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None of you know how to read this book...

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Abby Rose Sigh. I've noticed a problem in the review section of this book that is irking me greatly. We seem to get two extreme reactions, and both sides are wrong.

1) People whining that this book is trash because it presents Anna Anderson as being Anastasia. Did none of you do three seconds of research or at least glance at the publication date? It is outdated (aka written previous the the DNA proof that Anna was a fraud), and it is bias (watch an interview with the man who wrote it sometime, he was completely in awe of Miss Anderson, a victim as much as anyone else she wrongly convinced). But come on, does that really make it a "bad" book on its own merits?

What this book is is a good look into the mindset of those who believed Anna back in the day, not propaganda, and any modern reader needs the comon sense to view it with a grain of salt.

2) people insisting this book is about the real Anastasia, and that her own family rejected her. Guys, we have proof she was an imposter now, just let it go already. Anna had her sufferings, but being an actual lost grand duchess was not among them.

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Pat Harris With the DNA test so botched up, and the secrecy displayed by the British Royal Family, I have some doubts. Read up on the investigation; the Americans were leading it, paid for it, then the Queen refused to let them have anything to do with the DNA testing. They did it in secret. They only allowed Prince Phillips DNA to be compared to the corpse. Their behavior throughout aroused suspicion among everyone on the team. DNA tests can be botched. And...they wouldn't let a single DNA authority in on the test. It was done by a friend of Phillips, the medical doctor. Phillip was a poor sample of DNA anyway. Why not one of his grandsons? Very strange. Hopefully, in the future when DNA testing is more accurate, they'll retest and we'll find the truth. But the Royal Family had much at stake were it determined that she actually WAS the Czarina - like having to return all the Russian state jewelry Queen Mary, a famous egomaniac, had stolen. I'm not forming an opinion yet. The jury is still out, for me. I'm waiting for an unbiased jury to retest.

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