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message 1: by Ramon (new)

Ramon Atila | 3 comments check out my blog! it's a graphic novel series about bandits on Mars

here's the link:

please join my blog if you are interested. thank you!

message 2: by Ramon (new)

Ramon Atila | 3 comments To Live and Die on Mars

A graphic novel (for mature audiences) about four bandits on the planet Mars in the future. Mars has palm trees and sandy beaches in the fictitious year 77. Four childhood friends named Lumo, Fuzzy, Ari and Ramon cruise the red planet in a hovering vehicle and commit robberies in the fictitious city of Corona Hills. Their boss is crime kingpin Angelo Berlusconi, a fat businessman obsessed with ruling the Solar System. Also, the bandits encounter problems with a dark vigilante and police after a major heist, and one bandit Lumo falls in love with a famous actress of Mars Karla Celina, but is hesitant to tell her of his criminal background.

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