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H00DEDRIOT (zandraga) HI!

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Hello. 😺

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H00DEDRIOT (zandraga) Currently making my guild which is gonna be named Knights of the New Order. They like helping new members and will likely be founded almost instantly after the lock down activates. Aka after it's announced.

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Ok! (Everyone has a guild. My little snow child is just a peaceful wandering soul, kinda like Kirito was before he joined a guild, but... more friendly)

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H00DEDRIOT (zandraga) KotNO is open to everyone that isn't killing other players.

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Would she have to wear armor?

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H00DEDRIOT (zandraga) It's optional we also have a great line of royal clothing along with light armor.

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Can she join then?

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H00DEDRIOT (zandraga) Sure!

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Creative Orange (Rumell Khan) (rkrespectedmember) If you need any face claims you can search Create A Avatar: https://avatarmaker.com/

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Creative Orange (Rumell Khan) (rkrespectedmember) Your welcome

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Creative Orange (Rumell Khan) (rkrespectedmember) Yuki~ "It's double the giggles & Double the Grins, and double the trouble if your blessed with twins." wrote: "Thanks!"

Your welcome

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Creative Orange (Rumell Khan) (rkrespectedmember) Zandraga (In love and feeling amazing) wrote: "Sure!"

Hi Zandraga!

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