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I need help with several issues, please!!

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Gunner Lindbloom Gunner A. LindbloomPlease, I need some assistance with some issues I'm having with my books. I understand a librarian can help me with these, as I can't make any changes or fixes on my own. These issues are regarding my two novels, "TO BE A KING, Volume 1" and "TO BE A KING, Volume 2." (Note that it wouldn't let me post anything without choosing a book, and since my books aren't searchable or listed in any way, I just chose a random Stephen King book.) The issues are as follows:

1) My books are not searchable for some reason. You can find my name via the author search, but you cannot find my books via a title search. Many readers have told me they can't find my books on Goodreads, but they are there. I have no idea why they aren't coming up. This is my biggest issue.

2) The covers are old covers that have not been updated. I understand that I don't have the ability to change these covers. Nor do I see where I can upload the correct ones, or send the images to support for someone to change for me. The correct images are on Amazon. Please advise how to fix this.

3) For some reason, on my author profile I have two entries for "TO BE A KING, Volume 2." Can these be merged? I'm not understanding how there came to be two of these.

Please advise if any other information is needed or if I can assist in any other way. Thank you.

message 2: by Elizabeth (new) - added it

Elizabeth Young I don't think your comment belongs here because it doesn't pertain to the book being discussed. It sounds like you're having a technical issue with the Goodreads site and your request for help should be placed in the help/support section.

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