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Taught by Mr. Williams (Tsukuyomi).

The Outsider (Whales or Whatever) (davekatislife) | 254 comments Mod
A lot of the girls at school were intimidating. She was supposed to be an adult but sometimes she felt like a child surrounded by movie stars. She was nothing special compared to them, kept to her own, read her books in quiet corners and let her hair fall into her face to shade her eyes. Most of the people her age just wanted to party, she just wanted to be away from home. She just wanted some damn peace.

Astronomy class was one of those peaceful classes. She'd never particularly favored astronomy, but it was quieter than most, probably because Mr. Williams wasn't a loud instructor, you had to lower your voice in order to hear him. She sat at the back, near the door, her wide crystalline eyes fluttering over the white board, hand busied with taking down notes before class would begin.

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Benny Boot (bennyboot) | 226 comments Baby was running a tad late today. Whether it was from the new piece of wood he was working on all night, or the morning trip for coffee and donuts, Angelo was a behind and as such showed up to class right at the bell, his glasses still on his face. His wild brown hair was all out today not caring too much about trying to tie it down. His ratty old band shirt and ripped jeans gave him a nice look. His eyes quickly scanned the room, trying to find a chair and finally settling down at the seat next to Zinovia. He sat down with a small plop and gave the girl a small nod, his glasses coming off quickly so that he could see and pulled out a notebook and a click-y pencil. "Sup." His voice rang out a little as Baby gave a polite hello before finally settling completely down and waiting for the teacher to speak.

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Zinovia's eyes widened and she felt her stomach churn as she was greeted. She hoped he wouldn't greet her but now that it had happened she didn't know exactly what to say or what to do, she never did. She swallowed harshly, "uh-" she stopped when Mr. Williams stepped down in front of the chalk board, beginning to write the day's activities. Partner project. Great.

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Benny Boot (bennyboot) | 226 comments It wasn't as if Angelo was paying attention to the class, he was working on better things. He flipped to a peice of paper with a drawing already on it and began to go back to work. He was sketching out what he was making so he would have a rough idea on how to design it. It was a small table with beautiful designs if she had glanced over to see what he doing. But soon, it would be finished and he would be forced to listen to what Mr. Williams had to say. It is not like that he didn't enjoy class, he was just distracted with better thing and it showed.

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At first, Zinovia hadn't noticed, not even turning her head to glance at him. But when she heard the gentle strokes of pencil against paper, her curiosity got the best of her and she turned to glance, eyes widening faintly, "... wow" she whispered, pushing locks of gold behind her ear.

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Benny Boot (bennyboot) | 226 comments Zinovia's voice almost startled the large man, it was pretty quiet in the room and he gave her a quick look. ''uh.." was all Baby got out and then the notebook closed quickly, he didn't like people knowing about it, it was kind of his secret project all the woodworking he does. He was embarrassed, his emotions always easily seen since he didn't have much of a filter. With that he payed attention to class, and saw that it was a partner project and groaned a little. Great, he would either be put with one of them barbie dolls who just had to be with him or someone who thought him an idiot.

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Zinovia blinked and suddenly leaned in a bit, ".. what was all of that?" she questioned, breaking the shy exterior she typically surrounded herself with. She was interested, and it would take a lot to satiate her curiosity. Mr. Williams was already beginning to pick partners, pairing them up via the tables they sat at.

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Benny Boot (bennyboot) | 226 comments "oh..uh, nothing really." He spoke again, trying to stay quiet but the low voice had a bad way carrying out and a few people looked back before returning to their own work. "it is just something I am working on.." his hands went for the notebook and set it closer to her. "but it isn't anything..really." Angelo was listen, trying to figure what the assignment was and flipped to a blank page to begin and write it all the requirements out. He had never talk to this girl before besides the occasional hello but she a'ight, maybe a bit of a bookworm but there was nothing wrong with that.

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She was startled by his voice, glancing at the book once more. But she wouldn't open it without his permission. So she sat there awkwardly, making gentle clicking sounds with her mouth as she tapped her pencil against the edge of the desk, unsure of how exactly to even ask. In short, he was terrifying, she didn't know how he'd react if her were annoyed with her. The project was about the planets and what constellations looked like from them.

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Benny Boot (bennyboot) | 226 comments Once he got everything down, the notebook slid over to Zinovia and Baby gave her a small nod. "You can..uh..look at it if you want. They ain't all that good." Inside the old, slightly ripped and bent leather notebook were hundreds of drawings of different designs, chairs, tables, and just art, all with little notes about wood and other reminders to him, some things just out of there like remember to write a history paper. Angelo watched, feeling strangely self-conscious about another person looking in his book, he was always so confident but know he was almost scared of what she would say.

