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message 1: by kotokuki (new)

kotokuki | 1 comments A bit about my first book - YA/NA, 63K frame story via letters.

Racing home from work Sam opens an old shoebox of letters entitled with single blurbs on the envelopes. Opened at random, the letters were given to Sam at the age of twelve when Sam's sister (a righteous, fiery thing) experienced a loss during her junior year of high school. These letters are her raw thoughts throughout a year of grieving, continuing life, and experiencing other hardships. This has developing plot, comic relief, foreshadow, and the curiosity of whom Sam is grieving for. This book covers hard topics such as death, suicide, self harm, and depression but in a way that provides relatable characters and positive growth out of the darkness.

If any of this interests you. I'd greatly appreciate it. PM me please or comment here.

message 2: by Emily (new)

Emily Lewis | 3 comments I can help.

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