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message 1: by Benoît (new)

Benoît (benoitp) | 2 comments Whether it's a book you'd recommend to everyone or the select few.
Please drop a line to give a hint of what the book is like or about.
If you've read anything out of recommendation from here, please come back and leave a line too.
If you're looking for a rec / or more books in the same vein of the one you've read, feel free too.


message 2: by Marilyn (new)

Marilyn Roxie (marilynroxie) | 16 comments Mod
One of the better books I've read recently was The Monk - gothic suspense with a monk falling into ruin and temptation.

message 3: by Emrys (new)

Emrys (ambrosios) | 2 comments I'm not very good at recommending books I like to others - or perhaps, it's more that when it comes to fiction, taste is especially subjective. It is far easier to recommend stuff similar to a specific book or plot, or a non-fiction book in general.

Having said that, Daniel J. Boorstin's Knowledge trilogy is a series I think about a lot:
It's an excellent history of the arts, science, and philosophy - I found it satisfyingly comprehensive, with a lot of fascinating details that made me want to read further about various people and subjects I previously knew little about.

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