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Naomi-Lynn Marguerite  (naomi-lynnmarguerite) | 31 comments Hey there! My name is Naomi-Lynn Marguerite from sometimes sunny Surrey (BC, not UK) and I joined this group because of the Summer Challenge.

I have a neurological condition that leaves me more or less housebound (please, no feeling sorry for me, I am a very upbeat happy person and have learned to be content in all things, to quote St. Paul), so have lots of time, and a great inclination, to read. The only issue is I can only read digital where it is white on black and very dimmed. I'm very excited to see more and more books coming out in digital edition, especially the text books on Google Play.

What do I read? Anything with words. Well, almost anything. There are a few types of gruesome I simply don't go in for. Aside from that, I read the classics, world from as many countries as possible, romance, erotica, mystery, paranormal, religious, science, science fiction, horror, fantasy, speculative fiction, history, historical fiction, text books on almost every subject, dictionaries, encyclopedias, &tc. And lots and lots of literature. I think you get my point. Oh, I left out comics, cartoons, and manga. I mustn't forget those.

On good days I write. It may take years to get a book done, but "Little by little the chicken opens its eyes." (Ghanaian Proverb).

Happy reading to all. Have fun with it and don't be afraid to let the written word change you.

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Lori (tnbbc) | 10142 comments Mod
Hi Naomi! Welcome to the group and my what a wealth of genres you read from!!!

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Nichole Hello, Naomi! Welcome!

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