knee. Harry isn't the kind of player to embellish, like a lot of soccer players do. If he gets knocked down, he gets up. This wasn't the case now, however. And his teammates noticed. The crowd eventually noticed to, when they realized their team wasn't celebrating the goal.

Liam was almost instantly at his side, talking to him. "Help me up, mate," Harry said, starting to try and sit up on his own. "You're not standing up," Liam said, looking at Harry like he was crazy. "What do you-" Harry cut himself off. Once he was back into a sitting position he got a look at his left knee. It was pretty graphic and disturbing, honestly. His knee had been completly dislodged from its socket, and it looked like his knee cap was actually on the side if his leg. His leg was bent painfully due to the injury.

"Baker get Coach," Liam said, addressing one if the players by their last name, as he stared at Harry's knee. It was as if looking at it made it even more painful. Harry was gripping into whatever he could, hard, as if that would help the pain. He was holding into his own jersey with one hand, while the other gripped Liam's shoulder. Nothing looked or felt right about his knee, nothing at all. A lot of the teammates had started to gather around, staring at their captain's injury.

"What the hell is Tommo doing? The kid already got a red card!" The coach was pacing now, oblivious to the fact Harry was hurt. He simply thought Harry was making a scene to get the opposing player in trouble for sliding into him. That's when the Baker kid jogged up. "Coach Harry's knee is fucked up." The Coach gave Baker a hard look. "What do you mean?!" He was obviously frustrated they were holding up the game that much. And that's when he saw Harry standing. Harry basically had all of his weight on Liam, who was supporting his left side. Gasps and yells from the crowd could be heard as Harry's limp leg and twisted kneecap came into view. The look on Harry's face made it even more obvious he was in a lot of pain as he made his way slowly off the field.

"Get a paramedic," Coach demanded at some of the extra staff.
"He's not going to want a stretcher," Baker said.
"What? Why? He can barley walk!" The coach demanded.
"Pride, Coach," Baker said with a shrug. But that seemed to be a good enough answer.
"Get the paramedics to meet him in the locker room," Coach said, his tone harsh and urgent. His face softened as he looked at the team's Captain who was pathetically trying to make his way off the field.
"Ayden, when he gets over here, help him into the locker room," The coach told Ayden. They lost their star player and he couldn't afford to give up Liam either. Liam would have to keep playing.

It took a few more minutes, but Harry was finally on the sidelines. "Liam, you're going back in," the Coach said.
"But Coach-"
"Don't be stupid, Liam. Go," Harry said. It wouldn't be fair for Liam to miss any playing time because of him. Liam gave Harry a sympathetic look as he adjusted his arm around Harry's waist.
"Ayden take him," the Coach said.
Liam helped Harry get his arm around Ayden's shoulder and then get Ayden's arm around Harry's waist. He patted Ayden on the shoulder before rubbing Harry's back for a moment. "I'm playing for you, buddy," Liam said, jogging back out to the field.

Harry basically had most of his weight on Ayden, but he was in too much pain to try and adjust it. "Get him to the locker room," were the Coach's final words.

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Ayden watched the game play out. It was a good game, despite both teams having not scored yet. It was high energy and everyone in the stands was excited. He smiled as he ran a hand through his hair, watching Harry score a perfect goal. He jumped up with everyone else and cheered. But when the cheering died down and everyone was peering around shoulders, he was very confused. What was going on? He could barely see. Look around someone, he saw Harry trying to stand up, but clearly unable to do so. The arena was falling silent, and Ayden could hear shouts from players and coaches. He stood there, watching the blur of people around him. Was Harry hurt? Was it his fault? Since they had practiced more than they should've yesterday? He really hoped it wasn't his fault.

In the rush, someone had spilled water on him, getting his hair wet and he had stumbled backwards, knocking his coffee all over the table he had been sitting at. He was such a louse. He was clumsy and wet and annoyed and worried all at the same time. He shook water from his hair and saw Harry limping in pain towards the sidelines. The look of extreme pain on his face made Ayden not want to look down to his leg, and when he did, he saw what was putting Harry in so much pain. It had to hurt. His leg was limp and his knee was definitely dislocated, if not worse.

Now Ayden had pretty much witnessed this all from a shortened, covered up height and he had no idea what was actually going on. Everything seemed rushed and paused at the same time. Until the coach yelled to him to.. to do what? To help him into the locker room? Why? Weren't people coming to helping him? Like actual professionals? Maybe they were waiting in the locker room. Ayden's heart picked up pace, beating quite quickly inside his chest, beneath his hoodie.

