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message 1: by S.E., Gray Mouser (Emeritus) (new)

S.E. Lindberg (selindberg) | 2342 comments Mod
Just signed up for my first True Dungeon experience for Gencon 2018.
Looked cool [escape the room with RPG elements].


Anyone try these events?

message 2: by Joseph, Master Ultan (new)

Joseph | 1268 comments Mod
Never done one of those, but I did do an escape room (vaguely Indiana Jones-themed) a couple of months ago and had a good time of it.

message 3: by Kameron (new)

Kameron (kameronmf) | 16 comments I got to run through the first True Dungeon, as it happened to coincide with my first GenCon appearance as a WotC author (and first GenCon ever). It was a fun mix of RP and skill tests/puzzles. The second year I went with a party of friends, rather than a "pick up" group and it enjoyed a bit more. The company that runs them also tightened up their game, so that added to the experience.

message 4: by S.E., Gray Mouser (Emeritus) (new)

S.E. Lindberg (selindberg) | 2342 comments Mod
Cool. I’ve done the nonRPG ones in town with work and family groups (like Joseph).

True Dungeon sounds well developed and interesting.

Kameron, you headed back to Gencon ever?

I went last year for my first time (the 50th anniversary), but just for a day. The Writers Symposium and vendor show have me hooked.

message 5: by Kameron (new)

Kameron (kameronmf) | 16 comments I'd like to go again, even if just as an attendee, and take my kids. My oldest is 14, and was about his little brother's age when I first went. We still have the stuffed dragon I bought him. My daughter wasn't even born and she's 11 now. They both like to play D&D, so it would be fun to sign up for a game session as a family.

message 6: by Jon (last edited Jun 12, 2018 05:26AM) (new)

Jon Ray (jonray) | 51 comments It was around before the escape rooms were, but it does have elements of them along with RPG and character classes. I played it once when it was at GenCon SoCal in 2005. Some of the best fun I've ever had. I highly recommend trying it at least once and of course every year you attend GenCon. While in the game, you kinda forget your age and just go with the adventure. My group made it to the very end but ended up a TPK.

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