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andrea elizabeth scott

20 years young
june 13th

she, her
|sexual orientation|

art & design

eyes ; green
hair ; red
height ; 5’4
weight ; 114 lbs

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angelena. | 2760 comments haha no worries!
and i absolutely adore dua lipa omg

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angelena. | 2760 comments i'm actually about to go to bed, so if you want to start that'd be cool?

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Charcoal stained the tips of Andi’s fingers. In front of her, sprawled out on the little breakfast table, was a half-blank sheet of drawing paper she had torn out of a sketchbook. There was something about the sound of rain hammering down on the cabin roof that made her want to sketch in black and white. Through the window above the kitchen sink, lightning flashed and turned the forest into a wonderful array of stark contrasts. Darkness pressed against the glass, threatening to spill into the kitchen; a branch scraped against it. On a night like this, her father would have told her to line all the windows with sage, hang silver charms over the door and wait for the inevitable.

Instead, Andi merely took a sip of the tea she had made earlier in the evening. The drink was no longer hot, but the young woman barely noticed. She was leaning back now, eyes scanning over her little drawing critically — a tree, caught in the middle of a lightning storm. One single tree, unlike the expansive forest that stretched on for miles all around her and the cabin. Andi sighed, puffing a stray curl out of her eyes. She had tied the mass of red curls back with a floral hair scarf, but still unruly strands escaped here and there.

Just as the redhead reached for her pencil to resume shading, a much sharper sound pierced the air, making her fumble the utensil. It clattered uselessly to the kitchen floor.

This sound was not the thunder. And it didn’t come from outside.

Andi rose to her feet slowly, careful to not make a sound. Surely it was just the storm to blame for all the noise, but in the back of her mind she knew she couldn’t take any chances…. Not with all that had been happening recently. There was a little display of kitchen knives on the counter and Andi yanked one free, turned the blade so that it faced away from her. She held it at the ready as she crept across the kitchen floor, bare feet creaking quietly against the old boards, every muscle in her body taut and prepared to take action. Slowly she entered the living room. The fireplace gave off the only illumination in the space, bathing everything in an orange, hellish glow and glimmering off the bits of shattered glass that littered the floor.

There was a woman crouched in front of the newly broken window.

Andi’s gasp was nearly louder than the thunder.

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There was a little puddle of water at the woman’s feet; It dripped down from her hair, her clothes, her skin, glimmering orange-gold in the dim light of the fire. For a fleeting moment, Andi forgot her fear and apprehension and thought only of how she would have liked to paint the scene. She’d use acrylics for the way they shimmered, title it Shattered Glass and Raindrops. But this thought vanished in an instant, a clap of thunder bringing Andi back to her senses sharply. She startled at the roar and rumble, casting a quick glance through the hole that had once been a window. Luckily the porch awning kept the rain from tumbling through.

Andi’s heart was still tripping over itself, though the fear had subsided substantially. “How do I know you’re not a serial killer?” Already a clear soprano, Andi’s voice had seemed to rise an octave anyway. But the redhead realized as she asked this that she, not the mysterious woman, was the one holding a knife. She hadn’t even registered the steel blade was still enclasped in her hands, but she was gripping the hilt so hard her knuckles had turned white. Hesitantly, Andi loosened her hold on the makeshift weapon. She looked the woman up and down once more, feeling as though her stomach were tying itself in knots at the sight of the tall and imposing and quite stunning stranger.

It made sense, the excuse. It was storming hard outside and to any passerby the cabin would probably look abandoned, but this was… “Crazy,” Andi concluded suddenly, finally lowering the knife. “You’re crazy.” Who just went around breaking windows, anyway? The redhead sighed, feeling her heart softening more and more by the second. “Well, come on. Get away from there before you cut yourself.”

She was inviting the girl to stay, agreeing with the woman’s ridiculous request and not forcing her to return to the natural chaos beyond the cabin walls, despite the fact that it was…

Well, crazy.

