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message 1: by Pixye (last edited May 24, 2018 03:07PM) (new)

Pixye | 80 comments Mod
Hey everyone!!! OUR FIRST CHALLENGE!!!! In this challenge, you gotta write a short story centered on mystery and suspense, with any elements of romance, paranormal, or psychological you may want! It should be between 15 to 35 pages, and a page-turning, spine-chilling mystery! The challenge is from May 24 to June 24, with applications open from the 15th of June. All you have to do is register here and then write your story and either post it or give a link to a document.
Are you ready? Time to get mysterious!

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Llamasheep | 5 comments Hey Lulu, it’s Kat <3 I’d really like to join- I haven’t written many finished stories for a long while now... better change that right away! Super excited for this, and thanks for inviting me to this group! It seems super fun... and I love-love-love the idea of challenges! You should think about making them monthly, I’m sure lots of people would be interested!! :)

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Pixye | 80 comments Mod
YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you sososososososososososo much Kat!!!!!!!!
Great to see you!!!!!!!!! I'm so glad you like the idea, and also really glad you like the group <3
I'm definitely thinking of making it a monthly-challenge thing, especially since I keep thinking of ideas for what it should be about! Really glad to have someone else here :)
Let's get writing!!!!!

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