"Ayden take him."

And before he knew it, Harry was connected to him and Ayden was holding up nearly all his weight. Liam had pulled Ayden's arm around Harry's waist and he took all his possible effort to not let pink rise to his cheeks. He was helping a hurt player, not looking for a potential boyfriend in someone who probably didn't care that Ayden existed and was highly unlikely to be gay. Slowly, they made it to the locker room, coach's words ringing behind them. They could hear the game roar on. And Ayden was terrified to speak even the smallest word to the injured Harry. He could only imagine how he was feeling and what he was thinking.

Ayden helped Harry sit down on a mat that was spread across the floor. It was the softest thing in the concrete locker room, and he figured that if he couldn't bear to sit, then he could lay down. "Do you want any ice or water or a heat pack or something?" Ayden asked cautiously, "I don't exactly know how to deal with, um, well, with an injury like this," he sat down on a bench, covering his face for a second before letting his chin rest in his hands, waiting for an answer timidly.

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Julia Horan  | 960 comments The crowd clapped as Harry limped off the field with Ayden, like every crowd seems to do with every injured player who makes it off the field. Harry was moving at a slow pace, every step he took sent shooting pain up his leg. It was a relief to be back in the locker room, where he could sit down and get off of his feet. Based on what the Coach said, Harry assumed there would be paramedics in the locker room. Anything was better than getting on a stretcher, that’s for sure.

Harry has been injured playing soccer before. A concussion, a few rolled ankles, but never a dislocated knee. He didn’t know what the recovery would be like or even how they were going to fix it. Harry kept his arm around Ayden’s shoulders until they got to a mat in the locker. From there, Harry tried his best to ease himself onto the mat. It wasn’t a particularly graceful landing, but that wasn’t exactly the main concern at that moment. Harry dared another at his knee. It was already starting to look swollen, just from the very minimal walking they had just did.

Harry pulled his gaze away from his knee once he heard Ayden start talking. Harry doesn’t know much about medical stuff, either. He didn’t know what would help or make it worse. “Uhm… Maybe ice?” It was starting to look swollen and ice helps with swelling, that’s basically the extent of what Harry knows. He was always given ice after he rolled or twisted an ankle, so that was the best shot for now until the paramedics show up. Which shouldn’t be too long for now. They almost always have paramedics waiting at every sporting event. A bunch of young guys running around and knocking into each other always seems to end in some sort of accident.

Once Ayden returned with the ice, Harry took it from him. He was in a bit too much pain to even think about saying thanks. He hesitated a moment, not really wanting to touch his knee in case of making it hurt worse, but he eventually pressed the ice to his knee. He made a soft, breathy sound at the sudden contact of the cold ice. The new pressure on his knee didn’t feel too great either. Harry tried to focus on anything other than his injury. The crowd outside was getting pretty loud and already Harry was feeling bitter. He should be playing.

It wasn’t long after that two paramedics came in. They didn’t have any trouble finding Harry and Ayden. One kneeled down next to Harry, removing the ice from his knee and setting it to the side. Even he looked a little shocked at the state of his knee. Harry practically shouted in pain as they tried to pop his knee back into place. It was so bad Harry was nearly on the verge of tears from all of the burning pain. “There must be some torn tissue or something, it’s not going in correctly,” said one of the paramedics. Then they started talking about the possibility of surgery among themselves. Harry was barely listening to what they were saying, he would just stare at his knee. Although not completely in the socket, it wasn’t on what looked to be the side of his leg anymore. At least it was a little more normal looking now.

FloatingOnFairyWings | 155 comments Ayden brought a bag of ice to Harry, settling back down. Ayden could tell that Harry was upset that he wasn't out with his team. Well, technically, their team, but Ayden didn't exactly get to play. Ayden sat there, not really wanting to say anything because Harry looked quite upset. He wanted to offer to hold the ice pack, but figured it would probably be better off if Harry could adjust the ice himself. He didn't want to apply too much pressure or not enough on the swelling. Ayden wasn't a medical expert or even a medical major of some sorts. He had no clue past basic knowledge.

As paramedics came in, Ayden just sat and watched. he grimaced as they tried to pop his knee back, He squeezed his eyes shut. Harry's knew was already bad enough. The paramedics might have fixed it some, but they probably just inflicted more pain upon Harry. He listened to them talk about torn tissue and surgery and immediately felt worried about Harry. How was he going to cope with being out? He surely seemed to hate it right now? Would he get to play soccer?

