Les Misérables Les Misérables question

does anyone feel the same?
Katie Katie May 29, 2018 09:49AM
I have read Les Mis and Tale of two cities, and am trying to work my way through Vanity Fair.
Lately Vanity Fair and Les Miserable seem to both mention similar events (battle of Waterloo) and so i got to wondering the time period/setting they are in.
Les Miserables was set in 1832 and published 1862,
Vanity Fair was set in time period of 1810-1820 (from what i've found) and was published 1848
Tale of Two cities (unrelated to other two) was actually set in 1789, yet published 1859 yet the reading style is much easier and makes you feel as though it was a later time period than it is discussing.
Of all three, Les Miserables was the toughest read and truly seemed like it was written before the others... when actually it wasn't!
while reading Vanity fair it feels like it was written more recently than it is actually depicting.
Does anyone know why this is/feel the same or have any corrections to my info?

thank you abigail

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