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Does anyone want more from this series?

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Heather First, let me just say I LOVE LOVE LOVED this series! It was a breath of fresh air after reading a couple other series that were quite disappointing. Does anyone wish there were MORE to this series? I know Taran wrote another book (outcast) that is similar and goes along with these, But I cant help wishing there would be more books to The Summoner Series

Atsushi kun I would love more books to the Summoner series, maybe more romances, offspring or the introduction to new demons would be awesome. thank you!!!

Alessandro Vittorelli Totaly agree with Atsushi! Needs more romance.

Joshua Boehms It was good

Luky ...

Anna Fuchsia It was sooo good. And yeees, we need more romance but on the other hand i loved it the way it was. :D

David Graybosch Defiantly need more from this series. His new one is pretty good too though.

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