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“Huh?” Andi had been feeling around on the wall for the lightswitch. Her fingers finally found the toggle; dim-but-much-more-practical lighting washed over the expansive living room, bringing light to the stranger standing in a puddle of glass and raindrops. For a moment, Andi was so taken back by the full picture that she forgot the woman had spoken — words were lost to the distracting sight of thick brows and pouty lips. But then Andi blinked and came back down to Earth. “Oh, your leg!” She exclaimed in surprise, suddenly realizing that was the issue. Indeed, a ribbon of scarlet trailed down the stranger’s calf, disappearing into her shoe. Without thinking, Andi darted forward. She stepped carefully over a few stray shards of glass, getting close enough to see the injury better but not close enough to invade the woman’s personal space. The redhead bent her head down slightly. “I think there’s a first aid kit out in the kitchen… and a broom.” Andi winced slightly as she thought about the mess and how she was going to manage it, talking to herself now more than to the woman.

The redhead rose to her full height once more… and then, due to their new proximity, had to literally crane her neck back to look the stranger in the eyes. Crazy? “That’s fair.” Andi agreed. “But I’d hate for you to get wet — I mean, it’s storming really bad. Obviously.” Holy shit, Andi’s cheeks were burning. Their hue was edging closer and closer to that of her hair. She took a step back — and then another. With a bit more space between them, her throat no longer felt like it was full of sand and she was confident she could talk without rambling for twenty minutes straight. Andi was still holding the knife, she realized… and the thought almost made her smile a bit. Really, she wasn’t too worried about letting a stranger stay in the cabin. Serial killers were the least of her worries actually. She was worried about finishing her portfolio in time to graduate next year, about tat stupid Geology class she would have to take next semester, about messing up her internship at the Portland Art Museum….

But self defense? Andi was pretty sure she had that one in the bag.

“Besides, there are wolves out there. Bears too, probably. I don’t think it would settle too well on my conscious if you got mauled by something…” Wolves. Yeah… that was it. Andi turned around and started towards the kitchen in order to both put the knife away and fetch a broom. “I’m Andrea, by the way. Most people call me Andi.”

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The kitchen was already lit; Andi’s sketchbook, sprawled open at the little breakfast nook, and a cup of now-cold tea signified that she had been inhabiting this space before being interrupted by the sound of shattering glass. “Sarai…” Andi repeated, trying the name out. It sounded old — biblical, maybe? The redhead couldn’t be sure, considering she was far more educated in fairy tales than religious doctrines. Andi crossed the kitchen floor in merely three strides. The cutlery display was beside the sink; she slid her makeshift weapon back into its proper slot. The sound of metal rubbing against metal was far too familiar to her hunter-trained ears. Memories bubbled to the surface of her mind — daggers sliding into holsters, fencing foils clanging against one another, bullets whizzing through the air…

The charcoal stains on Andi’s fingers stood out against her fair skin, but she paid them no heed as she crossed the kitchen floor to quickly gather up her art supplies. She closed her sketchbook, returned her array of pencils to the little canvas bag she kept them in. “Is there glass in any of the cuts? I’m not sure if there are any tweezers in the first aid kit…” And she also didn’t want to pull glass splinters out of a stranger’s skin. It wasn’t that Andi was squeamish, per say, but… Come on, that was a bit gross. After cleaning off the breakfast nook, Andi snatched the plastic first aid kit from one of the cabins — she had to stand on her toes to reach it — and brought it to the table. It contained bandaids and gauze and alcoholic swabs. All the standard items one could expect to find in set of medical supplies purchased for ten dollars at a grocery store.

“What were you doing out on a night like this anyway?” Andi raised a ginger brow at the woman. Thunder still crashed and clanged outside, and the rain splattered hard against the window above the kitchen sink. And aside from the storm raging on, it would have been odd for anyone to be out this far in the woods this late at night. The nearest town was several miles from the cabin and there were, as Andi had already pointed out, wild animals. If the stranger — Sarai — was out for a hike, she’d really picked a bad night for it…

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((no worries! It's finals week for me so I'm a bit swamped anyway haha. But i really love them too <3 ))

“Jogging?” Andi repeated, raising a brow at the woman who hovered by the wall rather than moving further into the room. “You must have really gotten lost then… I can drive you back into town in the morning, after the storm lets up.” If she correctly recalled the weather report she’d watched earlier, Andi was sure the rain was supposed to stop around four in the morning...

