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Michelle Fletcher Michelle Jul 29, 2014 12:53AM
Don't know if anyone can help but I'm trying to remember the name and author of a book. It was about a group of teenagers who had a motor accident and one girl dies the other one is on life support. Think there were 2 brothers too. They may have been going to school prom, I'm not sure. The book is written in the style where each chapter is told by a different person. Thanks x

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This is a general question and should not be listed as a review of the book "The Help" is inappropriate...please delete and post in the correct forum.

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I don't know this book, but I surely would like to read this!

Good luck!

is it Christian fiction, cause I have recently read a book a bit like this.....not sure though sorry

Sorry, don't know the name of this book. There is a group here, on Goodreads, called "What's the name of That Book???" You will have more chances of getting answer to your question there.

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Sorry, misread the question; please discard my name here!

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