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Aaron S | 1 comments "Hosts" is about a homeless teenage girl possessed by a spirit of pestilence and disease. She discovers a man who is also a "Host" for a spiritual creature and offers to train her in learning to control her "Patron" and utilize its powers. It's a somewhat dark Urban Fantasy story that doesn't follow much of the usual trends for the genre. It focuses a lot on the training and psychological strengthening required to utilize the powers available in this setting, and of character interaction, with danger/combat scenes relatively rare. This particular book has no romance arc, though this is the first book of a planned series so that my happen.

I'm currently on the Third Draft, and I've reached the point where I don't plan on rewriting large sections of the book, just the chapters and scenes that need to be reworked. I'm not looking for any line-reading or in-depth work. I'd just like you to read through the book as you would a normal one and discuss it afterwards, as well as answering the short questionnaire I've put together. Any further notes you'd like to take along the way would be great but are completely optional.

I've already had a number of beta readers read through the previous version and a number looking at it again. However, the vast majority of my readers so far have all been men. And considering my protagonist is a young girl written by an older man, I would like to get a bit more of a feminine opinion to see what mistakes I have undoubtedly made from my perspective. That's why I'm specifically seeking a woman for this reading. Since I do already have a number of readers, I'm looking for one or two readers here, tops.

As for my services for Beta Reading, I've recently finished the last of my betas so I'm completely open to further projects and I'd love to have one to work on. Whatever method you'd prefer to have me use to respond to your story, whether it be a comprehensive response or chapter-by-chapter notes, is fine with me.

Thank you for reading.

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L.E. Medlock (lemedlock) | 2 comments Hi Aaron!

I’d be happy to read this novel under the criteria you mention. A bit on me: I’m a writer of YA fantasy and science fiction novels and am working on a YA paranormal fantasy which I’d love to get some more eyes on if you’re up for a swap.

If this sounds like a good fit please feel free to drop me a note/send me the material at


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