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Name: Richard Oliver Clark
Nicknames: Goes strictly by Oliver, but loves hearing Olly, too
Name Meaning: Named after his dad whom he hates, so goes by his middle name

Age: 16
Birthday: November 23
Sign: Scorpio

Sexuality: Homosexual
Status: Extremely closeted

Appearance: picture!
Hair: Light brown
Eyes: Dark brown
Features: 5’7”, 138, somewhat strong, fair skin, soft features, dimples, has a stupid stick and poke of a sun on his ankle and three dots on the side of his middle finger.

Personality: Oliver is twisted, but in a way that works. His reputation in school is one of the popular kids, contrary to a lot of his personality. His reputation is that he’s loud, great at parties, and occasionally sleeps around. And people love him for that. But despite this side of him, underneath it is something more. He’s empathetic, he doesn’t care much for himself really, and cares too much for the people around him. He speaks only when he knows it has purpose to it, and it’s usually smart. He knows how to use his intelligence most of the time, but sometimes his actions trump his powerful thoughts. He can be pretty heated and stubborn to get things, but it’s always for good reason.

History: Oliver was not born into the best of families. Afternoon two college punks got themselves into a second pregnancy by 20, they decided to simply get hitched and start a family, ditching their education and attempting to hold up the reputation they held there. His parents, Richard and Hannah, certainly weren’t fit to be parents; not for Blue, his older sister of two years, and not for him. His father was absent for a lot of his life, though he never left his mother. Richard was deep in the circle of drugs and alcohol and definitely wasn’t the most fit for a family, anyway.

His mom wanted the best for them, and rather than going to the run-down school in the sketchy town, the were enrolled at the public school one town over. He became pretty happy being surrounded with kids his age, and usually preferred it over home. He went with the flow throughout elementary school and often had a set schedule of the day: walking to school, learn, practice piano during his lunchtime, learn, and walk home. This was around the time when Hannah, his mother, began to spiral down into a deep depression. She refused medication or any medical help, even when things began to get serious. Whenever Richard made an appearance, there was fighting. And as years passed, it began to get physical. Though Oliver was only involved in these fights a couple times, it definitely affected him as a kid. His home life was pretty bad, so spent a lot of time elsewhere. Though Hannah never told anyone of what happened behind the doors of their house, things managed to get better as Richard made his presence known somewhere else, as Hannah started to get better. But Oliver was already out of the house often by 8th grade, and Blue was working her way out of college and into a college by the end of her sophomore year.

High school was when he truly began to become one with the ‘popular kids’, with the party scene. He first drank, smoked, and had sex in 9th grade. He also met Theo at the time. Somebody who never seemed to be present at these parties, but when he walked him home after a hammered night, he couldn’t help but be curious about that boy. A couple more interactions and, despite their differences, they grew close.


•being alone
•sad endings
•often his emotions

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Max | 116 comments Name: Theodore Ashur Cassian

Nicknames: Theo (Everyone calls him that since he hates the name Theodore.) Ash, Dory (that's his mom's nickname for him and if anyone else says it they'll end up with a bloody nose and a black eye)

Age: 16-17?

Gender: Male

Sexuality: Openly homosexual. He has known since he was 11, and has never lied about. He fully believes that if people want to pick a fight with him because of it, let them try.

Appearance: Theo has shortish, black hair that’s just long enough to curl around his ears and get into his eyes. It always looks like he hasn’t put a comb through it for months (which is most likely the truth) and no matter how hard he tries, it’s always getting into his face. His eyes match his dark hair perfectly. They are so dark brown that they are practically black, and unless you look closely, it’s almost impossible to see his pupil. They are framed by thin eyebrows and dark eyelashes. He has olive skin and is always clean-shaven. His face is sharp and almost elf like in it’s appearance, all sharp, clean edges. His lips are pale and thin, and always seem to be stretched into a lazy half smirk. Standing at 5’10 Theo is in relatively good shape and works out once and a while. He might be described as lean and wry. Handsome probably wouldn’t be the best way to describe Theo. A better word would probably be pretty, or elfin. His features are delicate and often seem more feminine than he would like them too. The thick eyelashes and delicate mouth make him look fragile and breakable.

Personality: Theo hates the world. He hates people and their stupidity. He hates teenagers and their selfish, disgusting self-centered lives. The human race disgusts him, and he happens to be unfortunate enough to be part of that race of disgusting things. He takes out his hatred on everyone around him, but some of that anger he inflicts upon himself. While Theo might spit venom at the rest of the world, he harbors a deep hatred with himself and the sickening human that he must live as. While the stupidity of humans both revolts him and confuses him, by far the worst are teenagers. In his opinion there is nothing worse than some self-centered idiot who thinks high-school is his kingdom. Theo understands people like science experiments. Not because he can't understand social situations or anything, in fact he loves talking to people but only when it's an intelligent conversation, really he sees people as experiments because that's the only way he can bear to watch people.

The only reason Theo comes to school at all is for the opportunity it holds. The one thing that keeps Theo going is knowing that one day he will be able to get out of this disgusting dump of a place. He wants to travel the world, to be free and school and scholarships are going to be the only way he can get that. So despite the fact that he hates school, he works like hell when it comes to class. He is determined to get every scholarship and grant he possibly can in order to spread his wings and fly out of this horrible place that is his city.

Like many kids with Theo's "rebel without a cause" attitude, he has a lot of feelings bottled up deep down. Most of them connect to his hatred of himself and humankind, but he also fears being alone. He is terrified of being left alone with his thoughts. He doesn't sleep a lot since dreams are just thoughts, and when there is no one else around to distract him, he doesn't know what to do with himself.

History: There's not much to tell about Theo's history because he isn't really old enough to have one yet. He had a good childhood mainly. His parents divorced when he was 8, it wasn't a particularly nice divorce but it was much better than the idea of staying together. His father is a Hollywood screen writer and his mom is a teacher and they just couldn't work it out together. They married young and rushed into things too quickly. Eventually they got divorced and his father moved away to L.A with his new girlfriend. Theo gets to see his father a few times a year, usually around Christmas time. He doesn't hate his dad for leaving, but he does hate his half siblings for no reason other than that they got a father when he didn't.

Being an only child, lounging around the house was never too fun so he learned to find the best parties around town. His mother disapproved of his coming back home late and stuff, but he never seemed to touch a drop of alcohol or anything else possibly dangerous so she didn't try to stop it. Plus, he was still doing well in school. In grade 9, he met . He hadn't really liked him at first since he was sort of like every single high school student ever. Popular, loud, party-crazy. But there was still something underneath it all that intrigued Theo. The same way a science experiment intrigues people. But after he ended up walking the other boy home one day, he quickly became more than just an experiment. Sure, Theo was nothing like him. He didn't like the group of friends he hung out with, he definitely didn't like drinking as much either, but still somehow the friendship worked.

