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How many at once?

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message 1: by pupulukee (new)

pupulukee How many books do you usually have in progress? I have a really bad habit of picking new books to read and weirdly organizing them in different categories, like "bus/train book" "before sleep book" "multitask book".

I always need to have a light paperback as my bus/train book (I travel to work by bus and train) but I feel empty if I can't hop into another story when I want so that's the "before sleep book" that I can read at home. Multitask book is a book that needs less attention and can be read while doing something, like watching tv shows, cooking etc.

I'm a sort of a hyper brain and have a huge need to multitask or at least do something, so reading is an opportunity to get to do something even if there's nothing to do.

message 2: by leonichan (new)

leonichan | 5 comments I used to read a whole book before starting another but nowadays I seem to have switched to many books at once. Right now I have maybe 5 books in progress. They don't have any specific roles though. I just continue to read the book that I feel like at any given moment.

Though I do tend to favour short stories when waiting at the laundromat :D

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