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grllopez ~ with freedom and books (with_freedom_and_books) | 139 comments Mod
This was an awesome read. I finished last week, but I have not written a review. Maybe next week.

It was extremely enjoyable reading Machiavelli's fascinating political ideas, many of which I think we have witnessed throughout even our modern history. It was difficult at times, but I found myself agreeing with him.

So has anyone else finished The Prince? If so, do you agree with Machiavelli?

message 2: by Beth (last edited Jun 21, 2018 01:01AM) (new) - rated it 4 stars

Beth I have a quick review up now, with links to some articles that I recommend. (The Robert Harrison article especially makes some interesting points.)

I wouldn't quite say that I agree with Machiavelli, but he's worth reading, I also thought the ideas were fascinating.

grllopez ~ with freedom and books (with_freedom_and_books) | 139 comments Mod
I should specify that I regretfully found truth in his ideas, but of course, I did not want to agree with him. Unfortunately, b/c we shall never have utopia on earth, man will be ruled -- and in many ways, Machiavelli showed how he has been ruled successfully.

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