-Hamburger with fries,
-sprite and raspberry Popsicles
-Loud music
-Board games

-Modern art
-Painting in general
-Gym class

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Max | 116 comments (By the way, you don't have to write anything nearly as long. I like to write stories and as a result I tend to go a bit overboard with characters. This is just for my satisfaction as a writer. Also, I prefer not to use faceclaims for my characters. If you want me to find one for Theo, I will though!)

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Max | 116 comments ((it's totally fine! Just jealous that you're finished your finals!))

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Max | 116 comments ((Yeah. Well, Olly is probably the most adorable names in the world.))

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Max | 116 comments ((Ha. Theo has always been one of my favorite names! Although it would never be Theodore, just Theo.))

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Max | 116 comments (( do you mind starting? I'm still at school at the moment. Maybe start with them at a party? Or whatever you want to do.))

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Max | 116 comments ((That sounds great! Olly is probably the only one who can make Theo be cute! Also I usually write like a paragraph or two?))

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Oliver was a wreck and he knew it.

If it weren’t for the four too many cheap beers, maybe he would’ve been okay. But the fact that his short stature had drank that much, on top of a blunt he didn’t roll in this house party containing mostly the junior class certainly took the cake. The poor young boy certainly shouldn’t be there, anymore.

And the one girl, Raina, just wouldn’t leave him alone after his previous and first party. The two were hand in hand as she led them to the kitchen, Oliver stumbling and looking around like a lost puppy. He wasn’t like this an hour ago, but by 12, it had gotten bad. Beyond worse.

It had taken a lot of persuasion to his drunk mind before he made one of the only good decisions of the night. “I’m leaving,” he told her promptly, the two words managing to slur, as he wrestled his hand out of his hold. He was sure he heard Raina question him with a scratchy “why?” and reach for his hand again, but he was already sifting his way through people as he dragged his feet, trying to keep his mind set bo that and nothing else while he felt like he had some control of himself. No, he had no ride besides Taylor’s ratty van, which definitely wouldn’t leave until another few hours. But he would figure it out, he assured himself, as he carefully reached to turn the door handle.

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Max | 116 comments In parties there were usually a few types of people. The ones who got drunk, the ones who stood around the edges looking awkward as hell, and the ones who came to make out. Theo wan't exactly any of those kids, although if he had to fit into one of those categories, the last one would probably be the closest fit. Unluckily, Theo hadn't been able to find any free guys all night so it was a bit of a hopeless case.

Weaving through the crowd of hot bodies, Theo made his way down the hall, pushing through the wall of arms and legs. The air itself smelled like alcohol and sweat. The strange thing was, was that Theo didn't actually know if he liked that smell or not. It disgusted him at some level. The pure greed and gluttony of humans, how they got drunk to lie about their vile existence. But on another level he was impressed. Impressed that people had managed to find a way out of the trap of living by forgetting it all. Whether or not he was disgusted or not, he was tired and he wanted to go home.

Finally reaching the door, He glanced at a boy who was slowly opening it, using the handle to steady himself. Anyone could tell that he was totally wasted and Theo, who was always impatient rolled his eyes angrily and yanked the door open. Clean, cold air wafted into the room and Theo let out a sigh of relief that he hadn't known he had been holding.

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Seeing as the poor drunk boy certainly didn’t want to be dragged into a room with that sophomore again, it was clear that Oliver was leaving. Walking alone home it was, then. Another moment of imbalance and Oliver realized that the handle was taken away from his hands. He looked up in confusion, trying to settle his unsteady breath and reaching hands as he comprehended the situation. Another boy had opened the door as he tried to catch himself, leaving the party, as well, it seemed.

The cool air nipped at his warm face and exposed hands, causing him to wrap his arms around himself as he hesitantly took a step down the porch stairs. Away from the wasted kids, away from the loud music. And all too dizzy. “Sorry,” he stammered, his response time slowed, as he looked over to the other boy. He hadn’t meant to get in the way, and his mind was making it a bigger deal than he would’ve considered it sober.

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Max | 116 comments Theo watched the other boy with a smirk on his face. He knew this kid. Oliver wasn't it? They were in the same grade. Theo had never really talked to him even though they had some classes together. Oliver seemed to be the type of kid people like to talk to. They swarmed around him in classes while Theo preferred to stick to the back of the room where no one bothered him. Oliver definitely seemed like the party type of boy. The ones who got totally drunk and reeled out on the streets, or did stupid things like jumped into lakes and got spinals and drowned.

As much as Theo didn't care specifically about this kid, he also didn't want Oliver to get run over or something and that was highly probable with the way he was walking. He watched the other boy stumble down the stairs for a long while before gentle putting his hand on the boy's back so he didn't tumble down the steps.
"It's fine. You're totally wasted, what's your address?" He said this all completely calmly as though he did this every day. Of course, he was only a freshman so he couldn't give Oliver a ride home, but he could walk with him just to make sure he didn't die on the way home.

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After a moment of looking him over, Oliver vaguely recognized him. It was the boy in his Biology class, it appeared. The kind of kid who never raised his hand and yet always managed to reply with a snarky, correct answer whenever he was called on. He looked away quickly and turned to look at his feet, focusing primarily on getting down the stupid stairs. Too many steps, all too steep. His fuzzy eyesight was causing his brain to ache and he debated if he truly had made the best decision to go home when he could’ve immersed himself in the strong smell of alcohol and the dark lights all over again, contrary to his own house. His father was finally filtering his appearances in the household, which was good, but Oliver didn’t have a preferred place to stay anymore at this point. His house made the most sense, though. He caught himself from his thoughts as he caught himself on the railing, cursing quietly under his breath and continuing to carefully walk.

His breath hitched and he straightened as he felt something cool on his shoulder before realizing the hand belonged to Theo. His dark brown hair tumbled with the wind into his eyes, which Okiver’s own eyes averted to, before realizing he had gotten distracted again. After processing the question a second time, he got it. “Um, Two-Three-Eight-O. Reveille,” he slurred softly, turning back down to look at his feet that didn’t seem to be doing his bidding.

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Max | 116 comments "Woah, chill man, i'm not an ax-murderer or something." He said in his signature sarcastic tone. Theo lived his life in a giant bubble of sarcasm and it served him well. He didn't know how much Oliver had drank but he wasn't holding it too well. He waited impatiently until Oliver finally processed his question and answered in a soft, slurred voice.
"Ugh seriously?" Theo muttered under his breath, swearing softly. He couldn't let this guy go home on his own since he definitely wouldn't make it, but Reveille wasn't exactly nearby. He must have gotten a ride here because it was a very, very long walk back. Theo didn't want to walk that far but he also didn't have any money to call a taxi. This long walk was going to be made even longer by the fact that Oliver couldn't seem to get his feet into working order.
"Okay, I can walk you home but you look like your about to puke up all that alcohol." he said that all in extremely clear slow words just to make sure that Oliver got it into his head in the drunk state he was in.

