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Make it neat and detailed, please! (also, read the character creation rules in the rules thread..thanks :3)You may use your own template, if you wish(since this is a crappy template which is basically just a list of stuff you need yeah) but make sure to include EVERYTHING in this template, below. Thank you :3



{Likes and Dislikes}
{Strengths and Weaknesses} (view spoiler)

{Picture Appearance}


{Other Relations}


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Wait can we have more than one weapon? O_O What type of weapons? Are SIG Sauer Pro guns allowed? :P Or guns?

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Sure, but not like an unreasonable amount of weapons :P And guns, knives, whatever. And..uh, I don't know what those are, but if it's realistic for your character to have it, sure :P

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≈aleх: pнoenιх oғ тнe ғlaмe≈ (loveisendless) | 59 comments {Name} Michelangelo De La Rosaria
{Nicknames} Michael, Mike
{Age} 16
{Gender} Male
{Sexuality} Homosexual
{Birthplace} San Fransisco, CA
{Birthday} June 23rd

{Weapon} Spear/Staff

{Skills/Talents} Spearsmanship, Sleuth, Agility
{Likes} His spear, running on a cool day, hiding from adversaries, singing/dancing (On occasion)
{Dislikes} Knifes, being spotted while in hiding, zombies.
{Strengths} Spearsmanship, Cross Country running, sleuth, diplomacy
{Weaknesses} Bright light, archery, excessive violence (Unable to kill), romance (See History)

{Picture Appearance}

{Hair} Earthy Brown
{Eyes} Chocolate Brown
{Height} 6'1"
{Weight} 134 lbs.
{Markings} N/A

{Personality} Michael is currently an shy individual who enjoys time alone outside in the cold, rainy forests just outside of town. Everyday, he can be seen practicing his staff, perfecting the art. Underneath the cloak of Michelangelo's shadowy nature is a kind, jovial guy who loves to talk with others.
{History} Introduction (view spoiler) Part One (view spoiler) Part Two (view spoiler) Epilogue (view spoiler)

{Family} Deceased (view spoiler). Living (view spoiler)
{Other Relations} Living (view spoiler)

{Other} N/A

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≈aleх: pнoenιх oғ тнe ғlaмe≈ (loveisendless) | 59 comments {Name} Jace Devenaro Winston
{Age} 17
{Gender} Male
{Sexuality} Heterosexual
{Birthplace} Jacksonville, FL
{Birthday} September 18th

{Weapon} Knife

{Skills/Talents} Knifehood, Defensive Combat, Soccer, Cooking
{Likes}} Defending his family, playing Soccer, Cooking (Secretively), Sunny days, pitch darkness
{Dislikes} Losing fights, killing (On occasion), dim light
{Strengths} Knifing, Fighting, Cooking, Hunting
{Weaknesses} Conflicts with morality, selfless to a fault, pride, slight temper

{Picture Appearance}

{Hair} Dark Brown
{Eyes} Golden Brown
{Height} 6'3"
{Weight} 147 lbs.
{Markings} Small birthmark on back
{Other} N/A

{Personality} Jace is a kind-hearted, easygoing person. He enjoys hanging out with others and playfully fighting. But he also has a serious side: Commanding, selfless, bold and daring. He doesn't enjoy killing, even if the victim is a zombie; But he will do it if needed.
{History} Introduction (view spoiler) Part One (view spoiler) Part Two (view spoiler) Epilogue (view spoiler)

{Family} Deceased (view spoiler) Living (view spoiler)
{Other Relations} N/A (Never been one for serious relationships)

{Other} N/A

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{Name} Andres Oberon
{Age} 16
{Gender} Male
{Sexuality} Bi
{Birthplace} Alexandria, Egypt.
{Birthday} December 28

{Weapon} SIG Saucer Pro Guns

{Likes and Dislikes}
{Strengths and Weaknesses} (view spoiler)

{Picture Appearance}


{Other Relations}


≈aleх: pнoenιх oғ тнe ғlaмe≈ (loveisendless) | 59 comments I finished Michelangelo! :D Most detailed character I ever made @__@

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sucre'd fiend (sucredfiend) | 33 comments congrats ^-^

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Nathan  (NastyNate445) | 11 comments {Name}James Michelson
{Birthplace}Miami, Florida
{Birthday}September 18(my actual birthday :D)

{Weapon} Sword and 2 knives http://bit.do/K6QG

{Skills/Talents}Is great at using swords and throwing knives
{Likes and Dislikes}Likes killing zombies, protecting his friends and surviving. Dislikes killing people, having to give up a hideout, not having his sword.
{Strengths}Open areas, cooking, running.
{Weaknesses} Tight spaces, corners, getting trapped.