Wait, wait, wait. Ayden stopped himself. He barely knew Harry. And he was concerned for his wellbeing and happiness. Did he like Harry? Really? Why would he? Harry barely cared about standing up for him or paying attention to him or anything. Unless he needed a body to stand in the goal. Maybe that was all he was to every single person on this soccer team. A body in a place that they could use. They could use as a goalie maybe, or a punching bag, or a water boy. He was simply, a body to them all.

The paramedics look to Harry and then to Ayden. "Let's take him up to the university hospital and just check him out, we'll get an ambulance and we'll all go up." Ayden was sitting there nodding and not quite understanding. So he was very, very concerned when he was pushed into the ambulance as well. They were clearly confused. The paramedics. He and Harry had nearly no connections. They weren't exactly friends at all. He was just water boy there to help out the star player since the rest of the game must go on.

The paramedics kept the ambulance quiet, sirens off. They were in no rush. It was just his knee, not his heart. But for a soccer player, their knee must have felt just as important as their heart.

They got to the hospital and basically had to drag Ayden along to the room, setting him in a chair and Harry in a bed. So what now? Was he Harry's personal guardian or something? What did they think he was? He wanted to go home. The game was long over and it was dark outside. They'd been in this room for an hour and a half before anyone actually came in. People came in and out, looking at Harry's knee. And Ayden stayed in the seat the whole time, just watching and waiting. He wondered why he didn't just leave, but he knew he would feel bad if he did. He felt like Harry needed someone.

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Julia Horan  | 960 comments Harry could feel his heart sink as they mentioned taking him to the university hospital. If it wasn't obvious before, it certainly was now. They wouldn't be taking him to the hospital if this was something minor. His knee was in pretty bad shape. Harry had been hopeful that his knee simply looked worse than it actually was and that they could just pop it back into place, Harry would take a few days off, and then he would be back at it. Those hopes were shot down almost immediately, though.

The short ride to the hospital was spend in silence. Harry felt a little bad that Ayden was being dragged into this. But for once, Harry didn't want to be alone. Having anyone there was good enough company, whether Harry talked to them or not. Because facing what was about to happen alone didn't seem too appealing. Well, facing this whole situation didn't seem appealing at all, no matter how many people were by your side. Because in the end, it would be Harry in the operation room as they cut open his knee and fixed whatever needed fixing.

Once in the actual hospital room, Harry stayed on the little bed he was instructed to sit on. He didn't bother laying down, he didn't want to. His legs hung off the bed, and occasionally he was give his left leg an experimental little swing. There was still intense pain whenever he moved it or put pressure on it. He had a feeling those paramedics trying to push it into place only did more harm than good. And at this point, Harry knew he wasn't going to be playing for a bit. He tried accepting it, but he just couldn't. How could he? This is basically his whole life. Even taking it away for a few weeks is a brutal punishment. Especially for something that wasn't Harry's fault.

"Do you know if the team won?" Harry eventually asked Ayden, breaking the silence. Harry had forgotten his phone in his dorm room that morning, and had no way of contacting any of the guys or looking it up on the university website. Harry didn't know if Ayden even had his phone in the first place. This whole last minute trip to the hospital wasn't exactly planned and it is quite likely that he had also forgotten his phone. Harry just wanted to know how the guys did. Just proof that he's almost always thinking about his sport.

An actual doctor came in after what seemed like a few hours if waiting. A few nurses had come in to take X- Rays but no information was really given regarding Harry's knee. "Alright, Harry, we looked at the X-Rays and there is some obvious damage," the doctor said, calmly, as he jumped germ x onto his hands. "We're going to need to operate," Harry's face went from almost hopeful to completely defeated. "We can have a room ready tonight and just get it done and over with."
"How long will I be out?" Harry asked, still unable to believe surgery was the only possible way to heal his knee.
"The surgery takes about-"
"No," Harry cut him off. "How long do I have to stop playing for?" He asked, impatiently.
"Two, maybe three months, doe ending on how quickly everything heals," the doctor said, as if it were no big deal.
To Harry, though, it was obviously a big deal.

FloatingOnFairyWings | 155 comments Ayden sat there, nearly falling asleep until Harry spoke. He looked up, pulling his hand from his face. "Well," he said, pulling his phone from his pocket, looking at the website updates. Shit. They had lost. He really didn't want to tell Harry that, "Well, they've lost, but they seemed to have put up a good fight. They lost in penalty kicks." His mind darted back to the perfect penalty kicks that Harry had been doing earlier the day before. He slipped his phone on the table next to him and rested his head back in his hand. At this point, with it being so late, he figured he would have to stay here with Harry. To at least keep him company and make sure he was okay with everything.

