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message 1: by Pixye (last edited May 24, 2018 03:18PM) (new)

Pixye | 80 comments Mod
Here, discuss the writing styles of authors you love and think of ways to incorporate that kind of stuffff into your own work!
Thanks Ambuja for the idea, sorry it took so long to get it started!

message 2: by Rylee (new)

Rylee (theneverlandgal) | 12 comments Mod
I am like a super Fanfic fan!

message 3: by Pixye (new)

Pixye | 80 comments Mod
Oh, fanfics? They're pretty cool! I was thinking more along the lines of, say, 'Oh, Terry Pratchett's writing is satirical and sarcastic, I like that, I could try putting sarcasm in my writing style!' but yeah, fanfics are great!

message 4: by Rylee (new)

Rylee (theneverlandgal) | 12 comments Mod
Oh, okay! Well, I am just going to say this even though it is super well known. I live JK Rowling fantasy style.

message 5: by Pixye (new)

Pixye | 80 comments Mod
Oh yeah, she’s good! BUT can you identify what makes her style so great? ;D

message 6: by Pixye (new)

Pixye | 80 comments Mod
Yeah, Ambuja gave me the suggestion and I really thought about it and was just like, "huh"

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