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message 1: by Bonnie (new)

Bonnie (bonnie_poole) | 40 comments Book: Chronicles of a Liquid Society
Author: Umberto Eco
My hardcover English edition differs slightly from the one you have listed in number of pages.

Mine has the same ISBN number 978–0-544-97448-7 as your hardcover listing.
My book has 304 pages, with page 304 as the last written page which is one of Umberto’s columns. Your Goodreads edition says 320 pages. Is my book missing pages or is the number incorrect on Goodreads?

My book is copyright 2016 by La nave di Teseo Editore, Milano, and says Translated copyright 2017 by Richard Dixon. Mine is indeed, the translated edition in English. Thus that is probably why yours just says copyright 2017. The Italian edition was published 2016.

As Umberto Eco was highly regarded and respected for his extensive and detailed research, would you please confirm the number of pages in Chronicles of a Liquid Society, his last book published posthumously, and correct it to 304? Perhaps his Italian edition has 320 pages.
This was an excellent book!
Thank you!
Kind regards,
Bonnie Poole

message 2: by Sandra (new)

Sandra | 26941 comments WorldCat has 304 pages. Changing it to 304.

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