Theo kept one hand up, no longer actually touching Oliver but close by just in case the boy fell over or passed out. A few kids were already out on the lawn puking their guts out and Theo picked his way through the grass. The cold air was a huge relief from the hot stuffy party and Theo snapped up the collar of his jacket to keep out the chilly breeze.

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Oliver bit down hard on his lip when he heard him speak again, a bit confused at the comment. Ax-murderer? He shook his head to himself as he realized how much the alcohol was really taking a toll on his brain. Right, sarcasm existed. He mustered a small smile to reply and shook his head to himself for his stupidity. The swearing that followed also managed to put him off guard. He hadn’t meant to upset him at all, that wasn’t his intention.
“Sorry,” he mumbled to him, and he meant it. Whatever he did, he didn’t mean it. He had nothing bad to say about Theo.

Time passed before he heard the calm, steady voice reappear. Oliver turned to look at him, eyebrows furrowed and eyes bloodshot and confused. He adamantly shook his head and looked back up at the boy, allowing his vision to clear. Though he was beyond drunk, his stomach was only bothered a bit. Hopefully, it would stay that way. “I’m not. I...I won’t. I promise,” he tried to assure him, stopping in his tracks to look up to him and smile softly. He wasn’t crazy Raina or pothead Taylor or puking Simon.

But nevertheless, this walk would be long. At least half an hour from where they were, Marlowe, if one predicted his walking ability. His breathing was shaky and his eyes were blinking as if he just woke up from a nap in the middle of the night.
“Thank you,” he quietly mumbled to Theo, keeping himself from looking at him so he could take another few cautious steps.

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Max | 116 comments Huh. Oliver, popular boy extreme was actually a sort of flustered drunk. Theo had not expected to receive an apology from the boy, but it made him wonder about Oliver. He had never thought once to actually try and talk to any of the kids who managed to be popular, but despite the fact that Oliver was crazy drunk, he still seemed like an okay guy. The reason Theo didn't like popular kids was simply because they made a kingdom of high school. They took the useless thing that is high school and they made it the most special thing in their lives. It was a stupid lie that they created to make them feel like they somehow mattered in this world. Theo had never tried to lie to himself like that since he clung to the truth like a drowning man to a lifeboat.

"S'alright." Theo said with a little bit of a smile. He put his hand gently back on the boy's shoulder to guide him ever so slightly.
"Well, if you puke up that stuff in the middle of the street, i'm not going to save you from getting run over." He rolled his eyes angrily, but he was still totally gentle with the other boy. He walked silently for a while, one hand shoved into his pocket and the other gently guiding Oliver.
"I'm sure that hangover isn't going to help you with your biology test tomorrow." He said with a grin. Theo didn't like school, but he still did his best to pass everything because that was the only way he could get out of this disgusting city.

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The acceptance of the apology assured Oliver more than he anticipated when he heard Theo’s voice again. The cicadas chirping and the faint sound of a bustling party was drowned out by the gentle voice. He tended again when he felt the hand on his shoulder, but soon relaxed and leaned into his touch as he walked, dragging his feet against the cement.

“Guess not,” he said softly, and he managed to laugh. He encouraged himself to pick up his head and look over the boy again. Squinted eyes as he revealed his teeth in a grin. It made him happy to hear that this boy knew of him, too. While his status in school was already fairly high with the people he surrounded himself with, it seemed like more of an honor to be known by Theo.
“That was the worst fucking party,” he told him and chuckled softly, meeting his brown eyes. He had only been to a couple parties, but they seemed to be getting worse as he started to build up his tolerance. He was already notorious at these dumb parties he immersed himself in by the beginning of freshman year, but he still had progress to make in the scene he was a part of.

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Max | 116 comments Theo let his grin drop, but when Oliver laughed, his mouth quirked back up into the ghost of a smile. The sound of Oliver laughing, along with the buzz of insects and the swish of the breeze through the trees, it was all very tranquil. There was such a stark contrast between the stuffy loud party and this was amazing. Suddenly Theo appreciated the quiet night ten times more than he had before.

Looking down at the ground, Theo absentmindedly kicked a stone in front of him. It skittered down the sidewalk and Theo kicked it again when they reached it. The silence was broken by Oliver's voice, sounded vaguely out of place among the sounds of nature. Theo looked up in surprise and the rock slid off the sidewalk into a sewage vent.
"Than why do you go? They all fucking suck." He replied dryly, but there was a glimmer of curiosity in his eyes. Theo had his own reasons for coming to parties, but he doubted Oliver came for the same reasons. The other boy was already known for being a total party animal, but Theo had never understood why people liked parties so much. Maybe it was just the alcohol, but there must be something else that made parties so alluring. Most kids didn't get into serious partying in Freshman year, but somehow Theo would always find the parties, and Oliver was surely always invited.

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Another step felt somewhat easier with Theo’s hand lightly and carefully placed on his shoulder, as if this were a common reoccurrence for his to assure him with a gentle hand on his skin. He kept his eyes rooted to the ground for the most part, vision becoming entranced by the small stone kicked about by Theo’s feet, like a makeshift game of soccer, he thought.

But hearing Theo’s voice momentarily distracted him and fled to him looking up after catching himself in a stumble. Why he went was an understandable question, often asked by himself, too. He almost stopped walking as he thought, forgetting that he had to do so to get somewhere. Again, Theo’s hand grounded him, motivated him to keep going. “Eh, theyre okay. I dunno. Better than elsewhere,” he tried to explain, a slur stringing it into one word. His reputation was some party freak who was already beginning to sleep around at age 14, get drunk like this, etc. Party after party, week after week. “I like disappearing in them.” He probably sounded insane, trying to explain it, and decided to stop himself from doing so. His face was already flushed, so his somewhat shame for his lack of sobriety couldn’t even make him go any redder. “Why do you go?”

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Max | 116 comments Oliver was nothing like Theo had expected. He was a lot more.... well, innocent? Theo knew Oliver's reputation just as well as anyone and he knew that reputation said nothing about an innocent kid. He waited patiently for Oliver to process his question, knowing that with that much alcohol, it would take a while for his brain to process things. His hand tightened ever so slightly around Oliver's shoulder as the other boy stumbled slightly but quickly relaxed when he righted himself.

Listening with rapt interest, Theo glanced over at Oliver with a small smile. Apparently mister party animal didn't like parties nearly as much as people thought he did. Even if he didn't realize it, Oliver's explanation made total sense to Theo. At a party you were just one of the guys, one of the reckless teenagers. You didn't have to be anything more than that, you could disappear.
"I get it..." He said softly, so quietly that he wasn't sure if Oliver would even hear him.
"Oh... I guess for the company." There weren't a lot of openly gay guys at their school, but parties were a good place to look because sometimes he could find someone who was so drunk that they didn't really care anymore.
"Or because you don't have to think when your at a party, you know?" He added softly in reply to the question.

