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Making His Baby
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SOLVED: Adult Fiction > SOLVED. Contemporary romance. H/h agree to have a baby without being together. [s]

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Sole | 9 comments I'm looking for a book I've read last year (2017) in which the main hero is at the ex high school students reunion (right in the first or second chapter). The heroine is there too as a waitress. At the reunion his dead ex girlfriend is being remembered.
The main characters meet and ended having a "date". I don't remember how but at some point they agree to have a baby but not being together. During the curse of the story, they fall in love with each other.
If I remember correctly, the hero has a own company and he's an architect or an engineer.
He has a best friend who is married and have family and he is like an uncle to the children.

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Sole | 9 comments Ayshe wrote: "Maybe Making His Baby: A Billionaire Romance?"

Thanks! That was the book! :)

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