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Shadow Wings (Skeleton Key)
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Jennifer | 3551 comments Book One Description: Archangel Raguel loses his wings… right as the world is about to go to hell.

Hunting a fallen angel bent on changing human history, Archangel Raguel finds a mysterious stone bearing a symbol in the midst of his investigation. Without warning, it throws him out of the angelic realms, abruptly turning him human.

He wakes naked in Gorky Park, in 1980s Moscow, wings gone and no ability to communicate with the other side. Picked up for public drunkenness and nudity, he asks for help of KGB Agent Ilana Kopovich, who is investigating a far more gruesome crime––the murder of a half-dozen children whose bodies were left mutilated in Red Square. Little does she know, the murderer she’s hunting is the same demon Raguel wants.

Raguel asks for Ilana’s help, and she quickly realizes she needs him. Together they must stop the demon before he commits his final crime and brings the world to the brink of war.

Jennifer | 3551 comments Shadow Wings by J.C. Andrijeski

Ch 4 - (view spoiler)
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Jennifer | 3551 comments Shadow Wings by J.C. Andrijeski
Ch 8 - (view spoiler)
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The Skeleton Key series is actually a group of books written by different authors, so I want to try the next one and see how much I like it. Problem is that they aren't numbered like a series - so which one do we want to try next? Not all of them are KU, but I noticed that Where Sleeping Dragons Lie (Dragon Shifters of Elysia, #1) by Cristina Rayne Unlocking Adeline (Skeleton Key) by J.D. Hollyfield Princess of the Damned (Skeleton Key) by Wendy Knight and The Death Seer by Tanis Kaige all have ratings over 4 - do you want to try one of those next? or these are the other ones on KU Game Master (Skeleton Key) by Scarlett Dawn The Haunted Sultan (Skeleton Key) by Gillian Zane Eunica (Skeleton Key) by J. Rose Alexander Thief of Sanguardia by Cherie Marks .

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