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The Rules
Mitchell Mcintosh Mitchell May 16, 2018 03:46AM
In the book Will explains the rules he has to live with in his daily life. These rule are often the common male expectations from society. Even when his brother died he couldn't cry because its against the rules. One of his most dangerous rules was to kill the person who killed your love one. Not being the type of person his brother was, will he be able to go through and murder the killer? If so, what other problems could this stir up?

This street mentality or these rules are a scary and sad way for our young males to live but it's been this way for so long. Will, going out and killing the one he believes killed his brother, will only continue a vicious cycle that many see growing up in poverty or urban areas.

This makes me think of the movie Boyz in the Hood. The vicious cycle and the only outcomes being negative ones such as death, jail, or having to look over one's shoulder all the time.

In the end, someone is dead. Someone's child, sibling, parent, friend, lover, etc. is dead. It's a sad reality and one young children like Will has to learn at an early age.

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