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Morgon and Raederle's Relationship at the end of the book
Jane Jane Jul 29, 2014 01:24PM
I recently reread the trilogy and something dawned on me...What is the status of Morgon and Raederle's relationship at the very end? In the past, I naturally assumed that they are at peace, have accepted their true identities and will now marry and build a life together. That's why there's mention of finding Peven's crown. Peven's crown started the betrothal and finding it again implies everything's come full circle and now they can marry.

Is it too simplistic to assume this? After all the grief and suffering these two went through, as a reader, I want them to have a happy ending. But, after this rereading, now I'm wondering if their identities are so different, and although they are perpetually drawn together, it's not a clear path for them in terms of building a life together. Would love to hear your thoughts?

deleted member May 30, 2015 07:44PM   0 votes
Hmm, I think the author leaves it a little ambiguous at the very end. But I hope, like you, that they have a nice life together. Sadly, everything is never so clear cut!

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