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message 1: by Geoffreyjen (new)

Geoffreyjen (gedsy) | 8 comments Hi, I noted that the listed author for the book The Minor GestureThe Minor Gesture" on all three "editions" provided is the wrong "Erin Manning" - the one indicated is Erin Manning but the author should be Erin Manning. I tried making a new version of the book, but the author of the new version reverted automatically to the other Erin Manning. I suspect that is why there are three versions of the same title with the same cover - someone else may have been trying to correct the problem with similar issues.

message 2: by Olivia (new)

Olivia (livka) | 7927 comments I moved all valid editions (Kindle, ebook, paperback and hardcover - and that's why there are multiple versions) and merged your entry.

Please note that on Goodreads we are using spaces between first name and last name to identify different authors.
If you want to add book for a specific author the best way is using the button at the bottom of the list of books
'Note: these are all the books on Goodreads for this author. To add more books, click here.'

If the books are already on GR you should always ask in this group to move them instead of creating a new edition, as all editions should be kept together.

message 3: by Geoffreyjen (new)

Geoffreyjen (gedsy) | 8 comments Super. Thank you. I will be more careful and thoughtful in future.

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