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Is there where I'd request for someone to make characters for my charries family? if anyone takes me up on it ill do one for them.

I need a sister and a mother.

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Anyone want to role-play??

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my charries in her house if you want to visit

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its the martinez household and dont forget our 1x1 ;)

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I'm up with Crystal! She left the martinez household a while back, and didn't you say Crystal is sisters with Elsa?

Denver -writes poems drinks wine- | 17 comments I think so, and they dont know they are, right??

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Yeah after Crystal's death in the frozen lake. She's immortal in a way but never forgotten her sister.

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Hey Denver, do you still want to role-play??

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okay :) its at the martinez household, about this so it won't be awkward:

Yoru charrie is making sure everyone is down in the bunker to stay warm and instead your run into Crystal!

Denver -writes poems drinks wine- | 17 comments Ok, also remember most people like hate my charrie, simply because of her name

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everyone hates crystal also.

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