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The crisp night bit at his exposed hands and warm face, contrary I the warm start-of-summer night the party began with. It somewhat helped knock some sense into Oliver after standing at that overheated housevif dumb high schoolers. Enough to get him to walk in a curvy line, at least.

His eyes brightened and he looked back to the other boy when he heard that he understood what he was staying. He feared that nobody was able to in the state he was in. But Theo could, and that was what mattered. Eyes averted back down to the ground to focus on moving forward and turning the corner when he decided to reply with a small smile of interest.
“Yeah, don’t have to think,” he repeated with a small, fond smile. “S’easier to forget. I like not thinking.” He had never seen Theo present at these parties, nevermind suspect him to be despite the size of the party. He leaned into Theo’s touch on his shoulder, almost hypnotized by his hand to move forward. Being an affectionate drunk, it was strange he hadn’t pulled him close just yet. His mind was too jumbled to function quite right, if that wasn’t clear enough.

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Max | 116 comments Theo didn't look at Oliver, because he didn't know what he would find if he did. He didn't know if he would find some scared little boy who didn't know what the hell he was doing, or some arrogant jerk who liked to pretend he was alone so he could pity himself. Theo didn't like to lie to himself, but as a result he seemed to lie to himself all the time. So, while not looking at Oliver was basically lying about what he might find, Theo could make himself do it. Instead he just kept his eyes trained to the ground, just as Oliver was, only looking up every so often to make sure they were on the right street.
"Don't we all." Theo muttered under his breath. Thinking was one of the worst things in the world. There was nothing more terrifying than being left alone with your thoughts. That's why people got drunk or high, because it let them forget. Theo had never touched a drop of alcohol though, so he didn't exactly know what it felt like. To him, getting drunk was the biggest lie of all. He went to parties anyways because he wanted to understand. To understand why kids loved them so much, to understand so he could try in some way to be normal. To not hate himself as much as he did and to be able to believe in the fake relationships people made in high school. So far, it wasn't working.

He noticed Oliver leaning slightly into his hand and without a second thought he snatched his hand away, tucking it safely away into the pocket of his jacket. It wasn't that he was against a little bit of fooling around, but not with Oliver. Not with a kid who was so drunk that he could hardly walk in a straight line. Not with a kid he was totally sure was straight and definitely not with someone as vulnerable as Oliver seemed to be at the moment.
"We're almost there." He said, louder this time.

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Oliver couldn’t think now and he wished he could. Despite the worries that followed it, thinking grounded him, kept him sane. A lot of his life was merely his thoughts, which was why parties for him were rather peculiar. He didn’t even look the appearance of his partying friends; he was short and thin and held innocent eyes that didn’t portray a stupid high school kid who drank until it got this. But the scene somehow worked for him.

A small shift of movement and before he knew it, Theo’s hand disappeared from his shoulder, but it wasn’t a good disappear like at parties. Something he missed, something he depended on.
“Sorry,” he said, quicker than one would expect in his state of drunkenness. He wasn’t completely sure as to what he did, if anything, but he felt as if he hurt him and immediately found it worthy to apologize. Theo was just trying to help him get home alive. He nodded at his words after a moment, head exclusively turned to the ground now so he could focus on his feet, one in front of the other perpetuously, occasionally interrupted by a corner. “Okay.” He kept quiet for a while then, his drunken state afraid to pull another sudden reaction from the other boy. He hadn’t meant to do whatever he did, it had just happened.
And with each step he began to feel less like a wreck and more out of it. He was exhausted.
“Everything’s dizzy, but like, not a sick dizzy. A happy dizzy,” he told him, unsure what brought him to tell Theo that. Why would the boy care? He didn’t, that was the answer. But a part of him just compelled him to let him know. A light drizzle began to sprinkle his hair, and upon looking up and a raindrop hitting his eye, he cursed softly. “It’s raining, too.” The rain was cold and refreshing, but was also distracting him. Hopefully they’d be at his house soon.

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Max | 116 comments Theo chuckled softly. Not a happy chuckle, just a small little laugh at the world.
"It's okay, you don't have to apologize." He said gently, finally turning to look at Oliver for a long moment before looking down again. How had a kid like this gotten stuck in the party life? Theo couldn't help but wonder about that, but then again, how had a kid like Theo gotten himself stuck at a party? He didn't elaborate on why Oliver shouldn't apologize, but simply that he shouldn't. They walked in silence for another little while as rain began to drizzle.
"Happy dizzy? That must be nice." He said rather wistfully. He cared more than Oliver could ever imagine. he cared because Oliver was the boy he wanted to be, but hated at the same time. Theo wanted to get so drunk that he could be happy, but he also hated the idea of getting drunk. It was a light rain but it steadily became heavier until it was rolling down Theo's hair into his eyes and down his jacket.

"C'mon, we're almost there." He gentle tapped Oliver on the shoulder and stopped in front of one of the houses, blinking raindrops out of his eyes rapidly.
"You think you can make it in by yourself?" He asked wryly. The rain was cold and was coming down in buckets now but Theo loved it. Ever since he was a kid, he loved to dance in the rain and that habit had never gone away. He smiled briefly into the raindrops, his teeth white in the dark.

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The rain got worse over time. A mist in the air surely became a heavy waterfall from the sky. Oliver’s hair straightened and his eyes got blurry with more raindrops the more he tried becoming independent and looking up. With that, he wrapped his arms tightly around himself again and looked down at the spinning ground as he pushed through it.
Theo’s apology was more comforting than he anticipated. He was curious as to what he did wrong so he wouldn’t ever bother him again because that mattered to him, for some reason. But the topic soon moved on to simply walking forward. His disoriented mind needed rest. And yet his mind continued to wander about the boy who decided to walk him home, and for that he was beyond thankful.

A voice snapped him out of his blatant focus on moving his dizzy feet and he realized that it was the only person around: Theo. The tap caught him off guard and he jumped a bit before smiling sheepishly and glancing up at him. He had almost forgotten it was raining once his hair was drenched and he had gotten used to it. Theo’s waves were sticking to his forehead and raindrops glossed his eyelashes and his seemingly perfect smile caused his own crooked smile to pull at his lips. He had almost forgotten to answer.
“Um, yeah. Yeah, I can make it in by myself,” he repeated to make sure he knew what he said, nodding his head to confirm. He didn’t know what to say now. He stopped in front of his mouth, and looked fondly to the happy, blurry boy once more.
“Thank you, Theo.” And with that, he stumbled up the steps to the porch of his small house, carefully grabbing the spare key from the mailbox and opened the door as gracefully as possible, glancing at him once more in the heavy rain before shutting the door behind him, welcoming a silence that left his with his aching and tired head. Theo was good for him.

