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Keep Reading or Wait for the film?

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message 1: by Jeff (new)

Jeff Alright, fellow readers, I have a dilemma. From what I saw in the trailer, I was all for this book and I bought it almost immediately and started reading. I'm halfway through now and BORED OUT OF MY MIND! Does the last half make it worth it? Should I even continue the series after I've finished? I don't know what it is...Ruby is semi-likable and I really like Zoo... What do I do? Help!

message 2: by Jeff (new)

Jeff Anyone? Buehler? Help? haha

Annalisa97 I did really enjoy the series (even though it has been some time since) so I would say read it, I plan on rereading the series myself before the movies come out :)
I really enjoyed the characters and I think that book nr 2 was maybe even better than 1. But I did find the last book a bit on the slow/drama side and that the author could have done more with the last book and didn't live up to the full potentil that I had in mind for the conclusion.
But I still presonally enjoyed this series overall :)

☽Ƹɱɱɑ☾ I would 100% agree with reading this before the movie. The first book is undoubtedly the best, however. I am currently re-reading the series prior to the release of the movie (I have re-read the first book many times but this is only my second time with the last book) and am on the third book. I would have to agree with Annalisa in that the last book is a tad dull. Overall, a thoroughly encapsulating series.

Tris READ!!! The start of the first book might be a bit slow and I will admit that I wanted to stop reading it too, but the ending was totally worth it! Besides, the movie might not be very accurate and therefore it might give you a wrong idea about the book.

bookworm12 I have actually watched the movie before I read the book and honestly I say that both are good. Yes the book is a little slow but it is still pretty good.

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Michael Prentice My motto has always been to read the book first. The book is usually better, though I honestly couldn't say for sure in this case, as I haven't seen the movie. (I was going to, but changed my mind after being unimpressed with what the trailers showed.)

bookworm12 Yea the trailers do suck, but it was a small buget. The movie is actually really good, in my opinion

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