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Zinovia looked over the works with wide eyes beaming like a child's. She tilted her head, edging her fingers along the sketches, "no they're amazing" she whispered, not even glancing up at them. She wasn't much of an artist herself. She was better at writing. "... what's your name?" she asked.

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Benny Boot (bennyboot) | 226 comments "oh." He wiped his hands on his jeans then extended it for a handshake. "angelo, most folks call me baby though." He gave her a grin, glad she liked his drawings. "you should see my actually pieces, they are so beautiful, i usually have trouble selling them once i get them done since i put my heart into them, ya know? i could remake them but it just wouldn't be the same as that first one." His eyes wandered to what page you were on, the smile on his growing a little bit when he saw his favorite piece on the paper.

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She was apprehensive but she reached out and took his hand. Her own hands were small, nails painted a deep crimson, calloused by how hard she pressed against her pencils when she wrote. She shook firmly, but with caution, just the slightest bit wary. ".. Zinovia" she murmured. She glanced down at the paper Mr. William sat on their desk. Their planet was Venus.

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Benny Boot (bennyboot) | 226 comments "cool name." Baby looked at the paper and his eyes widen just a little bit. Venus, that would be him as a planet, or so he has been told. "I have done a bit of research about this one. just for curiosity seeing as it is the name of my roman counterpart." He spoke his thoughts to Zinovia as he began to read the paper, ideas swirling into his head already of how to do this project. Baby did notice that she was a bit cautious, but that was alright, he knew he wasn't the best guy to warm up to, he was pretty big, but he knew she would warm up to him when she realized how chill he was.

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Zinovia's eyes widened at him and she blinked a few times, "You've learned your deity already?" she replied, suddenly feeling self conscious. There were very few that already knew who their deities were. She rarely ever met them. And considering the whole purpose of this academy was to learn who the hell they were in the first place - she felt like she was definitely missing the point.

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Benny Boot (bennyboot) | 226 comments "It wasn't too hard, I am still confused as hell about it and if I am being honest, scared about it. But yeah, I figure out who I was about halfway through my second year. I would figure, ya know, aphrodite would be a woman, since ain't that like what she is in the stories?" He shrugged a little. He knew their were very few who knew exactly who they were, but maybe it was because they were less powerful gods or creatures. Angelo didn't really know how it work, but that was his theory on it. His body leaned back into the chair as he thought. "Maybe we could do like one of those diagrams with someone standing on Venus and looking up. Nah, that sounds childish." Angelo was just spit balling, and also trying to get the topic away form the fact he figured out who he was, he didn't like talking about it, the idea of being a god made him feel strange.

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She stared in awe, eyes still wide. She swallowed harshly, shaking her head in protest, "No I like that, it would be cool- uh.. How did you... know? Did you just feel it or..?" she asked, far more invested in their conversation now and even leaning closer.

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Benny Boot (bennyboot) | 226 comments "Uh, wanna keep a secret? I was having dreams for years. even before like I came here. It was the same one, every night." He realized there was no way to get out of this so he hunkered down a little to talk about it. "I was on this beach, that seemed normal, I was an island hopper for the longest time, then there would be this woman there. Okay, this is gonna sound strange." He raised a finger to tell her. "This woman was gorgeous, but it was like more than gorgeous, I don't know how to explain it, she was absolutely perfect." Angelo let out a small sigh. "She would like wave her hand forward and I would follow her, yet like I could never reach her. Then the whole world turn white and it would be just me and her. She would smile then get closer and closer until we were right next into each other, and then boom." Angelo snapped his fingers in a little bit of a dramatic way to accompany his dream. "I would wake up, it would be stuck in the back of my head for awhile until I came here and began to do, like serious research on it."

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The more he spoke about the dream the more she felt her face heating up. Her cheeks were a pale pink and she realized that maybe she shouldn't have prodded so much, it seemed like a deeply intimate dream but hey at least she had an answer now. ".. Oh.. That's... wow" she murmured, "Well.. I'm glad. That you found out. You can graduate and stuff" she smiled.

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Benny Boot (bennyboot) | 226 comments "Yeah." He probably shouldn't have said all that, but hey, she asked for it and he was gonna give her the answer. "sorry man, it just sorta came out.." Angelo still apologized because she looked a bit flustered by it. "Yeah, graduate, then move back on to the real world. That will be great. Head back home or to anywhere warm and near the ocean." He thought about it for awhile and asked. "How 'bout you? Which one are you and I guess if you don't know, who would you want to be?"