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Max | 116 comments Oliver was officially one of the most jumpy people Theo had ever met in his entire life. Every time Theo did so much as tap the other boy on the shoulder, he jumped. Theo figured it probably had something to do with the alcohol, or maybe it was just a natural reaction. He shifted from one foot to the other as he waited for Oliver to answer, his mind still sluggish from the drinking. The loud patter of rain on pavement surrounded them in a circle of sound. Theo loved it, the feeling of being the only two people in the world. It was late and the streets were dark except for the occasional streetlamp that cut through the darkness. But it wasn't a scary darkness, it was a beautiful one. He met Oliver's smile with his own, feeling euphoric all of a sudden. He didn't know why he felt so happy. Maybe it was the rain, but more likely it was the boy standing in front of him. Theo had never had a best friend, let alone a real friend at all. He had always been a sort of loner because he had never thought there was anyone else out there worth talking to. But maybe there was, and maybe that person was named Oliver.

"Alright, don't trip on the way up the stairs though." Theo teased softly as he watched Oliver stumble up the path and up the steps. He waited until the door had closed before, and even a few seconds after before turning away from the house. As he walked back down the street, he stopped at the corner for a moment, smiled to himself and then kept walking. If anyone had been there to see him, they would have noticed a bounce in Theo's step that hadn't been there before.

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Max | 116 comments ((Should we move ahead after your post?))

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((sounds good! idk where to start, we could do that idea i had where they could be getting ready to go to a party and once he gets drunk, oliver’s affection gets the best of him and he could kiss theo? we don’t have to do that though, obvi :p whatever you had in mind im 99% sure i’ll be okay with it hahah))

The faint comment from Theo made him break out into a grin as he finally made his way up the stairs and shut the door as softly as possible. Thankfully, it appeared that his mother was sleeping and his father hadn’t been in his home for weeks, which was perfect. Both had yet to find out about how Oliver often spent his nights, and he wanted to keep it that way for as long as possible. He clutched the railing tightly and kept his other arm wrapped around his torso as he crept up the stairs as quietly as possible. He honestly didn’t trust his senses all too well when his head was pounding and his limbs were achey and his eyes yearned for sleep. Minutes later, he found himself curled up in bed over the covers, exhausted eyes open and accessorized with discoloration under them, everything and nothing on his mind. Maybe Theo was a part of him he never had, really. And sure, he surrounded himself with so many friends he couldn’t count on his fingers and toes, but maybe this was different.

Or maybe it was a simple good deed of walking an insanely drunk Oliver home.

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Max | 116 comments ((Nope, that sounds great!))

"Oliver!" Theo rolled his eyes angrily and banged loudly on the door before glaring up at the closed curtains on the second floor of the house. Theo knew that that was the window into Oliver's bedroom, but the closed curtains were getting annoying. There was a party tonight and they were supposed to be getting ready for it, but so far Oliver hadn't managed to get down to the door. It had been only around 5 minutes, but Theo was not exactly patient. He didn't have anything to throw, so after a moment of hesitation, Theo pulled off one of his Doc Martins and threw it up at the window. It hit the glass with a loud thunk and Theo waited expectantly for it to come falling back down. It seemed like the world hated him very much though, and his shoe got stuck on the edge of the window, perfectly balanced. So now Theo was stuck on Oliver's lawn with only one shoe and a very bad attitude.

Theo was not usually one to be punctual, but neither was Oliver so they usually ended up just taking turns being the more late one. Apparently today was Theo's day to be the more punctual one. After a long moment he swore colorfully up at Oliver's window before sitting down on the porch.

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((i was thinking oliver wouldn’t remember this bring an even stranger tension between them, thoughts?))

Hair tousled, skin still a bit damp. Oliver had jumped out of the shower and tugged on a pair of dark jeans and a gray tee before quickly heading down the stairs. The thud on the window signifies that yes, someone was awaiting him at the door. Another weekend, another ridiculous party to attend. Sliding his Vans on, and he was out the door, immediately greeted by his best friend, scowling like a kid on his porch. He never understood how the two of them worked, uncle a way one would never expect. But they were close and everybody who knew them knew that.

“Christ, aren’t you cheery today,” he told him sarcastically with a small smile as he appeared at the front door. As time passed, he had become the life of the party at these stupid high school events. Still short in stature, he was somewhat stronger, more structured face, and had gotten much more used to the lifestyle he got himself into. That and his tolerance had significantly improved.
“You ready?” he asked, glancing at Theo before realizing the lack of shoe on his right foot. He looked at him in confusion before realizing what the thud on his window must’ve been. He glanced up at his window and grinned, clearly amused, and looked back up to his familiar brown eyes.
“Dumbass,” he teased, grabbing his hand for the sake of bumping his shoulder playfully before running back into the house, not even shutting the door as he cascaded the stairs to his room. Just as he previously saw, Theo’s shoes was wedged in the window. He returned a minute later, running and almost falling down the stairs to present Theo with his glossy shoe.
“I found this.” He rolled his eyes and handed it to him before running a hand through his own hair. He knew that Theo hated these parties, but still insisted on going to them. It had always been like this.

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Max | 116 comments "Yeah, yeah. What the hell were you doing in there Olly? Giving a performance?" Theo muttered as he looked at Oliver's wet hair with a raised eyebrow. Neither Theo or Oliver had dressed up much for this party, but the difference in their style was very easy to see. Theo always wore dark colours and sometimes if he was feeling it red. Leather jackets, Doc Martin's and punk shredded tee-shirts dominated his wardrobe. They were polar opposites in every sense, but somehow that just made them even closer. They say opposites attract, and maybe in this case it was true. The only colorful thing Theo was wearing at the moment was one bright pink tennis sock on his shoe-less foot. Like most teenagers, he was always losing things, and socks were always a problem so he usually ended up borrowing some of his mom's socks.

"What'd you mean? I'm always rainbows and happiness." He muttered, rolling his eyes at Oliver before his sour expression melted into a small smile. Theo could never be too grumpy around Oliver, his best friend just had a talent to make him smile. "Hey, you're the slow-poke." He replied with another eye roll as Oliver raced up the stairs to get his shoe. He had never had a real friend until Oliver had come along, and nothing made him feel happier, or more safe than his best friend.
"Thanks Rapunzel." He scowled as he snatched the shoe away. Sometimes when he threw things at Oliver's window, he did feel like some fairy tale prince, trying to see if the royal girl (or in this case, boy) could come out from their locked up tower to play. Pulling on his boot he stood up and grinned at Oliver.
"Let's go." He grabbed his hand and pulled Oliver down the lawn.

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“Oh, but of course,” Oliver said with a small bow and a chuckle when Theo called him his princess. It always did seem that way in Oliver’s mind as he cascaded down the stairs with whatever object Theo settled on throwing up there. Their happy reunion with eachother whenever Theo came over and beckoned him down from his room. He was still grinning at his nickname; though othere called him the same, Oliver particularly liked when his best friend called him Olly, and mentally reserved the name for him. Theo and Oliver appeared as the least likely of friends. Standing next to eachother may even appear peculiar to anybody who didn’t know of their friendship (but who didn’t?). Their different ideologies and likes and dislikes often clashed, even regarding the appearance they held, but it somehow worked. It always had.