A doctor came in and began talking to Harry, regarding the survey they were about to take him out to. But Ayden knew that was nothing for Harry. It was the recovery time. The fact that he would have to be out for two to three months probably crushed him. And when Ayden saw the look of despair on his face when they wheeled him out to the get the surgery started, he wanted to hug him so very badly. He just looked like he needed it. Just as much as he looked like he needed someone around. As the door closed and he could hear Harry being carted down the halls, a nurse peeked her head in while he was scrolling through his phone, "Don't worry, your boyfriend will be fine," she closed the door as he tried to correct her. He saw no use in it at all. he was tired.

He looked through his phone for a while, seeing thing from the other teammates and people from school taking about Harry. Staring at an electronic put him to sleep and he ended up curled in a ball uncomfortably on the chair beside where the bed had been. He never heard Harry come back in. He must've, but Ayden was tired and asleep. He'd been up far too long today and he was exhausted. He hoped that Harry had been okay through his surgery. Hopefully he would hurt less than he knew his back and legs would in the morning. But for now, Ayden slept. Dreaming about nothing in particular, everything he dreamt about being warm and fuzzy. His breathing was soft and he was oddly relaxed of sleeping in a chair. The sleep was much needed.

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Julia Horan  | 960 comments The surgery itself went well. Great, even. The doctor managed to repair the torn tissue and muscles without any complications. His knee looked like it was back in place, but it was still a little swollen and quite tender to the touch, and now had a black brace on it. Harry was wheeled back into the room later that night, still under the anesthesia. When he first woke up the best morning, he was quite disoriented, not sure where he was or what had happened. But the soreness of his knee reminded him and he slowly remembered that he was in the hospital. He looked around the room, rubbing at his eyes tiredly. That's when he saw Ayden, asleep in the chair that looks about as comfy as sleeping on concrete. He had stayed through the whole night?

Harry didn't wake up Ayden or anything, not yet. He probably didn't sleep very well so letting him get all of the sleep that he could was in his best interest. Around 9 am Liam stopped by the hospital room, greeting Harry with a big smile and an affectionate gentle shake of him shoulder. Liam only stopped by for a few minutes, he had breakfast planned with his family. Liam had thought ahead and stopped by Harry's dorm room to grab his phone for him, which Harry was grateful for and had also dropped his car car off. Like most people, Harry doesn't like going without his phone for more than a couple hours at a time. Right before Liam left, he only confined that they had lost yesterday but it was okay because they would "get them next time" and with that, Liam really did have to go.

His phone was basically blown up from notifications of all sorts. He had text messages, calls, voicemails, snapchats, twitter notifications, Instagram notifications, they seemed to go on forever. Harry started by responding to the text messages from the guys, asking how everything went. He told them he was fine but had to get surgery. Harry then answered to some of his friends who didn't play soccer, but had seen the game or at least heard about what happened. Harry noticed a text message from his dad's manager.
You alright? -Dad
He hadn't even bothered to send it from his own goddamned phone. Harry didn't bother responding, he would deal with it later.

A nurse came in a while later, with crutches. While Harry figured out how to use them, the nurse explained he would need to do some physical therapy once his knee was healed enough. After a few more instructions, Harry was given the okay to check out. Once the nurse was gone, Harry changed back into the clothes he was in before, which happened to be his uniform. Before the surgery they had him change into one of those ridiculous hospital outfits. It was a struggle, but Harry managed to get the uniform back on. He then used his crutches to get over to Ayden, who was still asleep in the chair. "Bloody things," Harry muttered as he struggled to balance on the crutches. He shook Ayden's shoulder, trying to wake him. "Hey, I'm all set to go," Harry told him, not wanting to just leave considering he had spent the whole night. "Do you, um, need a ride?" Harry asked, running his hand over the back of his neck, awkwardly.

FloatingOnFairyWings | 155 comments Ayden had slept quite fitfully. The chair was terribly uncomfortable and the room was quite cold without any blankets. So when Harry came to wake him up, his eyes barely opened. He was dreadfully tired and his back hurt loads. He sat up slowly, his back only aching more along the way. After a minute his eyes opened up and he felt more awake, his back feeling a tad better, being that it had cracked multiple times just from sitting up. He looked Harry once over. He was using crutched, and his knee looked normal. It probably still hurt loads, but at least it wasn't mangled like before.

