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message 1: by Amiya (new)

Amiya (acgisme) Go.

message 2: by kalvin, Dark Kai (new)

kalvin wake | 652 comments Mod
Polan walked inside the library.

message 3: by [deleted user] (new)

Everlie followed behind looking at all the books around her with interest. She liked ready but usually would stay in her dorm.

message 4: by kalvin, Dark Kai (new)

kalvin wake | 652 comments Mod
He found a nice spot in the back and leaned against the table.

message 5: by [deleted user] (new)

"What are we looking for specifically" She said looking at him from afar.

message 6: by kalvin, Dark Kai (new)

kalvin wake | 652 comments Mod
Polan pulled out a piece of paper from his pocked he gave it to Everlie. "The prophecy" He told her.
It read:

One Kai shall rise while the other shall fall. Anger and Pain shall unleash all might. A brave warrior shall flee through the night. Enemies become friends with no other choice.

message 7: by [deleted user] (new)

One Kai shall rise while the other shall fall she repeated what the paper said, "This is very interesting"

message 8: by kalvin, Dark Kai (new)

kalvin wake | 652 comments Mod
((So sorry))
"Yeah I wanted to help the Kai's " He told her.

message 9: by [deleted user] (new)

((its cool))

"I am glad your not wanting to kill one of them" She mumbled looking at the paper, "How can you even help them?"

message 10: by kalvin, Dark Kai (new)

kalvin wake | 652 comments Mod
"I can give them time hopefully help them on the day of Sage" He told her.

message 11: by [deleted user] (new)

She looked at him before thinking, "The spirit said that your powers will increase but you have to control it. I think on the day of Sage you will gain them but the power seems very hard to control"

message 12: by kalvin, Dark Kai (new)

kalvin wake | 652 comments Mod
"Maybe she was drunk or something I have full control over my powers" He said to Everlie.

message 13: by [deleted user] (new)

"How can a spirit be drunk?" She asked in amusement, "Hopefully I have control now"

message 14: by kalvin, Dark Kai (new)

kalvin wake | 652 comments Mod
"I don't know" He said being really tired.

message 15: by [deleted user] (new)

"You seem tired Polan go get sleep I will continue the research" She said looking at another book.

message 16: by kalvin, Dark Kai (new)

kalvin wake | 652 comments Mod
"Are you sure because I feel fine" He said lying to her.

message 17: by [deleted user] (new)

"I am sure stop lying because I can tell" She said looking up from the book, "Rest and I will tell you if I find anything"

message 18: by kalvin, Dark Kai (last edited Jul 31, 2014 09:12PM) (new)

kalvin wake | 652 comments Mod
He smiled at her one last time and left to his dorm.

message 19: by [deleted user] (new)

"Let see" She read atleast 20 books and nothing grabbed her attention she decided to head back to her dorm to get some sleep.

message 20: by Amiya (new)

Amiya (acgisme) Jaxson and Lakota walked into the library hand in hand.

message 21: by ella (new)

ella Lakota smiled, at Jaxson, and then at all the books.

message 22: by Amiya (new)

Amiya (acgisme) "So, book lover, have you seen this yet?"

message 23: by ella (new)

ella "Huh?" She asks, turning towards Jaxson.

message 24: by Amiya (new)

Amiya (acgisme) "The library?" He prompted

message 25: by ella (new)

ella "Oh,seen that!" She laughed. "Sort of...." She shrugged. "And the correct term it bookworm!" She jokes.

message 26: by Amiya (new)

Amiya (acgisme) "Ok. My mom used to say that I was in–" Jaxson choked up slightly. "Used to say I was in book world when I zoned out when I was reading."

message 27: by ella (new)

ella Lakota's face falls. "I'm sorry..."

message 28: by Amiya (new)

Amiya (acgisme) "Don't be…" Jaxson murmured, putting a smile on his face.

message 29: by ella (new)

ella "Why not?" She asked. She was almost positive that Jaxson was faking the smile.

message 30: by Amiya (new)

Amiya (acgisme) "Because it's a happy memory." He smiled, for real this time.

message 31: by ella (new)

ella She smiles. "Well, I guess I shouldn't be sorry for your happy memory."

message 32: by Amiya (new)

Amiya (acgisme) "Yeah. God knows I need my happy memories."

message 33: by ella (new)

ella "Don't we all?" Lakota replies. "I just realized that in twenty years, you or I or even both of us might be looking back to some parts of this day." She laughs.

message 34: by Amiya (new)

Amiya (acgisme) "I don't agree." Jaxson said. "I will look back to the whole day!"

message 35: by ella (new)

ella "Even when you almost died?" She asked, hoping it wasn't still a soft spot.

message 36: by Amiya (new)

Amiya (acgisme) "Hmmmm.… well, I did get invited to my first date!" He smiled, and his powers went off accidentally, lighting the whole room.

message 37: by ella (new)

ella Lakota shields her eyes and laughs a bit. "True, very true..."

message 38: by Amiya (new)

Amiya (acgisme) "Sorry about the light.…" Jaxson shut them off.

message 39: by ella (new)

ella "Don't be sorry... I SHALL SURVIVE!" Lakota proclaims.

message 40: by Amiya (new)

Amiya (acgisme) Jaxson laughed. "You're pretty awesome."

message 41: by ella (new)

ella "Oh, I won't take all the credit..." She smiles. "You are pretty awesome yourself!"

message 42: by Amiya (new)

Amiya (acgisme) "Thanks." Jaxson laughed, then shot a burst of light at the top of the room. It formed words: you are awesome.

message 43: by ella (new)

ella She moved the you so it said we. The first word was still a little shaky, but you could tell what it said.

message 44: by Amiya (new)

Amiya (acgisme) "Wow! You have so much control of your powers already!" Jaxson looked really impressed.

message 45: by ella (new)

ella She smiled sheepishly. "Because I had a great teacher!" She laughed.

message 46: by Amiya (new)

Amiya (acgisme) "Who?" Jaxson frowned, looking around. "I thought I taught you?"

message 47: by ella (new)

ella She rolled her eyes. "You dumbo!" She laughs at her childish choice of language.

message 48: by Amiya (new)

Amiya (acgisme) "Aahhh, " Jaxson scratched his head playfully. "So I am a dumbo, yet I am a great teacher as well?"

message 49: by ella (new)

ella "Yep! Basically!" She laughs.

message 50: by Amiya (new)

Amiya (acgisme) "Ok. Just wanted to clear it up." Jaxson laughed. "This dumbo is a little slow.…"

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