A grin grew on Oliver’s face and he felt his heart flutter as their hands entwined and Theo dragged him down the lawn and into the side of the street, where they walked. Touch used to startle him, and it still did occasionally when he was off guard, but he had learned to love it, especially his affection for his best friend. He looked over to the mock scowl on his face and couldn’t help but reach over and muss his hair a bit; he always claimed it annoyed him, and yet it left him smiling.
“Let’s hope I wasn’t supposed to bring some cheap fucking booze this time because I’m broke.” he said, biting his lip to suppress his smile further when he pulled a reaction from Theo. Even though they had seen eachother less than 24 hours ago at Theo’s house, he still felt like he could talk to him about so much.
“And Rory called. I guess she complained to me longer than I thought. That’s why I was late this time, if you were so curious.” Rory was Oliver’s girlfriend of two months, and she was more than a handful. He still loved her though, don’t get him wrong. Just sometimes hard to handle, despite the time he enjoyed spending with her.

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Max | 116 comments Perhaps the reason Theo liked being around Oliver so much was that Olly let him forget. He let him disappear into a better world for a while. Ever since the first time they had met, Theo had learned just how much Oliver wanted to disappear too. So, their friendship was often about finding a nice place in their minds, just them alone, and disappear from the real world for a while. Oliver was Theo's drug, the one that helped him forget and get drunk without ever touching a drop of alcohol. He had never loved anyone as fiercely and protectively as he loved his best friend. Theo couldn't imagine having to go back to the way things were pre-Olly.

"Fucking stop it will you!" Theo growled grouchily as Oliver reached over to muss his hair. He pulled Oliver's free hand away from his hair. It wasn't like Theo spent a lot of time on his hair. In fact, it pretty much always looked like he had just rolled out of bed, but Oliver always liked to tease him by messing it up even more. He trapped Oliver's hand tightly in his own to stop him from getting too close to his hair again, but he was still smiling brightly. His smile dropped into a more serious look at Oliver's next comment. Consumption of alcohol had always been a source of great argument among the two friends. Oliver was constantly getting drunk, and Theo refused to even take a sip of a drink. While Theo had eventually let the topic go, he still hated watching Oliver get drunk, especially since he was always the one who ended up dealing with affectionate-drunk-Oliver.
"Let's hope you don't fucking drink as much." He replied in a dry tone. He didn't fight with Olly about his drinking anymore, but he didn't even pretend to like it. His expression only darkened at the mention of Rory. He didn't like it when Oliver had a girlfriend because it meant he was often busy. Maybe it was a bit clingy of Theo to want Olly all to himself, but it wasn't like he had any other friends to keep him busy. Theo did go out on dates but he was never really in a relationship with any guy for more than a week before he moved on. Oliver on the other hand seemed to be pretty happy with his relationship with Rory. Of course, like any good friend, Theo still pretended to like Rory.
"Excuses, excuses. I almost lost a shoe because of you, Princess.' Theo said lightly as the walked down the street. Already he could hear the sound of laughter and music as they rounded the corner to the party.

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A glance in the other direction and his other hand was captured into Theo’s, as well. “Hey!” he shouted accusingly, playfully raising his eyebrow as their fingers tangled into eachother. Perfectly, as they always did. He had pulled the exact reaction he expected: a low threat paired with his bright smile. He always loved his best friend’s smile, almost envied it. The white grin always managed to make him real out into his own crooked beam. Maybe he should’ve realized the friendship that was blooming between them the moment he realized how contagious that smile really was. Theo was someone he wanted to be. He was smart and observant and is happy when it starts right to be. He was more than a best friend, more than the boy who always seemed to be at his side, and he didn’t know how.

“My Prince, aren’t you wonderful,” he said fondly, pulling one hand away to Theo’s surprise and mussing his dark hair once more before laughing and raising his hand away from Theo so he couldn’t stop him once more. Luckily, the walk was short to the booming house hosting the party tonight. Someone’s frat boyfriend was putting it together, so it was expected to be beyond obnoxious. It was evening, not even past 10, and yet there was rambunctious music booming with the vague sound of people already. Oliver had already prepared for his crazy it may get.

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Max | 116 comments If Theo had known exactly how Oliver felt about him, maybe he would have been much happier in general. As much as he smiled and grinned, Theo wasn't a very happy person. He knew that Olly valued their friendship and all, but he also couldn't help but feel like Oliver didn't need him as much as he needed Oliver. Oliver had other friends, and a girlfriend, people he could talk to when Theo wasn't around, but Theo didn't really have that, nor did he wanted any other friend but sometimes he thought that maybe Oliver felt like Theo was a bit of a tag-along.

He frowned at Oliver and rolled his eyes angrily as Oliver managed to reach up and tousle his hair again. This time he was too quick for Theo to be able to catch his hand in order to stop him from doing it again.
"You little asshole." He said with a disbelieving grin before lunging at Oliver, pulling him into a headlock. He wanted to make the most of this evening walk because he knew that the second they got inside he would lose Oliver. He would get distracted by beer and loud music and Theo would have to watch him become the boy he hated. Theo had always been quite vocal about his hatred of Oliver's party tendencies, but he still always went to the parties with his best friend. Finally though, he could no longer delay going into the brightly lit party and he turned to Olly.
"Ready Princess?" He asked, taking a deep breath.

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As time passed with them, Theo and Oliver managed to get ten times closer. Friendship-wise and physically. It wasn’t uncommon for them to lay around together, have their palms together when they walked around It was just how they worked, their two personalities and their two appearances and everything not mattering as they were close to eachother. The closeness always managed to bother him and not bother him. One part wanting to pull him closer, and the other part pushing him away because of that exact thought. And he had talked to Theo about it before, when sitting out on his roof and talking of everything and nothing. Maybe he was dependent on the boy, so maybe it was inevitable for the two of them to start interacting.

Oliver yelped when he felt Theo’s arm close around his neck and promptly began to laugh afterward. He deserved it and probably should’ve expected that, too. “Oh, Im the asshole?” he teased as his hands clasped around the headlock Theo pulled him into. He slowed his steps as he tried to wrestled out of his tight hold, squeezing his eyes shut as he enjoyed the moment and nothing else. He wasn’t sure if Theo ever caught on, but his mind would temporarily allow him to live like it at seconds at a time, and he felt blissfully at peace. It mostly happened around his best friend, anyway.

Upon hearing the booming house fade back into his ears, he opened his eyes and looked up to Theo. Hell, was he going to be at least tipsy tonight.
“I am ready, my prince,” he said, scrunching his nose and squinting his eyes in a happy grin as he pushed open the door for the two of them, sound and warm light quickly amplifying as they entered.