{Picture Appearance} http://bit.do/K6RC
(too much?)

{Personality}James is quiet, sweet, and laid back. He tries not to get attached to people because they end up abandoning him or dying. When hes mad he takes his anger out on zombies. He's also manipulative and devious.
{History}James went to the school of Japanese swordsmanship for 5 years devoting all of his time to school and to learn. He was a fast learner so he excelled quickly at the school.By this time he was already 13 and had started convincing himself that he didn't need to go anymore since he was better than the rest, so he stopped going. His family moved to Los Angeles, California since his dad had gotten a new job as a car salesman. His mom came home with a paper and told him about a Dojo and he turned her down quickly. When he was home alone he took the paper that his mom had left on the table and he went to go check it out. When he got there he saw people taking knife throwing lessons and he was fascinated. He went home and told his mom to sign him up and she did. He took knife throwing lesson at the Silver Crane Dojo for 4 years. One day when he got home his parents were dead and being eaten by zombies so he took the clothes he would need and left. He went to a sword repair shop and stole a sword and two throwing knives.

{Family}None ~anymore~
{Other Relations}None

{Other} None

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dany (elothwen) You guys really need some explanations for these 17-19 year olds with these amazing skills.

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sucre'd fiend (sucredfiend) | 33 comments Like, really

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dany (elothwen) In the females section too. A couple of them have good ideas but still

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Andres Oberon
Alexandria, Egypt.
December 28

SIG Sauer Pro Gun, Sniper Rifle Weapon, Machine gun, Chainsaw, Gerber Knife, and Carbine Gun.
Music Talents: Singing, and creating music. Writing, Run on hands, Paint with feet xD, writes both left handed and right handed, break dancing, singing a song not by note, can lick elbow, and a good actor.
{Likes and Dislikes}
-Creating music
-Learn to play new instruments
-Being alone
-See his daughter happy
-Walking/driving at night
-Helping as much as he can
-Danger and action
-Peace and Quiet.
-Loudmouth people
-Popular kids
-Someone telling him what to do
-Following the rules
-Braggy People
-People that he doesn't know
-Sad friends =/ *sigh*
-Anything bright
{Strengths and Weaknesses}
-Being used
-Being around people in reality.
-Ignoring people
-Correcting Mistakes
-Keeping his life a secret
-Remaining Calm
-Creating ideas
-Doesn't give up
-His voice
-Good at fights
-Can keep calm in bad situations.

{Picture Appearance}

Just cuts.
Like the picture. Hoodie and a cap. With black jeans.

Andres is very Shy, suspicious, easily gets hyper, weird, random, loyal, creative, funny, too caring, and has a very bad temper if you mess with him or his friends. He keeps his life a secret. He is a rule breaker, but is up to correct his mistakes. He only talks comfortably with people he knows.

Andres is a mystery to everyone at school. He hardly talks at school. He wears a hoodie to school everyday to cover his cuts. The only reason why he cuts is because his life hasn't been all sunshine. First he spent his 11 years getting abused by his mother. Than his dad came around and it was ok for a while till his dad got married and the father would ignore his son. One day when Andres was 14 his father passed away, so he was left alone. He doesn't know the rest of his family. His family is a mystery. He works everyday for him and the only thing that keeps him alive his daughter . He lives in a large house that his so called uncle left him.

His family is a mystery, he only has a daughter

{Other Relations}
Had a relationship with a girl name Sky 4 years ago and for some reason he hasn't ever dated another girl again.

Andres is addicted to drugs and has trouble with his temper. He also has many disorders that make him do stupid stuff, like the Borderline Disorder, SH disorder, Anorexia, and others that will be kept a secret. He soon attends therapy for help and has a great future.

