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PAID services requested > Anyone wants to beta read "Silverlegs", an epic fantasy?

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message 1: by Camilla (new)

Camilla Monk (camilla_monk) | 3 comments Hey everyone,

I'm looking for the eye of a beta reader, to see how they react to a new project of mine.

SILVERLEGS is the first of a planned quadrilogy set in an Ancient Rome-inspired Fantasy world. The book is 109k long, has been through developmental edits (2 rounds) and light copy edits (because it is currently being submitted to publishers).
I can give you an epub, mobi, pdf, or send the book directly to your Kindle.

You can email me at with rates and availability (or reply directly in this thread of course).

Warnings/triggers: graphic violence, misogynistic and homophobic universe, rape, sexual undertones.

My (crappy) blurb is below; Thank you for your time!

Fifteen-year-old Constanter is running. From the farm she grew up on in a remote part of the Western Lorian empire, the stepfather who raped her, and whose teeth she broke to defend herself. Constanter runs east, away from her small world tucked between a road and a lake, and toward the distant war she knows only from the tales travelers—a twenty-year long conflict, opposing the Western and Eastern halves of the empire.

Mistaken for a boy after she stole the gear and trousers of a dead soldier, she is captured and drafted by a band of mercenaries whose leader recognizes her innate gift for speed and agility. Her face hidden under a mask, Constanter surrenders to the anger she wears like a second skin and becomes Silverlegs, a legendary killer, an uncontrollable weapon in the hands of power-hungry rulers and religious fanatics.
As the Western empire spirals into madness in the name of the One God, Constanter will have to choose what she truly fights for, before Silverlegs’s rage leads her down the road to hell...

message 2: by Chris (new)

Chris (chris83) | 78 comments That sounds pretty exciting. Is she an LGBT character? Asking because of the men's clothing. You can find all my info in the website below.

My Website

message 3: by Camilla (new)

Camilla Monk (camilla_monk) | 3 comments Kris wrote: "That sounds pretty exciting. Is she an LGBT character? Asking because of the men's clothing

It's funny : my developmental editor had the same question. Constanter is not represented as an LGBT character in the book (be it only because in the world she lives in, the concept doesn't make much sense), rather she struggles with her identity and the appeal of passing as a man and benefitting from it. I might play that ambiguity further in book 2 though, I've had a few ideas regarding that.

I'll be checking your website! :)

message 4: by Lauren (new)

Lauren Holton (lauren_holton) | 9 comments Hi! Are you still looking for a beta reader?

message 5: by Francesca (new)

Francesca | 1 comments Hi Camilla more than happy to read this for you if your looking for a beta reader x

message 6: by mars (new)

mars (wlwbooks) | 21 comments Hey Camilla if you're still looking for someone I would be more than happy to beta read this for you!

message 7: by Lisa (new)

Lisa Lenox (alizarinred) | 29 comments I’d love to read this if you still need someone. Sounds interesting!

message 8: by Catherine (new)

Catherine Milos | 34 comments Hi Camilla, this sounds like a really interesting book and series. If you are still in the market for a beta reader, or editor, or proofreader, please consider me and my team. Rates range between $60 and $130 and we have spots available immediately.

message 9: by TKSelbach13 (last edited Jul 29, 2019 09:41PM) (new)

TKSelbach13 | 90 comments I have been working as an independent freelance editor for about 8 years. My clients have been very pleased with my work thus far and would certainly be happy to provide recommendations if needed.

I recently achieved my bachelor’s degree in Creative Writing, as well as accomplished a Study Abroad program with a focus in writing. I can provide a high attention to detail, the ability to think outside of the box, and an enthusiastic attitude that clients will find quite appealing.

Certifications: Bachelor's Degree in Creative Writing
Experience: 8 years of Beta Reading, 2 years of commission work
Rates: $0.05 per word.
Turnaround: 1-3 months

$5 – 100 words
$50 – 1,000 words
$500 – 10,000 words
$5000 – 100,000 words

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