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Cendaquenta Okay, summer, you're on... 😎

I'm taking this challenge quite casually, so I'll probably not complete it, and there's a few tasks I'm planning to skip altogether (marking those with a 🚫)

Summer Reading Challenge
Expert Level

The goal is to accomplish the tasks within the months they are featured: Edit: Decided not to stick to that idea for various reasons.

June Reads:

Take Pride – Read a book written by an LGBTQIA author or that features an LGBTQIA character - Completed! Two Boys Kissing

Into the Great Wide Open – Read a book that takes place out in the great wide open - Completed! The Call of the Wild

It’s the End of the World – Read a book about the end of the world as we know it - Completed! Station Eleven

School’s Out for Summer - Reread a book you were forced to read in school
Options: The Merchant of Venice

🚫Sick Day – Read a book you were supposed to read in school but didn’t [I honestly don't remember any]

Hook ‘Em – Read a book that features fishing or fishermen
Options: The Pearl

Sports-a-holic – Read a book that features a popular summer sport
Options: Finding Gobi: The true story of a little dog and an incredible journey (abt running), Eat Sweat Play: How Sport Can Change Our Lives

Dear Penpal – Read a book that features letters or journal entries - Completed! The Orenda

Father Knows Best – Read a book that features a father - Completed! The Haunting of Henry Twist

Campfire Story – Read a book that scares the bejesus out of you - Completed! Into the Drowning Deep

Ocean Blue – Read a book that takes place out on the water
Options: The Odyssey, 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, Blue Planet II, Red Seas Under Red Skies

July Reads:

Get Your Grill On– Read a book that features summer recipes or outdoor summer activities
Options: not sure yet

Backyard BBQ – Read a book that features a family reuniting or hanging out for the summer
Options: Far from the Tree

Forefathers– Read a book about your country’s independence
Options: not sure - potentially The Eagle of the Ninth Chronicles? [Scotland doesn't have much of a big independence story aside from William Wallace, and I don't have any books on that.]

The Colors of Summer – Read a book that features a yellow, green, or sandy cover - Completed! Their Eyes Were Watching God

Red, White, and Blue – Read a book that has the words Red, White, or Blue in the title - Completed! Bluebeard's Egg

Funny Bone – Read a humorous book
Options: The Broons Annual 2018, Frogkisser!, Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency

Embrace Your Inner Geek – Read a book about geek culture
Options: Wiffle Lever To Full!: Daleks, Death Stars And Dreamy Eyed Nostalgia At The Strangest Sci Fi Conventions, Deep Secret, The Woman Reader

Sun, Moon, and Stars – Read a book that takes place in outer space - Completed! The Long Way to a Small, Angry Planet

🚫I Feel a Breeze – Read a book that takes place at a nudist colony or features nudists

Beach Bum - Read a book that could be considered a “beach read”
Options: not sure, honestly I'm slightly confused as to what constitutes a beach read

Sand Between My Toes - Read a book that takes place in or around a beach/ocean - Completed! The Song of Achilles

August Reads:

Let’s Get It On – read a book that features falling in or out of love - Completed! Bingo Love

It’s 12 O’clock Somewhere – Read a book that takes place in a bar or heavily features drinks/people drinking - Completed! How Not To Be a Boy

Stranded – Read a book that takes place on an island or in which the characters find themselves stranded - Completed! The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society

One and Done – Read a book that you can finish in one day - Completed! Wonderstruck

Lucky to Have You – Read a book that you picked up at a library sale or thrift store
Options: lots -

Girl Power – Read a book about feminism or written by a feminist - Completed! Herland and The Yellow Wallpaper

Life is a Highway – Read a book that features a road trip
Options: not sure

Time of Our Lives – Read a book in which the characters go on an adventure - Completed! The Last Unicorn

Memories – Read a book that you bought while on vacation - Completed! Fingersmith

Tasks to read during any month that are designed to stretch your reading comfort zones:

Won’t Be Long – Read a collection of short stories or essays - Completed! Tales from Outer Suburbia

Poet at Heart – Read a book of poetry - Completed! Come Close

You Have a Funny Accent – Read a book that was translated from another language - Completed! The Vegetarian

Read the World -Read a book that takes place in a country, or focuses on a culture, other than your own - Completed! The Freedom Papers

Diversify Yourself – Read a book by an author of color - Completed! The Black Tides of Heaven

My What Big Teeth You Have – Read a book that puts a spin on a well-known fairy tale – Completed! The One Hundred Nights of Hero

High Noon – Read a classic or contemporary Western
Options: probably Days Without End

The Future is Bright – Read a book that takes place in the future - Completed! Record of a Spaceborn Few

The Book is Always Better - Read a book that is becoming a movie this year – Completed! The Little Stranger

TBRing It – Read a book from the bottom of your TBR pile

🚫Unshelve it – Read a book that’s been sitting on your Goodreads Shelves for a while [I only just joined GR, so I don't have any books that've been there longer than a few months...]

