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What are your views on Drarry?
Madison Madison May 19, 2018 05:54PM
Drarry is an abusive ship. Draco bullied Harry and Harry’s friends. Many people only ship it because it’s gay. Also, people who believe that Drarry is hood because Harry will “change Draco and make him into a better person” are only proving themselves wrong. If one person has to change the other in a relationship, then it’s not a good relationship.

deleted member May 23, 2018 08:19AM   1 vote
NOTP because I can't really ship antagonist x protagonist. Unless the series is specifically Enemies To Lovers genre, of course.

Also, Dr-anyone doesn't make much sense since he put them through so much. Why would someone want to love someone who treated them like that in the past?


I completely agree. Many people say that Draco will change over their influence, but I believe that if one person has to change another for the relationship to work then it’s not a good relationship. Also, both Drarry and Dramione would never work after what Draco did to them.

deleted member Jun 07, 2018 06:46PM   0 votes
i've never heard of it, but now i know of the extent of idiocy. wth harry literally married ginny did these people even READ the epilogue of the deathly hallows?

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