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001: Rivaleries

Okay so rivalries usually happen here on gr when two people had a fight before. This will not be tolerated by me or another mod. Since this is rare but usually happens, you cannot be asked to be kicked multiple times by a mod. It gets annoying when you want to leave since a person you dislike is here. Its a friendly place so please dont leave cause a person you hate or dislike is in this group.

002: Mary Sues/Marty Stus, Power Playing, God Modding

Okay this gets annoying sometimes. I dont accept mary sues or marty stus. Not everyone is perfect you see and it gets annoying when you just pretend your character is better than anyone. Atleast add a few flaws. Power-Play isn't acceptable also. You cant make you character stronger than every other average charrie. You cant just karate chop them in half or push them against the wall in a sudden. God-Modding, none of your charries are allowed to past the boundaries of the role-play. This is annoying when the other person doesnt have the privileges your charie has.
You cannot dodge attacks, hit or kill people without permission. Thats annoying and unacceptable.

003: Swearing and sexual scenes

Kissing is allowed but dont go too far. This is goodreads for heavens sake. They dont allow those kinds of scenes here or there. But if you do want to have a sexual scene, ask the person your roleplaying with to do it in pm. The mods will give you a warning once you do this on one of our threads. Now swearing, not acceptable either since younger kids may be here. Other swears aren't allowed like the f-word for instance. Thats ruining childhood. Don't swear here unless you get mad. I understand if you get mad but please do that in another thread.

004: OOC

Don't go out of character guys! Thats all I'm saying because i know you all wouldnt do that!

005: Grammer, rp post, organization

Last is that even if its not semi advanced, you have to at least do one sentence. Its that simple! Oh and its not good for no grammar. I want you guys to spell it out correctly. I might help with you guys if you have an error but i will accept the bad grammar if your on iPad or other devices with stupid autocorrect. And last is organizations. I like being organize and have a tiny case of OCD. So please at least do role-play order.

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Denver -writes poems drinks wine- | 17 comments I, Denver {The Ice Queen}, agree to these rules and won't try to follow them. If I do, I will face a warning or punishment. I understand every mod has the right to remove me if I do not comply.

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I agree to these rules and won't try to break them, if i do i will face a warning or punishment

and i know where rule one came from. im sorry about that. it was partly my fault...

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((I know Cici its not something to remember, its just a warning))

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emma (lilyscalloways) | 3 comments I agree to follow the rules and respect everyone and the Mods. If I violate these rules, I will be on the warning list.

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I,Leilea,agree to these rules and won't try to break them, if i do i will face a warning or punishment. I promise to follow the rules and will except punishment if not kept.

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I, Blue, agree to these rules and won't try to break them. If i do, i will face a warning or punishment. I will follow the rules and try not to get into trouble myself.

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