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I can think of 2 diseases that perhaps could one day could mutate to spawn a zombie infection, or at least they presently resemble the initial stage of a zombie infection:

The first is Ebola - if you want to know a lot about it, read The Hot Zone by Richard Preston- but here is basically what it does: first 7 days, no symptoms. Then, it starts with a headache and then back pain for 2-3 days. After that, as the virus replicates inside, it turns your eyes red and skin yellow. You begin to get red speckles all over, which eventually grow. Your skin eventually turns blackish, like one huge bruise, and the virus destroys the parts of your brain that handle higher-functions. Your personality effectively dissolves, but you continue to live on instincts. Then, you begin to vomit black junk as your mucus membranes dissolve and the virus tries to turn all your cells into duplicates of it. Your nose and eyes bleed too, and then your stomach fills with blood. Finally, you die and bleed out, as your stomach lining and intestines all dissolve.

The scariest part of all that, is it is REAL. That is more or less what the disease does. And some strains of it have a 90% kill rate. It is an incurable, Level 4 Bioagent and is fairly easy to transmit.

The other disease I can think of that mimics zombie infection is Meningitis: I actually had it in 2012 and almost died. Here is what that was like (in case anyone is unfamiliar with that sickness, it actually inflames the brain and causes it to swell).

I started noticing weird flecks out of the corner of my eyes (like the white shooting specks you get on occasion). I thought nothing of it, since I was just getting out of a movie theater, and figured my eyes were adjusting to the light. I kept thinking I was seeing people out of the corner of my eyes, and I’d go to look at them and there’d be nothing there.

About 20 minutes later my head started to hurt, just a dull ache at first. Then I was talking to someone, and all of a sudden I just couldn't make sense of what they were saying. Their words began to all jumble together, and they sounded like they were talking to me underwater. I figured I needed some air or something, and went outside.

I then started talking to a friend, who I’d known for over 10 years, and I couldn’t remember his name, though I knew who he was. I remember trying to tell him what was going on, and I realized I was unable to make sense of words on people's t-shirts, and my arm was all tingly and hand kept going numb.

I thought I was having a stroke, or maybe a heart attack. I had another friend (who is a firefighter) rush me to the hospital, which luckily was only 5 minutes away. Before he took me there I tried telling someone I was getting taken to the hospital, but I couldn't think of the word to use for it, though I could picture the building in my mind.

I barely coherent when I arrived. I had the worst headache I can describe. It felt like my head was going to explode. Then I got instantly nauseous, and begin to throw-up a ton. I vaguely remember the next 3-5 hours I spent in the ER. Most of it was like the scene from a movie, where the hero gets drugged and wakes up in a cell or something and everything is blurry and they do weird visual stuff to simulate his confusion or the effects of the drugs.

After I was admitted the ER, the Dr. gave me heavy drugs for the headache. It barely touched the pain. I remember someone saying “we’re going give you this for the pain,” and then I think I may have nodded or babbled something, but not sure.

The next thing I remember is they gave me a spinal tap. For those who don’t know, this is a 4-5 inch needle, which they jam up into your spinal cord to extract the spine-fluid. If it sounds pretty painful, that’s because it is. Luckily in my case, my head hurt so badly and I was so out-of-it already that I was only semi-aware of it going on.

The next thing I remember is being wheeled down to get a CAT scan. This part of my endeavor was like something from a horror movie: I vaguely recall staring at the hospital ceiling as they carted me through the halls on a gurney. I could hear voices around me but they didn’t make sense, and my vision was all messed up, and I was all groggy from medicine and in a lot of pain.
I then remember being driven home where I promptly passed out. For the next 2 weeks I was basically bed-ridden. I felt very faint during this time. The worst part of it was the nausea: I could not stand upright for any time at all or I’d start to get dizzy. I liken this feeling to having an alien in my head swimming around: I swear I could feel my brain moving around in my skull.

So I wanted to share about those 2 rare zombie-like diseases and my own personal experience with the later of them. Pretty scary stuff! I want to know what other people think.

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Thia (thial) | 130 comments Wow! That's terrifying. I'm going with rabies. If you've ever been around a rabid animal - ugh! Although I guess that would be closer to 28 Days style.

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Yeah it is terrifying. Interesting you mention Rabies too. In fact, Ebola is actually distantly related to Rabies, Measles, and Mumps. It's a filovirus, made of 1 strand of RNA... it is very simple, and likely very ancient also. I think it mimics a zombie not due to the psychosis you could expect(especially in Rabies, though it can happen with Ebola too), but because of the way it destroys the tissue and parts of the brain that control facial expressions, so your face becomes basically blank. You wander around in a zombie-like state.

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hIpnoticraQs (raqnbelly) | 145 comments Rabies with a heaping side of gluttony.

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Papaphilly | 80 comments The real disease closest to a zombie plague is rabies. it can make you lose control of yourself and you are still alive, not in control and can infect with a bite.

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Stéphane Desienne (desienne) | 2 comments Ok, what about the lack of sleeping ?
With terrfying red eyes on the monring...
Is there a cure ?
=> Yes, coffee :-)

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Papaphilly | 80 comments Stéphane wrote: "Ok, what about the lack of sleeping ?
With terrfying red eyes on the monring...
Is there a cure ?
=> Yes, coffee :-)"

Or aspirin. :)

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M. Chapman (mmchapman) | 7 comments Sounds like a shocking experience. It can result in death or permanent disability.

Some additional suggestions. Forms of mental illness - perhaps catatonia or depression. Sleep walking? Tragic loss of memory and self in Alzheimer's disease. There's also a specific case in nature such as the zombie fungus that infects some species of any. Horrible prospects but the victims are all still alive.

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Arthur (warrior1775) | 4 comments Fascinating answers, I would also add some drug induced reactions such as excited delirium where persons can be very violent and deranged during it, Even if the effects are temporary a lot of damage can be done (if we recall someone trying to eat anothers face in Florida).

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