White Fang White Fang question

How many stars do you rate this? what was you favorite part in the book?
CHLOE2004 CHLOE2004 May 15, 2018 07:29AM
I rate it 5 Stars....... My fav part: I loved reading about White Fang growing up as a puppy.
I enjoyed reading about White Fang finding about how to do things in the world... how to kill, what animals are good to eat and not.......Etc.... ( of course I didn't like it when he got hurt)

This was one of my fav books of all time... I hope you guys enjoy writing about this! :)

5 stars 100%!!!!

I'm late for discussion. I would rate this book five stars as well. This is the book that got me hooked on reading. I wish it didn't have to end so suddenly but I'm glad it had a nice closing for White Fang, especially what all he went through. My favorite part of White Fang was actually a sad episode. For some reason it drilled deep into me. I can't remember the lines but occurred when the famine came around for the first time. The litter of pups were playing around lively and suddenly one day White Fang saw no movement out of his last sibling. I'm sure it was London's way of writing that made it so personal. Poor White Fang didn't see it coming or understand it. He could barely make sense of the cave. I guess thats just how things are in the wild. You either make it or you don't.

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