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"Mista! Mista!" A woman's voice. "Here mama!" answered a small girl, who ran into her mother's outstretched arms. The woman swept her up and kissed the little girl on the forehead. "Time to go, Mista." "But mama!" protested the girl of about five or six. "I don't want to leave! I want to stay in Taraha!" The woman's face softened as she saw the sadness in her daughter's eyes. "I know, my darling, but we can't stay in this village, you've heard what's been happening-" "No, mama! No! I want to stay! I want to..." The little girl dissolved in tears and struggled out of the woman's arms.

She ran, but a strong-looking man swept her up before she could get far. "What is wrong, my little Missy?" The girl stopped crying slightly when she heard the nickname her father always called her. The man looked over to the girl's mother and said, "The wagon's ready, and so are the boys, when you are." The woman nodded. He turned back to his daughter. "What is the matter Missy?" he asked again.

"I-I don't want to go, I want to stay in Taraha!" The man nodded as if he had anticipated this. He shifted the girl on his other hip and began to walk. "Well, you see Missy, we have to go-"


"And I believe you know this. Now, I want you to be a big girl and help your mama and your brothers, okay?" The girl didn't say anything. Finally, she said, "But, why do we run? Why not stay and fight? Why not save and p...p...pro-tect," she pronounced the word slowly, as if still practicing the sounds, "our home? Why can't we-"

"Mista!" said her father sternly. Then he softened. "You know we must. And don't think of it as running, just as... moving! Now," He set down the girl on the bed of the wagon as he reached it. "Be a good girl and promise me what I asked."

"Okay, papa, I promise." said the little girl.

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Mista Jason woke to the smell of sizzling bacon on a hot pan. She practically jumped out of her small bed in her haste to reach the door. She bounded out of her bedroom and across the one floor small bungalow house to the kitchen, her bright, blond hair streaming behind her.

"Mista! Breakfa- Oh, hello Mista! Come, sit down and we can discuss your day." Mista stopped in her tracks. It was Joanne, Mista's new stepmother. Warily, she sat down at the kitchen table and watched her bustle about, making eggs and bacon.

"Where's Dad?" Mista decided to go ahead and ask.

"Oh, Richard is already at work, silly thing, can't wait to get that project of his finished!" replied Joanne, rolling her eyes. Mista narrowed her eyes. "What project?"

"You know! The one he started- oh, that's right, you were off at your little friend's house, of course. Well, your father is starting a new project, on pillows!" She brightened when she said that last word, and seemed to want Mista to get excited, too.

She just shrugged.

"You know, this is a very important-" began Joanne crossly, but a bell began to ring. "Oh, bother, time for school. Go on, you had better get dressed!"

Mista slunk away and began scowling at herself. Once again, she had had a full conversation with her new mother - stepmother - when she was trying so hard to ignore her as much as possible. When her mother had died five years ago, it had hit Mista and her father like a bomb. Mista remembered seeing her father mope around for weeks.

Then, a year later, he met Joanne. Young, and beautiful, she captured Richard Jorman's attention like a fly attracted to honey. Three and a half years later, they were married. Mista hated her, even though she had lived with her for six months already.

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