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dany (elothwen) Ya messed up some bold there

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Nathan  (NastyNate445) | 11 comments Is my character good?

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sucre'd fiend (sucredfiend) | 33 comments
() ᴀ ᴅᴇʟɪɢʜᴛғᴜʟʟʏ ғɪᴇɴᴅɪsʜ ᴛᴇᴍᴘʟᴀᴛᴇ
(view spoiler)
ᴡᴇ ᴀʀᴇ COMPLETE!
Noir Kristoff Delacorte
[ Age ] Twenty-Three --- [ Gender ] Masculine Structure
[ dob ] October Third ; 1:30 am -- [ sexuality ] demisexual
[ pob ] Lycon, France -- [ relationship status ] newly single

dylan o'brien -- brunet -- walnut brown -- 5'6" -- 160 lbs -- moles/lips
[ Weapons ] shotgun, metal baseball bat [ attire ] flannel, jeans, sneakers, beanie [ inventory ] two water bottles, small backpack, three packs of ammunition, nearly dead cellphone

[ sarcastic ; pessimistic ; inventive ; objective ; potentially villainous ]
Noir has always been a sarcastic son of a bitch, and he damn well knows it. Sarcasm is possibly his third language at this point in his life, and he sees it come out more and more with the recent apocalypse. It could be that he's trying to tell it to people straight: they're going to die, but he doesn't really have the heart to. So, he finds ways by being possibly the most pessimistic person in whatever group he might fall into. Yeah, sure, people tend to dislike him for it, but they know better than to think so positively. The world has gone to shit, and nothing is sunshine and gumdrops. He makes them see that, and makes them realize that they should keep their cool if they want to stay alive. Getting overly excited about all the good things these days could get you killed. It might not seem like the best thing in the world to have someone who's such a downer on your side, but it helps to have someone make the obvious that much more obvious: not everyone will make it. You can't save everyone. You could lose yourself at any time, and you'd have no way to stop it.

Aside from being known by his sarcasm and pessimism, he's pretty inventive. He finds solutions to problems, even while focusing on the possibility of failure. Most people are curious as to how that's possible, but it's partly because he's pessimistic that he manages to figure something out. He thinks of every possible way something can fail, and manages to pick something that either doesn't at all, or not too much. His pessimism makes him incredibly objective, which is good in a situation like this. He knows exactly what he needs to do, and what he could do to mess things up for himself and others. That being said, he's always really had the potential to be...villainous. If someone does something that he thinks jeopardizes his safety, he isn't likely to hesitate in eliminating them as a threat altogether. He thinks the worst of people these days, and thus brings out the worst of himself. If he were to have the option of leaving someone behind, he wouldn't hesitate to take it. Though, he often makes comments that have everyone rattled not many people see that potentially disturbed nature of his. Maybe they've all just been waiting for something more viable to believe it.
[ likes ] apples, video games, cola, reading -- [ dislikes ] oranges, clearly zombies, most people, guns -- [ strengths ] decisive, creative, resourceful, objective -- [ weaknesses ] maybe disturbed, pessimistic, a little apathetic
[ Relationships ]
「♦ mother -- Lyvianna -- deceased -- love: ▪▪▪▪▪
︱♦ father -- Andre -- deceased -- love: ▪▪▪▪▫
︱♦ older brother -- Geran -- missing -- love: ▪▪▪▪▪
︱♦ fiancée -- Isabel Bonaparte -- deceased -- love: ▪▪▪▪▪
Noir Delacorte was born to a seemingly exceptional family on a seemingly peaceful day. His mother, Lyvianna, had already moved into the hospital when she went into labor and was quickly moved to be aided by a doctor in the course of her birthing. Things had sailed along smoothly for the woman, and she was said to have been expecting twins. The only problem was, however, that there weren't twins. Just a single child. Everyone wondered what had happened to the other child, until a frightening conclusion was made: the child that had been born had eaten the other within the womb. It made sense in all minds, considering the second child had been in the womb only a month prior. Or, at least when Lyvianna had had her last sonogram. She carried on afterwards as of nothing had happened, and decided to accept the child that she'd birthed, rather than be revolted by the idea of it eating its twin.

