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SOLVED: Adult Fiction > SOLVED. Suspense book with detective searching for missing woman who is kidnapped and held in a wooden crate in the air. Spoilers ahead. [s]

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Taylor | 3 comments I read this book roughly 2015ish. The main plot features a detective searching for a missing woman. The woman has been kidnapped and is being held in a wooden crate, hoisted above the ground by rope. She is unable to stand, sit, do anything other than crouch. A sub story is the woman remembering her difficult life growing up, and strategizing how to get free.

(Spoilers below!)

The kidnapper is the father of a man the woman killed. She is able to injure herself, rubbing blood on the ropes so that rats gnaw through them. Once freed from the crate, she does not go to the police, as that would incriminate herself in the murder of the man's son. She continues to find seemingly random men whom she kills (one's a trucker), and we learn that each of the men assaulted her in some way. The book ends with her purposely hitting her head against a toilet, taking a handful of pills from a bottle she put her brother's fingerprints on, and laying in a hotel bed to die. The reader assumes the brother is charged with her murder, and we learn that he too was guilty in her abuse.

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Connie Conine | 40 comments Alex by Pierre LaMaitre?

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Amanda (amanda_redpeach) | 253 comments Alex link for connie's suggestion

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Taylor | 3 comments SOLVED -- Alex by Pierre LaMaitre

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Taylor | 3 comments YES! Connie you have solved in 1 day what I've been trying to figure out for a year. Thank you, thank you!

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