The Last Star (The 5th Wave, #3) The Last Star question

Ok but why NOT a rock?
Rae Rae May 14, 2018 04:44PM
I read this series a while ago & every now and then, I remember being somewhat disappointed in the ending. There were many things I liked, Cassie not being one of those. But. I still need to know! Why. Not. A. Big. Rock?! Was it all so Cassie could be Miss Martyr 2016?

I might go back & re-read these... Maybe. Maybe just heavy skimming. Haha. I don't know if I can take the angst, but I may try if I hit a book rut or something.

Now you have me wondering, I can't remember the ending.... It must not have impressed me. but I need to go back and see what you are talking about...

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