From there, Noir had a pretty solid childhood. Nothing too dramatic, or serious, but there was the move to Las Vegas. His father, Andre, had taken a job opportunity within the States, and moved the entire family with him. He couldn't bear to leave his wife and kids alone, or to be alone, really. Lyvianna only came because she wanted to be sure that her husband wouldn't stray away from her. Geran and Noir adjusted well to the new change, taking it in stride for as best a thirteen year old and seven year old could. The two got along very well, so it was rare that they weren't seen in some proximity of one another.

Noir's first crush was a fiery brunette who hailed from New York. She'd come to the city with her mother, who lived a fairly nomadic life up to that point. They got to be incredibly close, and began dating in her second summer there. At seventeen and finally experiencing his first love, he'd felt that he'd marry her. Which exactly what he promised when they graduated. She attended a local college while he went straight to work to get her that diamond ring. He still took online courses, but it meant nothing to him if it stopped him from being able to save money. They moved in together when they turned twenty, and were riding out the long haul--almost to the amount he needed--when shit hit the fan.

The world went to ruin, and the first priority was finding their families. They went all over Las Vegas, teaming up with strangers only to split up due to different goals, and what they found was horrifying. Noir's father and mother had shot each other, to keep from turning. They couldn't allow for that to happen to themselves. Isabel's mother, on the other hand, was eaten alive. They found what was left of her in the kitchen, a knife on the floor beside her. Realizing that they were on their own, they set out to find other survivors. Being alone with just themselves didn't seem safe, and they found it only in numbers.

Isabel, however, didn't make it any group that Noir joined after. She just gave up after a point, standing stock still despite how much he screamed for her to move, to climb the ladder and get off the street. He watched her put the gun in her mouth and shot herself. He was still screaming himself hoarse by the time night had fallen, and stayed in the area for days. He went without eating, and slept little. Until, finally, someone found him that way. Nearly shot him, too. They pulled him into their group, and he's been close to a walking corpse ever since.

credit for the template inspiration goes to Paro, Jenn, Baa, and Koi

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Daemon {Name} Daemon Tenebris
{Age} 19
{Gender} Male
{Sexuality} Bisexual
{Birthplace} Manhattan, New York
{Birthday} June 13

(view spoiler)
{Likes and Dislikes}
(view spoiler)
{Strengths and Weaknesses}
(view spoiler)
{Picture Appearance}
{Hair} Dark Brown
{Eyes} Hazel
{Height} 6'
{Weight} 165 pounds
{Markings} He has a few scars from scrapes with gangs.
{Other} None
{Attire} He wears a Black tshirt and jeans along with combat boots, and a jacket. (Since I don't think I can explain well, a picture of his jacket is in the spoiler)
(view spoiler)

{Personality} Daemon is a hothead, young and overconfident for someone living on his own during the apocalypse. He's quirky and rather annoying, and he loves to piss people off and get into fights. Despite his recklessness with people, he's extremely clever, which is probably the only reason he isn't dead yet.
{History} Daemon was born in poverty, his mother living with three other families in a little apartment. At the age of seven his mother was killed by her abusive boyfriend, and he was orphaned. His mother's boyfriend took him in, but that was not to last either. He'd had enough of depending on others, and three years later he ran away, living on the Manhattan streets by himself. He actually did better that way, working the crowds for money and stealing when he had to.

He would've continued to live on the streets, but a police raid brought him and twenty other orphaned children into the child care system. Daemon went from foster home to foster home, but as always is the case, no one wanted to adopt a nearly grown child. When the apocalypse hit he was eighteen, coming home from the store to find his foster family dead, or, as he was soon to learn, undead. He killed the walkers, of course, he had no attachment to his foster parents, and he finally cut all ties once again. He was quick to raid the army surplus store and several other stores, just as the hordes of people were starting to raise mass chaos. As soon as he had what he needed he left and didn't look back, trekking across the country with nothing but a satchel of supplies to his name. And that is how he's been ever since.

{Family} None
{Other Relations} None

{Other} None

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sucre'd fiend (sucredfiend) | 33 comments I would maybe explain how he got to be good with a sword.

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sucre'd fiend (sucredfiend) | 33 comments Yep

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sucre'd fiend (sucredfiend) | 33 comments It was a suggestion. You don't have to do it.

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Daemon Thank you.

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