🚫Childhood Reboot – Read a Choose-Your-Own-Adventure novel

Listen to Me – Listen to an Audiobook - Completed! Carniepunk: Daughter of the Midway, the Mermaid, and the Open, Lonely Sea

message 2: by Cendaquenta (new)

Cendaquenta I've decided to modify this a bit, since I found another readathon I want to participate in that shares some of the same challenges - I'm going to try to do the Expert-level prompts, but not stick to the months.

message 3: by Lori, Super Mod (new)

Lori (tnbbc) | 10145 comments Mod
Good luck!

message 4: by Cendaquenta (new)

Cendaquenta Thank you! 🙂📚

message 5: by Cendaquenta (new)

Cendaquenta Finally completed a prompt for this! Lagging a little...
"Sand Between My Toes" (a book that takes place around a beach/ocean) - The Song of Achilles
The coast of Phthia (Achilles' birthplace) and Troy feature very prominently.

message 6: by Cendaquenta (new)

Cendaquenta Completed "Into the Great Wide Open" with The Call of the Wild.

message 7: by Cendaquenta (new)

Cendaquenta Completed "The Colours of Summer" with Their Eyes Were Watching God.
Their Eyes Were Watching God by Zora Neale Hurston

message 8: by Cendaquenta (new)

Cendaquenta Completed "Take Pride" with Two Boys Kissing.

message 9: by Chinook (new)

Chinook | 12 comments I totally agree with you about reading a book you skipped reading in school. How many books could this be? And it’s on so many challenges!

I’m subbing in reading a book that many people seem to have read in school but I haven’t - Americans often seem to have read The Scarlet Letter but we didn’t in my Canadian school. So I figure it’s time to get to that. I’ve googled before looking for common school reads in other countries and some fun options pop up.

message 10: by Cendaquenta (new)

Cendaquenta Completed "Father Knows Best" with The Haunting of Henry Twist.

message 11: by Paula (new)

Paula (paularo) | 48 comments I'm just starting A Royal Pain. Rhys Bowen is an author I'm enjoying right now. Her Royal Spyness series is fun. This is #2 in the 1930s escapades of Lady Georgianna, a young, penniless member of the royal family, trying to go it on her own in London while avoiding being married or sent off to play lady-in-waiting and managing to accommodate the Queen's 'little' favors. Oh, and solving the odd murder with hunky Irish and equally penniless lord. Good time!

message 12: by Cendaquenta (new)

Cendaquenta Completed "Campfire Story" with Into the Drowning Deep.

message 13: by Cendaquenta (new)

Cendaquenta Completed "Memories" with Fingersmith.

message 14: by Cendaquenta (new)

Cendaquenta Completed "It's the End of the World" with Station Eleven.

message 15: by Cendaquenta (new)

Cendaquenta Completed "Dear Penpal" with The Orenda. It's told from 3 different POVs and one is supposed to be a priest writing in a journal, though later in the book I think it just becomes his inner monologue.

message 16: by Cendaquenta (new)

Cendaquenta Completed "Red White and Blue" with Bluebeard's Egg.

message 17: by Cendaquenta (new)

Cendaquenta Completed "One and Done" with Wonderstruck.

message 18: by Cendaquenta (new)

Cendaquenta Completed "Diversify Yourself" with The Black Tides of Heaven.

message 19: by Cendaquenta (new)

Cendaquenta Completed "The Book is Always Better" with The Little Stranger

message 20: by Cendaquenta (new)

Cendaquenta Completed "It's 12 O'clock Somewhere" with How Not To Be a Boy. Discusses drinking culture/pub culture/alcohol problems quite a bit.

message 21: by Cendaquenta (new)

Cendaquenta Completed "Won't Be Long" with Tales from Outer Suburbia.

message 22: by Cendaquenta (new)

Cendaquenta Completed "Girl Power" with Herland and The Yellow Wallpaper.

message 23: by Cendaquenta (new)

Cendaquenta Completed "Let's Get It On" with Bingo Love.

message 24: by Cendaquenta (new)

Cendaquenta Completed "You Have A Funny Accent" with The Vegetarian.

message 27: by Cendaquenta (new)

Cendaquenta Completed "My What Big Teeth You Have" with The One Hundred Nights of Hero.

message 28: by Cendaquenta (new)

Cendaquenta Completed "Time of our Lives" with The Last Unicorn.

message 29: by Cendaquenta (new)

Cendaquenta Completed "Poet at Heart" with Come Close.

message 30: by Cendaquenta (new)

Cendaquenta Completed "Sun, Moon and Stars" with The Long Way to a Small, Angry Planet.

message 31: by Cendaquenta (new)

Cendaquenta Completed "The Future is Bright" with Record of a Spaceborn Few.

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Cendaquenta Just under the wire, completed "Read the World" with The Freedom Papers. It's an essay anthology with many pieces talking about all different countries and cultures.

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