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Zinovia turned and stared down at her desk in deep though, shaking her head slowly, "I don't know who I'd want to be.. I can't think of any god or goddess that... I guess I just wanna be me, ya know? I'd like to be just me. Zinovia." she murmured nervously.

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Benny Boot (bennyboot) | 226 comments "That is alright man." He grinned once again. "Nothing wrong with being you. Everyone is still themselves I think, you just like, have an extra layer with you when you figure out which god your are. I dunno.." He shrugs and there is an awkward moment of silence before Angelo claps and snaps. "Alright! Project time, lets do the project." He looked over the paper once again and began to think again of different things to do with Venus and the constellations.

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Zinovia jumped at the sound of the clap, having not been expecting it. She cleared her throat and nodded quickly in agreement, "Y-Yeah! That's.. good idea." she replied, opening her textbook and biting her lip, ".. what time of the year should we go by?" she asked, gazing up at Angelo expectantly.

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Benny Boot (bennyboot) | 226 comments " a good question." He sat there and thought about it. "What will be the best time to see the most stars?" Angelo didn't learn a lot about Venus, just the basics due to curiosity. "So we can get like the most amount of stars in one deal, I think that would look amazing." His eyes glanced to her quickly, wondering if she knew or would look it up so he didnt have to.

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Zinovia thought for a moment before suddenly stopping and staring down at her paper, giggling quietly to herself and shaking her head, "... you can't see the stars on Venus at night, or even the sun at day... the atmosphere is too thick. We got a joke planet" she snickered.

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Benny Boot (bennyboot) | 226 comments "Your kidding." He looked at her and had to chuckle himself. It was low and rumbly, very nice overall. "So what then are suppose to do? Like make up what it would look like or make a gassy ceiling?" Angelo grumbled a little. He did not like this project very much but Zinovia seemed like an okay girl so he had to take the positive and would enjoy his time with her.

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Her brows raised at his chuckle and she felt herself gravitate forward. She had a very quiet voice, small, not intrusive in the slightest. "... I guess we'd just draw the atmosphere... You're a good artist, it shouldn't be hard for you" she complimented with the faintest smile.

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Benny Boot (bennyboot) | 226 comments "Yeah, with furniture, stuff I can see and touch and imagine. I ain't very good at drawing, like anything else." He heard her just fine, even with the soft voice, Angelo was pretty good at being quiet due to his loud voice. "Can you draw anything or maybe do we need another idea? There is surely other things we can do." He wrinkled his nose in thought and stared at the paper again, just trying to get something going into his mind, though his eyes still glanced back maybe slightly too much at the smaller blonde girl. He had no idea why.

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Zinovia considered it but she nodded, "I can draw it.. yeah. Maybe you could dot some constellations down and I'll cover them so they're barely visible?" she suggested, biting her lip as she stared down at the paper, eyes flickering up to him expectantly.

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Benny Boot (bennyboot) | 226 comments "Ooh, that would be sweet! Like a cloudy sky of bright oranges and stuff and then like you could make out the constellations barely." Baby was getting visibly excited. He loved art, and this sounded wonderful, absolutely wonderful. "Maybe it be like, we first draw the space part then spray it over with the orange and purples of Venus, so it only looked like a little bit of gas blocking the view." He was now straight up just watching her, waiting her answer and reaction, because Angelo thought this idea was brilliant.

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She was a bit surprised by his enthusiasm but she nodded along, trying to keep up to the best of her ability. He was kind of distracting... A little magnetic, though she figured it was a deity thing. "Yeah that'd be really cool.. I don't think I brought any art supplies to class though" she replied.

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Benny Boot (bennyboot) | 226 comments "Oh, that's fine, we could do it at another time..I mean, like if you're okay with it." He realized Zinovia might not be okay with that. Which would be alright by him either way, but he was still excited. Angelo's emotions were always infectious, he had noticed, and was a tad surprised when she didn't seem excited at all. It was..refreshing. He noticed something in her hair, a little tuff of dust or something and he spoke. " a little" he, very carefully, reached out to take it the tuff out but had zero idea how she would react to it.

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She opened her mouth to say something, lips slightly parted in surprise. She'd flinched initially, but she didn't protest, "I..." she nodded, "Thanks. Uh. We could meet up after class? I'd just need to go back to my dorm and grab a few things but.. there's.. the courtyard or.." she shrugged a little awkwardly, reaching up to run a hand through her hair in idle nervousness.

