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Oladosu Olaolu | 11 comments Hi, my name is Olaolu Oladosu, the author of the book ‘Prosper’. Since the book was made public, I’ve gotten some reviews and feedbacks but an interesting comment was from a gentleman who questioned why I should write on ‘Prosperity’,, this I already expected and with the deluge of so called prosperity preachers, the topic can be said to have been well bastardized, to this reason I have decided to come up with 10 reasons why the prosperity message (despite it’s likes and dislikes) should remain relevant and they are:
1. Money is a Major Factor in Human existence: Whether you agree or not money is key in the world we live in, a lot of people have learnt about it from so many sources and this dictates their attitude to it, I think a look into the bible to see what it has to say about this all important item is not a bad idea.
2. A lot of people want to prosper but have the wrong ideas: In the world we live in today, greed is a prevalent factor, corruption in governance is the idea of people trying to get wealth, I think we need to get people to see what the bible has to say about it.
3. The love of Money; the root of all evils: Money is a major driving force for evil, virtually every evil perpetuated in the world has money as it’s driving force, 2Pet1:4 says “We have been given exceeding great and precious promises…having escaped the corruption that is in the world through lust”. In other words lust runs the world but God’s promises should run the believer, I think it’s something we should look at.
4. Money takes the shape of the owner: Like water takes the shape of a cup when it is poured into it, so money has no shape of it’s own, when money is in the hand of a porn producer, it goes ahead to become a tool for porn promotion, when money is in the hands of a God-Man interested in building God’s kingdom, it takes the shape of a tool for kingdom advancement, I think Christians should take a closer look at the bible as it relates to prosperity.
5. We can be taught aright: Jesus parables were more about money that any thing else, remember the parable of the talents! Talents spoken of by Jesus in the parable was a type of money spent those days and not the natural gifts we grew up with like singing and dancing. I think Jesus knew that there was a need for this subject to be properly taught, don’t you?
6. Hardship, poverty and Sickness are Satan’s tools: Remember Job? It was God that blessed according to the story, and Satan’s suggestion was ‘if all that you blessed him with is removed he will curse you’, when Jesus gave the parable of the sower in Matt 13, he explained that the seed planted on stony ground was the man that hears the word and tribulation and persecution is allowed to reap it out of him (paraphrased). Hardship, poverty, sickness are satan’s tools, the bible says ‘all good and perfect gift come from above’, I think studying about prosperity is not a bad idea after all.
7. Money is important for Kingdom expansion: The reason the bible says to bring tithes into God’s house is so there would be meat in his house, Jesus himself had people that ministered of their substance to him, need I say more!
8. The need for Hope: Hopelessness breeds depression and can even lead to suicide. Christians are usually the most hopeful people, they believe in a God that can make tomorrow beautiful, when everywhere and everybody speaks of hopelessness a believe in God that wants to prosper you makes all the difference, the bible says ‘Be anxious for nothing but in everything with prayer and supplication make your request known to God’ isn’t it wonderful! God is a God of hope, the prosperity message is a message of faith and hope.
9. A Book of Solutions: Several problem plague the human race, sicknesses, plagues, poverty, depression e.t.c the recent outbreak of the ebola virus is one that is presently startling the world, but there is only one book that contains the solution to every human problem and it’s called the bible, if it solves the problem of poverty and hardship I think we should learn about it.
10. A balanced Approach: The topic of prosperity is not new, there are many books that seek to shed light on what the bible has to say about it, some good and others not too good. In the book ‘Prosper’ I present a balanced approach to the topic, my aim is actually to teach so the reader is not only motivated but has his motivation and inspiration deep rooted in spiritual truths. God bless.

message 2: by Rod (new)

Rod Horncastle Prosperity is an interesting thing. Very Biblical - also wonderfully historical. Only some foolish Christians assume THEY are the ones to prosper. God indeed looks after his Children... but not in the ways we selfishly assume.

Do you remember when the early Christians were being fed to the lions in the Colosseums? The Kingdom of God was prospering.

Do you remember when Dietrich Bonhoeffer was being put to death by the Nazi's? The Kingdom of God was prospering.

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Oladosu Olaolu | 11 comments Hello Rod, while I agree with you that the kingdom of God excelled in dark times, I do not agree with you that these dark times can be used to describe the kingdom, everybody has their dark times but the word of God should always define us and not the dark phases of our lives and the same goes for Christianity, Jesus the bible says for the joy ahead endured the cross, so much emphasis can be laid on the dark moment of the cross but today he is king of kings and Lord of Lords, was he king of kings while suffering on the cross, of course he was, but if the cross was the end of him then that would have been a tragic ending. Job had his dark times, but he ended up with double of all he had before, Joseph was put in the pit, Potiphars house and then the prison but he ended up as Pharaohs second in command, if these people's lives have ended during the dark phases of their lives then it would have been a tragedy, the bible says 'For I know the thoughts that I think towards you, saith the Lord, thoughts of peace and not of evil, to give you an expected end' Jer 29:11. Has Christianity had it's dark times; emphatically YES, but does that define Christianity ;NO. Thanks.

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