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message 1: by Kachiina (new)

Kachiina Cain | 1 comments I am currently looking for someone with experience to help me with a work in progress. It is an adult fantasy, or paranormal I'm not sure, novel that is expected to be around 75k words. It is also a first in the series.

This will be the first of seven novels I wish to complete this year so I am looking for someone who is willing to work with me long term, should we make a good match. I plan to send up to eight chapters a week to be critiqued and reworked (when necessary) before its edited. I am hoping the project takes no longer than a month to complete, though I do understand that the actual editing of the manuscript may take longer. For more information, please send me an email to Also include your rates, availability, experience, and if you are willing to help with a work in progress. I am looking for someone who has immediate availability within the next week. Thank you.

P.S. Please do not post on this forum. I would prefer to be e-mailed so I could see it as it is sent.

message 2: by Tina (new)

Tina (elaineedits) | 33 comments Hi,
I have been trying to contact you but Gmail is saying the address is incorrect. I have tried variations and I still can't send you an email. Could you please contact me at
-Thank you so much

message 3: by Nicole (new)

Nicole | 12 comments It’s been awhile since you first posted but I was wondering if you were still looking for beta readers. I understand you were looking for someone long term and I love sticking with authors through a book series and watch their series grow. PM me if you still need a reader :)

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