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Benny Boot (bennyboot) | 226 comments He grimaced a little, realizing how bad it was what he did. "Uh..yeah. There is this place where i get coffee at like all the time and they got some nice tables and stuff. They are pretty chill with me so we could work there." He was feeling a tad awkward himself. Again, not usually like this but this girl was making him feel all kinds of strange. "Well then, what shall we do to pass the time of class? Play a game maybe?" Angelo was trying to get back into his normal flow, struggling a little, but having the subject be some game will get him going. "Like, uh, the Question game? It is easy. We take turn asking questions and your not allow to lie." He smirked, wondering if she would even take the offer or how much class time they had.

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There had to be a good ten minutes of class left, maybe fifteen at most. She was timely like that, had a great internal clock. Her eyes flickered over the paper before meeting his again. She did like questions. Mostly asking them. ".. Alright" she decided, nodding.

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Benny Boot (bennyboot) | 226 comments "Sweet, alright. Easy one to start for you, where ya from?" Seemed simple enough to start off with. His whole body shifted as he lifted the chair to turn towards her, having a more face to face conversation. His whole body became more comfortable and he looked quite relaxed and loose, ready for anything she could fling at him.

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Zinovia thought a moment and cleared her throat, "... Kharkiv ... Ukraine." she explained, her accent becoming quite a bit more apparent now. ".. Are you from an island? You've... very prominent features" she inquired. Prominent features?! she thought to herself, silently chastising herself for being so awkward.

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Benny Boot (bennyboot) | 226 comments "Ukraine? That is pretty cool. Too cold for me. I like your voice, now that I can hear it." He teased. Angelo let out another deep chuckle at her question. "Yeah, I was born on one of the Samoan islands, but me and my parents moved around a lot so I have lived on quite a few islands." His nose wrinkled again as he thought of another question for the girl. ''Is your hair natural or is that like, coloring?" Angelo said the work 'like' a lot. It was a nasty habitat he had been trying to get rid of for years.

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Zinovia quirked her head to the side and reached up, running her fingers through the fine strands, "I think it would be bleaching, if it weren't natural.. it's natural" she smiled, "Is your beard natural?" she teased. Though it was cool, he was cool. Most people weren't cool but he was definitely cool.

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Benny Boot (bennyboot) | 226 comments "As natural as the day I grew it." He gave it a bit of a fluff in her direction. The beard was on of his pride n' joys, that and a kickass sword he made from some "rare" wood. "Alright, which one of my sketches did you like the best?" That one he asked half way seriously, Angelo may still have it and he could show her it in the flesh, which he would hope make her smile. The smiles she peeked through looked really nice on her and he had an urge to make her smile more.

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She turned back to the sketchbook and flipped through it carefully, biting the corner of her lip in concentration before picking out an intricate looking chair, "This one.. with the symbols." she tapped on the sketch, admiring the curvatures, "have any special talents? Aside from being a good artist?" she asked.

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Benny Boot (bennyboot) | 226 comments Angelo watched her flip through it with that stupid smile on his face. "Ooh..that is a nice one." Score! He had that one in his dorm, so he could bring it with him to the coffee shop. "Nah, not unless you count being able to do nothing for long periods of time." He chuckled again. Angelo was feeling really good and when he felt good, the man tended to laugh a lot. "Alright, how about you? Any crazy talents and or superpowers I should know about?" He raised a slightly sculpted eyebrow and gave her a look.

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His laugh was a little contagious, she tried to keep it at bay but the low rumble reminded her of a crackling thunder in the may months in Ukraine. It was nostalgic and brand new all at the same time. ".. I can read four books in a week and I sing in the shower" she chuckled awkwardly, "uh.. favorite color?" she asked.

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Benny Boot (bennyboot) | 226 comments "A nice like slightly pale purple, looks nice on anybody." He gave her a bit of a clap at her powers. "Impressive, I be lucky to read one in two weeks. Okay I got the best question. What is your go to shower singing song? Mine has got to be Lola by The Kinks. This one band does a really good rendition that I just jam and sing along to." He waiting for an answer, but the bell started to ring and Angelo's face frowned a little, but he still waited for an answer.

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She thought for a moment and decided that saying "Fancy" by Drake, was probably a bad idea. She cleared her throat and stood. She was wearing a rather loose blue sun dress that didn't do very well to accent her figure, not to mention the jacket she hid her shoulders with. Her attire was on the extreme modest side, mostly because she was intensely self conscious. "... Futile Devices by Sufjan Stevens.. I've heard of the Kinks though. It's a good band. Where did you want to meet up for the project?" she asked.

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Benny Boot (bennyboot) | 226 comments Though she was dressed modestly, he still gave her a whistle, mainly because he had a feeling she would get flustered. "The Coffee Pit, it is near campus. See you there in about an hour." He grinned, grabbing his bag and giving her one more nod before heading out, going to go grab the chair and a few paint supplies, throwing them in his old crappy truck and heading there.

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