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Attached to the schools cafeteria was the kitchen, also known as one of Jamie's favorite places to be. He and his good friend Angel spent a good amount of their time there, usually making or baking something delicious to eat. Well that or having food fights that leave the kitchen looking like a disaster zone. Jamie isn't quiet sure why their kitchen adventures often end up involving food fights, but they do.

It was here in the kitchen that Jamie stood staring at the contents of the school's stainless steal fridge. The thing was huge and filled with anything they could need. He wasn't quiet sure what they were making today, still undecided, though he'd love something sweet, and if it was his decision alone sweets things would probably end up being the only thing they made. But it was hardly Jamie's fault that he had a sweet-tooth. Maybe he'd been able to convince Angel that they should make a cheesecake, he'd been craving one all day since the moment he opened his eyes. He blamed the commercial he saw shortly before doing to bed that was advertising some really good looking cheesecake.

Glancing at the clock and then the door, Jamie wondered when Angel would show up. He was getting impatient, his foot tapping on the floor. He knew he was early though, having been unable to wait around in his room any longer playing video games. Though he was regretting that now, since he'd be starring into the fridge for who knows how long. With a sigh he opted to close it and hopped onto the counter, facing the door, to wait for Angel's arrival.

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Angel hurried down the corridor as quickly as he could without outright running. He'd been caught way to many times since he got here and almost every single time he got detention, which was odd he thought that only happened in high school. Then again this school seemed to be an odd mixture of high school and college. Not that he would know. He'd never been to a normal school until he first arrived here, if you could call a school made for reincarnations of Gods normal. Was it more or less normal compared to a school in the sky for superheros and sidekicks?

Angel soon found himself in the cafeteria, having wandered there without conscious volition. Thoughts of flying schools quickly fled his mind as he made his way into the cafeteria, past the tables and chairs through the doors that separated the kitchen from the cafeteria itself. He glanced around the kitchen grinning when he saw that Jamie was already there. "Hey, sorry for keeping you waiting," He said, hopping up onto the counter next to Jamie. "So what're we making today? I hope it's something sweet." He took his phone out placing it on silent before shoving it back into his pocket. "I could use something sweet," He said as an afterthought looking over at Jamie.

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Jamie immediately sat up straighter when he saw Angel walk through the door. "It's fine," he said waving the apology off. "I got here earlier because I couldn't wait." At Angel's words he couldn't help but grin, happy that he didn't even have to convince him. Great minds and all. "I'm so glad you said that. Because I have the perfect idea!" And with that he hopped off the counter.

Heading over to the fridge he reopened it and grabbed what they needed. Well at least what they needed from the fridge. "I've been craving cheesecake all day," he explained as he set everything on a separate counter from where they'd been sitting. Just looking at the ingredients practically made his mouth water. It seemed like forever since he's eaten cheesecake. Never mind that it had probably been at most a month. He craved cheesecake often, so it probably wouldn't be a surprise to Angel that he was craving it again.

"So get off your ass and help me find all the shit we need for it. I spent most of my time in here staring off into the fucking fridge like it held all of the answers to the universe or some shit!" he told him pointing at him with the carton of eggs he held in his hand.

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