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Max | 116 comments There was a moment of wrestling as Oliver tried to squeeze out of Theo's grip, but Theo wasn't letting go. He held on tight for another long moment, making the most of it before they had to go inside. But finally he let go and Olly pushed the door open, his nose scrunched up in the most adorable way. Theo had always found his best friend adorable, and there may have been a time when Theo would have liked Oliver in a different way, a way that was more than friends. But Olly had a girlfriend, and he was straight, so Theo had very easily settled for friendship instead. Plus, he had other guys he could fool around with.

The loud music and lights washed over them the second they stepped into the house. The air smelled like beer and sweat, and Theo's eyes narrowed ever so slightly as he surveyed the room. This was usually the point that he stopped being the best friend, and started being the babysitter. Theo was 90% sure that Oliver would have killed himself by mistake by now if Theo wasn't there to save him. Oliver's alcohol tolerance had raised quite a lot, but that didn't seem to stop him from being drunk and stupid half the time.

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The room reeked of alcohol mostly, and the presence of familiar people were everywhere. People Oliver called good friends, old friends, people he hated, everyone. Oliver glanced at Theo for a moment, as if they were arriving at some grand ball together. He always found his best friend perfect, and definitely told him that when drunk. He couldn’t help it, Theo was the best person to have at his side it seemed, despite the differences setting them apart.

“I’m getting a rum and coke if someone brought it, you want anything?” he offered to Theo with a raised eyebrow, but he damn well knew his answer. Theo would probably be able to claim his sobriety until 21, and probably past that. He knew he hated it more than anything, besides the human race. But he still asked, both to tease him and to actually see if he would want to try it. A part of Oliver envied the lack of alcohol and pot and all that stupid shit in Theo’s life. Oliver did things to forget, to disappear. Theo managed to pull him out of Oliver’s stupid self, thankfully, he was the only one who could. If he was honest, he wasn’t too fond of the people who surrounded himself with. But associating with them was easy once becoming so involved. And here he was, a junior in high school, still showing up to these parties, still drinking himself stupid.

As more steps were taken from the entrance, becoming further immersed into the bodies moving about, eyes began to recognize. Simples waves, names being shouted from across the room, friendly smiles. Already had Rory quickly moseyed over to Oliver; a tipsy, dressed-up Rory already cling to his shoulder and kissing his cheek.
“Hey, Ror,” he said over the loud voice, taking the girl’s hand for a moment and squeezing it. “Come get drinks with me?”
Rory grabbed for his hand once more again and nodded, leading them to the kitchen already. “Of course, babe,” she cooed happily, leaning on his arm as they walked. Oliver liked Rory’s presence, she was sweet and just a little more genuine than the rest of the crowd. But she was also a very physical person, not that Oliver wasn’t. It just occasionally got tiring. He would hold off on his own complaints, though.
Oliver looked back over to Theo with a happy smile before a mock pout, as if to nonverbally ask him to come along.

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Max | 116 comments Theo gave Oliver a long, hard stare at his question. Why Oliver liked to tease him so much about his alcohol rule, Theo would never know. Raising one eyebrow, Theo frowned for a moment, as though thinking about his friend's offer.
"I dunno.... how about, absolutely not?" He replied, voice layered with sarcasm. It was harmless teasing, but still the whole alcohol thing put Theo on edge. He couldn't help but get a bit nervous that someday Oliver's tendencies would become less about social use and more about dependency on the things that helpd him forget. Anyways, Theo was always the one who stayed sober to be the responsible one as well. One of them had to be the watchful one after all, and it certainly wasn't going to be Oliver.

"Also, rum and coke? That must be digusting." Theo had never understood the need to mix perfectly good drinks with alcohol. Like, orange juice and vodka? Why ruin orange juice! He rolled his eyes as Rory came sauntering towards them, attaching to Oliver like some kind of leech in a dress. It wasn't even that Rory was a bad person or anything but Theo just happened to hate her for reasons he didn't think he could explain. She didn't even acknowledge his existence, although he was perfectly used to that by now and wouldn't want to talk to her anyways. He had been secretly hoping that Rory wouldn't be here, but she was always at the parties.

Running an eye through the crowd, Theo kept a close eye out for any possible people who might want to disappear into a bedroom for a while with him since he didn't really want to hang out with Oliver and his clingy girlfriend. Unfortunately he didn't recognize any of the faces and Oliver's adorable little pout meant that he was definitely going to have to chill out with them.
"Aright, alright, i'm coming." He muttered after a moment and began to weave through the crowd to catch up to his best friend. Plenty of people recognized him, since they all knew Oliver, but no one actually greeted him. Not that Theo minded at all, he had much better things to do than talk to those idiots, but it was still an interesting distinction to make about the social life of the two friends.
"I will hang out with you guys, as long as you don't start randomly making out in the middle of talking. I can't handle watching it." He grouched as they stopped at a table covered with assorted bottles and cups.

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If there was one distinct thing that set Oliver apart from his ridiculous friend group, it was that he was never too into the physicality of their relationship. Yeah, maybe he was good in bed, girls all over him for it at times which got annoying. Hands always around eachother, or even the small exchange of kisses, Oliver supposed it on just being bored of his routine of going off to these parties, messing around, and a repeat the next week, or even the next day if the hangover wasn’t too bad. That had to be it. And despite the reputation he had, he hadn’t hooked up just as much as people expected and wanted from him.

The moment Theo came along with them to the kitchen, Oliver beamed and proceeded to make their way through the crowd. He made a sour face at Theo’s following comment. “We would never,” he said sarcastically and turning to Rory, who was already giggling and pecked him on the lips.
“Thank you, Theo,” he said genuinely, glancing up to meet his eyes for a moment before returning to pouring their drinks. He handed one to Rory, to which he received a grateful slur of thanks, and offered his own drink teasingly to Theo before taking a generous sip.
“I’m sorry for fucking with you,” he apologized to Theo with a small smile. He just knew Theo despised him at these parties. Oliver had become so submerged I the scene that it was hard to pull himself out of the false world that was the high school kingdom. “See anyone worthy?” That always seemed to be Theo’s purpose at these events, if you didn’t count his watching over Oliver.

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Max | 116 comments Theo could never say no to that smile. It was a problem honestly. He was willing to put aside whatever he was doing, or whatever he wanted in order to coax that sunshine beam from Oliver. There was nothing that could possibly make Theo happier than seeing his friend happy, even if he was drunk. So, despite all of Oliver's teasing and his annoying girlfriend, Theo would still jump at any chance to hang out with his best friend. This might not be the best situation for them to hang out since it wasn't Theo's favorite scene in the world, but he still got to talk to his best friend so he didn't mind all that much.

"Huh?" Theo glanced back at Oliver with a distracted look. He had just spotted a familiar head of golden blonde hair in the crowd, and he was interested. Alex Perman was a senior who went to parties with no string attached. You could do whatever you wanted and the next morning none of it would matter.
"Um... actually, yes I do." He murmured, giving Oliver a fox-like grin.
"Uh, I'll see you later?" He asked, as though waiting for Oliver to give him the green light on following Alex. He didn't need Oliver to give his approval, but he wanted it. His best friend's opinion was the most important opinion in the entire world. He also felt bad about leaving Olly alone for a while, so he wanted to make sure his friend was okay with him leaving.

