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message 1: by Yolanda (new)

Yolanda Ramos (yramosseventhsentinel) I used a local company to edit, etc and upload my book to Amazon and local sites like Kalahari, My Books and Exclusives. While I have direct access to my book on Amazon, I don't for the SA sites, so if I want a price change etc, I have to go through the publisher. I don't even know what % of sales I get.Is this the norm?
I'd appreciate any comments.

Books On Fire Tours (booksonfiretours) | 3 comments Having dealt with many South African Authors, I know that this is the norm when you are an Indie publisher or use vanity publishers to provide a service for you. You should ask them what the royalties are from those sites and request a price change through them. Which company did you use? Some companies will take admin fees on top of royalties.

message 3: by Yolanda (new)

Yolanda Ramos (yramosseventhsentinel) I used Reach Publishers. They are not vanity publishers and so far I've been happy with their work.

message 4: by Yolanda (new)

Yolanda Ramos (yramosseventhsentinel) I did ask them to do price changes on Exclusives and My Books and they did, but Kalarhari lists my book for R31, although Reach said I get the same royalties if they were charging R50, about 50%

message 5: by Leon (new)

Leon Kock (leondekock) | 19 comments Yolanda, did Reach Publishers publish your book as an indie book or as an accepted manuscript?
I'm trying to break into the SA market, so the question you ask in this thread is of great interest to me.

message 6: by Yolanda (new)

Yolanda Ramos (yramosseventhsentinel) I published as an indie but Reach did all the editing, proofreading, cover and uploading. They were very good, so I have no complaints and did everything via email with them. Prices are also reasonable. It's difficult breaking into the SA market. So far, I've had more success with Amazon.Exclusive Books are a problem, the keep listing my book with no price. Been trying to get them to change it, but so far nothing. The fault lies with them, not Reach.

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