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The next morning before breakfast I check up on my programs. Gibraltar finally got a hole, but I need it bigger. I type in a few commands, and check up on Barbados. Still nothing. Andorra is a little touchy right now, so I decide to talk to my dad.

Good morning. My dad signs as I sit down at the breakfast table
Good morning, dad. We have a little situation.
What is it?
Andorra. They found me. Or at least some parts of me.
How did that happen?
Wrong turn, I guess. Can you check it out when I’m at school?

Julia enters the room, so my dad can’t reply. She’s got paint in her hair, and something that looks a lot like plaster behind her ear.
“Good morning, everyone.”
“You look amazing!” I laugh, “Though I’d take a shower before school if I were you.”
She sticks out her tongue to me. “That Degar isn’t making itself, just FYI.”
After school I dump Bird with some guys from his chemistry class, and head over to cheer practice.
Before I reach the gym David blocks my path. Yes, that David.
“Just the girl I was looking for.” He smiles.
“And you just happened to know I was going to the gym. What gave it away? My clothes?” I laugh. I am wearing my navy blue and maroon Parrots uniform.
David laughs too. “Maybe a little. But that’s not why I’m here. I was wondering if you’d like-”
Before he can finish his sentence I hear a high scream behind me. “Gwen!”
I groan inwards. Then I turn and put on my stage smile. “Hi, Deborah!”
“Have you seen Milton? Oh-” She finally notices David. “Hi, David!”
“Hi, Deborah. Can give us a sec?”
“Uhm, sure! I’ll see you at practice Gwen!”
I laugh. “You were saying?”
“Ah... Oh, yeah, right. I was wondering if you wanted to go to prom with me?”
“Yes, I’d love to.”
“Great! I’ll pick you up at 8.”
“See you then.”
I’m still smiling as I walk into the gym. Or at least I’m trying. Half my team is blocking my way. “Spill.”

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Love it!

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