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It took a while to receive a response from what appeared to be a distracted Theo before he realized what was happening. His gaze followed to see a taller male, Alex, looking expectantly over to his best friend. Oliver was quick to turn back to him, meeting his vulpine smile with a small smile. “I’ll see you later,” he said with an affirming nod, glancing to the other guy across the room, Alex looking over to Theo with a small smile. Theo’s wide, expectant eyes made Oliver melt and give into anything and everything Theo wanted. And while he felt his time was much rather preferred to be spent with his friend, Theo just wanted to fool around, and he had to be okay with that if Theo was okay with his alcohol. Right?
“Go have fun.” A playful wink was sent Theo’s way, the boy looking almost like a kid asking if he could go on a rollercoaster as he weaved his way through the people to the other male. Theo would have Alex, and Oliver would have Rory, so it worked out. Rory seemed to read his thoughts as she leaned over and kissed him again playfully in the lips, as if asking for more. Oliver chuckled softly and returned the kiss, a hand moving to his waist. When he pulled away, he finished off the drink in his red solo cup and reached for another bottle. Whenever Theo came back, he may be either tipsy or completely drunk, he wasn’t sure what it would be yet.

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Max | 116 comments ((Should I just skip to Theo coming back, or do you have something planned for when Theo's away?))

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((good question ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ did you have something in mind for either of them? if not we could always skip))

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((also, I just got my copy of the outsiders!))

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Max | 116 comments ((Nope, no plans for them at all! So i'll just skip. Also, yayayayayay! Be prepared for awesomeness, and crying... but still awesome. I'm still waiting for The Catcher in the Rye from the library))

A while later, Theo wandered out of one of the backrooms with a small satisfied smile. His hair was even more messed up than usual and he flopped down into a free chair to finish re-tying his Doc Martins. Theo could always count on Alex for a little fun at parties. The good thing about the senior was that he wasn't an idiot either. Sure, he drank and smoked too but he was smart. In fact he was going to go into medicine after high school. There wasn't a lot of talking about, well, anything when he was in the bedroom with Alex, but Theo still appreciated how smart he was. A few moments later Alex came out of the room with a similar smirk on his face. He gave Theo a wink and brushed past him, disappearing back into the crowd of dancing kids. That's what Theo loved about Alex. Stuff happened, and it didn't matter and you could just forget about it. Again, no strings attached.

Finally he decided to get up and go find Oliver. Either his best friend was doing something stupid by now, or he was too drunk to stand up. Either way, Theo had spent enough time leaving his friend unsupervised and he knew he should get back before something really stupid happened. He made his way around the edges of the room until he spotted Oliver.

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((hurray! and if you check out the bottom of oliver’s bio, you can see a couple small random ideas I thought of if you wanna check that out (: ))

A stupid game of truth or dare was taking place I a circle in the living room when theo returned . After partaking in body shots, danced around, kissed Rory occasionally, Oliver had only managed to simmer down a bit whilst being at this party. But he was still extremely drunk, leaning on a small sofa with a couple of his friends as they played stupid games, though everyone was talking and laughing too much that that the game only moved forward once every few minutes. The alcohol made everyone feel oh so entitled and confident in their actions, and Oliver could certainly contend to that. His senses felt out of his control, but that was the kind of drunk he liked. He was still happy, still enjoying everyone around him that he normally wouldn’t while sober.

But just as he was wishing for a change, his prince arrived, and it was clear he got what he wanted. Oliver broke out into a happy smile, blatantly ignoring whatever anybody was talking to him about as he stood from his seat.
“Theo!” he called to him, his grin even detected in his voice. God, was he happy to see him. Theo was better than all of this, and he was sure he didn’t deserve somebody as amazing as him, and yet Theo still managed to tolerate him, alcohol in his system or not. He from the spot he was given on the cramped couch and stumbled a bit on his feet before walking past others to greet his best friend. He soon reached him, his perception somewhat augmented and he leaned up to hug him tightly.
“I missed you. Are you good?” he asked, looking up at him as he bit his lip. He supposed both of them must have looked like complete messes. At least Theo looked good; his hair was even more mussed than usual, and it was clear as to what him and Alex did. Oliver had his signature eye discoloration to emphasize his dark brown eyes, his walk and posture stunting his height.

((also trying to think of how i want this kids to come around... like should it be now or on the walk home? have olly ask or just go for it while he’s drunk and in the moment? have him remember or not?))

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Max | 116 comments Of course Oliver was smack-dab in the middle of a Truth or Dare game. If there was any game that represented teenage stupidity in one shot, Truth or Dare was it. It was stupid because there never really was truth involved. When someone dared you to kiss the prettiest person in the room, it wan't always the person you were dating that should get that kiss, but of course you kiss your girlfriend or boyfriend anyways because the truth would ruin everything. Anyways, none of the truths they ever asked really mattered. They always asked about disgusting things that made people crinkle up their nose and laugh. Those weren't the things Theo wanted to know about. He wanted to know about fears, and hates and all the things people hid deep down inside of them. But no one would ever tell those truths, because maybe they didn't even know they were true themselves. So, like most other things at parties, Theo avoided games such as this one.

"Woah, there Olly, try to at least stay on your feet." Theo muttered as his watched his best friend stumble around to get to him. It was obvious that Olly was drunk as hell, but Theo had seen him a lot worse than this so he didn't bat an eye when Oliver came weaving over to him and pulled him into a hug. The physical contact always seemed to be a bit weird, since Olly usually didn't like to be touched, but once he had some mind-numbing drink in his system he started sticking to people just as much as Rory did.
"I missed you too princess." He replied with a smirk. He loved Oliver's dimples, which were easy to see as he grinned in the flashing lights of the room. To Theo there was nothing that meant happiness more than those dimples.
"Oh yeah, i'm good. That guy sure knows how to kiss." He smiled coyly and put his arm around Oliver as he turned to survey the people around them. Theo also didn't really like Oliver's other friends, and the feeling was pretty mutual, but they got along okay when Oliver was around. They were all pretty drunk too, cheeks flushed with heat and alcohol as they laughed and shouted at each other, eyes feverish with energy.
"Just don't drink too much more alright?" Theo said into Oliver's ear over the loud music.

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Max | 116 comments ((okay, I think that walking home maybe would be better just so Theo can internalize it a bit? It would be interesting if Olly didn't remember it since Theo hates to lie and stuff, but he also wouldn't want to ruin their friendship. Also, one small idea for when Theo either does end up telling Oliver, I think that it should be in an argument. Like Theo blows about Oliver's drinking and ends up telling him about the kiss. I dunno, I feel like it could add some tension and interesting emotions into their relationship))

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