In the dark and clouded sky, the stars were all in hiding; when she glanced out the window, Andi could not see one single glittering eye winking at her from above. The world seemed lonely when there were no stars. “My family’s from this area,” Andi confirmed as she undid the plastic latch on the first aid kit. A few bandaids spilled out of the case and onto the tabletop. “But I’ve been living in California for school — UCLA.” The redheaded sounded just a bit proud as she added the name of her university. She couldn’t help that; Andi was proud to have gotten into school completely of her own accord.

“It’s my dad’s place. I’m just staying here over break.” Andi elaborated further, talking now mainly to fill the silence in the kitchen. The light soprano strain helped to drown out the rain and thunder beyond the the cabin walls. What she said was not at all a lie, though the phrase it’s my dad’s place seemed to imply this was just a normal hunting cabin, that her dad was just a normal middle-aged man who came around these parts to shoot elk, deer, and the like. Andi, of course, was in no hurry to clear such misconceptions. Fleetingly, she wonder how different her life might have been if that was the truth. Much, much different, she concluded. “Here, uh… If you want to just put your leg up here…” The redhead hinted awkwardly, gesturing to the chair that she had been sitting not ten minutes earlier, completely absorbed in her sketchbook. Andi’s gaze darted to Sarai’s leg, where the blood appeared to be drying; the red stain upon the woman’s skin was several shades darker now.

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((oh gosh! I’m sorry, i didn’t see this. But yeah haha. Knock yourself out! :) ))

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“Probably dead in a ditch,” Andi responded nonchalantly as she slid into the chair across from Sarai. “But… you’re welcome.” She made the mistake of looking up, finding the other woman’s eyes with her own. There was something terrifying about this Sarai woman. She seemed to be made entirely of edges, Andi thought, just like the shattered glass they’d left behind in a pile on the living room floor. Andi averted her gaze, bending her head to examine the leg propped up on the chair between them. Sarai had rolled up her pant leg, revealing blood and skin inch by inch until Andi had complete access to the injury.

Odd…. Andi could have sworn the cut was deeper than it now appeared. The light was probably just playing tricks on her — it had been much darker in the living room, after all. Putting those thoughts aside, the redhead took an alcohol wipe from the little first aid kit. She ripped it open rather unceremoniously, and then she touched the square of cloth against Sarai’s skin. Even though she was not the one being tended to, Andi still winced, imagining the sting of the alcohol against the open cut. Not wanting to drag this out any longer than necessary, for empathy’s sake, Andi made quick work of wiping away the blood and ensuring that the risk of infection was minimized. And then she tossed the wipe aside in favor of ball of gauze wrap she’d found one of the kitchen drawers.

“Hm?” The other woman had said something — Andi had been so focused on the task at hand that the words didn’t register at first. She paused in the middle of wrapping Sarai’s leg. “Oh, uh… yeah, I’m an art major. Illustration, mainly.” While she was proficient enough in a few other mediums, nothing felt as raw and real to Andi as simple charcoal sketches. Even as a small child, she’d spend hours outside in the yard, doodling flowers and butterflies when she should have been shooting targets with silver bullets. And then, when her father’s stories gave her nightmares, she’d wake in the middle of the night and draw the monsters in her dreams. When the admissions committee had reviewed her UCLA, they raved about the duality of her work, said that each piece seemed to tell two completely different tales… Andi cleared her throat, finding that she wasn’t used to discussing her art with anyone but her peers and her professors. “So where are you from, if not here?” Andi was just putting a safety pin through the gauze to keep it together, leaning back to examine her handiwork when she spoke up again. It wasn't the best wrap-job but... Well, she'd done what little she could with what little she had.

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