When Harry asked if he needed a ride, he was nearly about to say no until he remembered that he had gotten here in an ambulance. He pushed off the couch. "Yeah, I do," he said softly, watching Harry rub his neck, "Thanks." He bit the inside of his lip. That was the most awkward response he could have ever given. And since he had stood up, he and Harry were less than a foot apart. Ayden was looking his straight in the eye for a moment before realizing how odd and awkward that was. He looked to the side and stepped over, crouching down to pick up his shoes and phone.

Harry's eyes were a gorgeous green color. They seemed to have a permanent sparkle and slivers of gold and bronze in the deep forest green. He looked tired, but he didm;t look too awfully bad for someone who had been told they'd need to take off from soccer for their injury. As Ayden pulled on his shoes, he looked up to Harry, "Do you have everything?" he asked, looking around the room as he stood up and cracked his back. stuffed his phone in his jeans back pocket and tousled his hair. He was much more awake now, the smell of the sterile, clean hospital waking him up.

A nurse came in with a packet of physical therapy exercises and a note. She handed both to Ayden. Was that the nurse from last night that thought he was Harry's boyfriend? He hoped she wouldn't say that again. Especially not in front of Harry. "Here's a note off soccer for a while and a note to get off school for two weeks to rest. After that, he's going to need help getting around campus and driving and such. I'm sure you can take care of that," she said, looking towards Ayden, "I also want you to help him with this physical therapy outside of the actual physical therapist. I figured you'd be the one to have do it, since you'll have to spend quite some time with each other and be quite close," she smiled and took off. Ayden stood there, a bit annoyed. This woman assumed he was Harry's boyfriend and then dumped all this stuff on him. And coach wouldn't let him out of it if it was doctor's orders.

He guessed the projects would have to wait.

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Julia Horan  | 960 comments Harry nodded as Ayden accepted the ride he had offered him. And then Ayden stood up, so that their faces weren't far apart. Harry probably only had about two inches on the guy, so they were basically eye level. Harry maintained eye contact for only a moment before dropping his gaze. For such a seemingly confident guy, Harry really wasn't good with eye contact with periods of time. He cleared his throat, again being kind of awkward about it, and then used his annoying crutches to help him back up just a little bit. That way they each had their personal space.

"Yeah I think so," Harry said, patting his pocket for his phone and keys. Just as Harry was about to head towards the door, a nurse came in. She had papers in her hand, which Harry assumed were for him. He began to reach for them a bit, but the nurse never handed them to him, rather she handed them to Ayden. Harry immediately looked confused, and he stared at the nurse. As she continued to talk, she only started to make less and less sense. What, did she expect Ayden to drive him around? Harry opened his mouth, trying to think of something to say to this clueless nurse, but he couldn't think of anything.

The nurse finally left the room, and Harry glanced at Ayden. "What? Does she think we're fucking dating?" Harry didn't know how she got that idea in her head. Did Ayden say something to her last night? Probably not. If anything, Ayden was getting kind of screwed over by this whole situation as well. Harry reached over, taking the papers from Ayden. He wasn't rough about it but it wasn't like he was particularly gentle either. He quickly scanned over the papers, and it was obvious that he was beginning to look upset by the whole situation. Sure enough, there were two notes. One excusing him from classes and the other excusing him from soccer. He messily folded up the papers, shoving them into his pockets.

"Ready?" Harry asked Ayden. The sooner they could leave the better. Harry barely waited for an answer before exiting the hospital room. He was still getting a hang of the crutches and therefore moving along pretty slowly. Not to mention, it was fairly tiring using the crutches. Harry hated them with a passion already.

Outside it was pretty cool, but nothing too uncomfortable. Liam had parked Harry's car almost directly in front of the hospital so it wasn't hard to find. Once close enough to his car, Harry took out his keys and unlocked the car. He opened the trunk of the car, shoving his crutches back there. He didn't keep much in the back of his car so it was easy to fit the crutches. He closed the trunk door with more force than was probably necessary. He then limped over to the drivers side door, easing himself in, despite the fact that the nurse had told him to keep his weight off of his bad knee under all circumstances. Screw that.

The interior of the car was very nice. There were nice, heated black leather seats and everything was quite high end. It helps having a rich dad to buy expensive crap like this car. It still smelt like a new car, along with a hint of cologne. Harry shoved the key into the ignition, putting on his seatbelt as he waited for Ayden to get in.

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